Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th April 2016 –

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th April 2016 –

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

Khosla’s lawyer asks the judge to give a new date. He has gotten a heart attack. Shravan says he needs a doctor. A doctor checks him up and says he hasn’t gotten any heart attack. Shravan tells the judge, Khosla always gets such heart attacks so he had brought doctor there. Shravan goes to Khosla and says he read all his history. Khosla tells him he won this case, but what about Varun’s case? What will he do about it? Court punishes Khosla to be in police custody for 30 days.

Nanu praises and thanks Shravan and indirectly embarrasses his family members. Suman smiles. Nanu asks Suman to go with him, but she says she has some work and leaves. Shravan wonders where she went. He receives a call from his chachi.

Shravan’s family is angry at him. He says he did what was right. He tells Varun Khosla can’t do anything. Varun says he has already done it. He has rejected consignment saying quality of product is not good. His reputation is spoiled as well they lost money. Chachi accuses Shravan for all this. Suman comes there. Varun’s mum asks her what she came for. She says to pay for Varun’s loss. Varun asks does she even know how much 10 crore is? She gives him 10 crore cheque. Everyone is shocked. She asks him to check whose signature it is. Varun is shocked seeing Khosla’s signature. No one believes her. Suman says she gave such an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

In flashback, it’s shown how Suman tricked Khosla saying she has his 15 crore pay order.

Varun says what about his reputation? Uncle says as if Khosla has any reputation. Pushkar tells Suman, in Shravan’s company, she’s getting smarter too. All are happy except aunt. Shravan’s father comes and he tells Suman well done. Suman says it was Shravan’s plan. Shravan is confused. His dad praises Shravan and says he won his heart. Suman is happy. She signs him not to say anything. Shravan leaves saying he needs to rest. Uncle asks Suman to sit and asks aunt to bring snacks for her.

In kitchen, aunt is tensed. She says first she tricked Varun and then became hero by giving money…don’t know what will happen with Varun. Suman comes and says everything will be good. With good people, always good happens. Aunt says everyone thanked, so she will say thank you too. Suman says why thank you in this? Varun is like her elder brother too. She used to say she takes advantage of Shravan and Pushkar’s friendship, but it’s not like that. In fact, she can’t see this entire family in trouble. Aunt taunts, thank God she is there..else she doesn’t know what would happen to this family. Suman leaves.

She comes to Shravan’s room. He’s shirtless. She closes her eyes and says sorry. She asks is he changing tshirt all the time? He asks doesn’t she have manners to come after knocking. She asks didn’t anyone teach him to close room from inside before changing. He’s quiet. She says no answer? Think think. and she leaves. She now knocks and takes permission to come inside. She asks better now? He says hmm. She asks why he becomes like angry type. He says not always, only when people lie about him. He asks what was need to make him hero in front of everyone. She says he’s hero from start..not by look, but by heart and brain. She learned that today only. She didn’t make him hero, he made her heroine in front of her family. Her family thinks everything was done by her. But the truth is, he did everything. They smile. She says when he can do so much for her, she could at least do this. He says fine..but that doesn’t mean he will let go his fees from her. She says he can take whenever he wants. He moves closer and asks her to think again. She will have to give whatever he asks. She moves back and hits to the wall. Now she doesn’t have anywhere to go. He asks yes or no. He says deal..he will ask when it’s right time. She says okay and is leaving. He tells her to knock next time. This time he was changing shirt, but next time he might be changing.. She leaves. He laughs.

Suman returns home. Entire family is gathered. Nanu says they want to tell her a lot, but sometimes you don’t have words..so.. they all clap and show her Priya’s photo. Nanu says he’s very happy for this family, and especially for Priya. She got her self-respect back finally. Everyone is emotional. Mami is guilty and apologises. Suman hugs her. Nanu tells Suman to do diya and take blessings from her mum. Dabbu asks Suman for a party. Nanu credits Shravan and says he will invite his entire family for dinner.

Suman’s friends celebrate her victory. She says she will give a party, but today they have lots of work to do. One of her friends praises Shravan. She asks but he must be taking big fees. Suman says she doesn’t think he will ask for fees. He needs something else. Her friend asks what else? Suman says..she doesn’t know. He was saying he will ask when time is right. Her friend says she’s gone. Her husband used to say her same before marriage.. and he asked for a kiss. Suman is shocked. Other lady comes and says what her husband asked her in Suman’s ears. Suman goes..no no no no..Shravan is not like that. Ladies say all guys are same. Now only God can save her. Suman gets nervous, but tells her not to be tensed. He was ‘phattu’ (coward) and will always be one. She tries not to think about it.

Precap: Shravan calls Suman and says the right time has come. She thinks of her friend’s words and wonders if he really asks for kiss then? Later, they are together and Shravan gets closer to her and she gets nervous.

Update Credit to: Simmy

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th April 2016 –


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th April 2016 –

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