My life belongs to you… Part 1

My life belongs to you… Part 1

I am Reshma ,a mad fan of YuvAni.some ppls are not interested in on going track .but we all are YuvAni fan so keep supporting ssel and now read a story on them if you people love my intro so plzz comment otherwise I leave . I am not a writer and I don’t know Hindi that much so I will write in English

Yuvraaj birla, a rich ,charming, gud looking and lovely boy he loves people who loves him He is CEO of his own company named Birla

Suhani a beautiful,caring,respectful and peaceful girl she loves everyone don’t care they are not loving her she is a interior designer and she is well known for her works

Suhani have one sister as we all know bhavna and she have only papa because she love papa very much

Yuvraaj have two brothers and one cousin as usual saurabh anuj sharat respectively and he have only mom and his brothers are married to Rags and menka

They love their family very much .Their family bring them closer and etc….

Precap:suhani on her work and yuvraaj think about his new house’s work and think about the designer His manager suggest suhani’s name

My life belongs to you… Part 1


My life belongs to you… Part 1

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