The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 3

The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 3

so guys ..are you ready ?? .. hope all enjoyed the second part and my narrating style also … In this episode I am adding a small cameo role of Josh of our ikrs family
so come with me .. let’s begin this journey …

In the last episode you all see that Dhani and her family start their journey to Rajasthan ..but the past still horrifying raj let’s see what happens next …
so start

Dhani and her family are in train which is going to Jaipur … ( we are also in train ..train is jerking slowly .. just feel it … it is night now ..all is dark outside … roaring sound of train’s wheel are hearing ) … Dhani is seeing outside the window … only some houses … we can the lights ..avi softly says ..huhhhhhh ..hihihihi … she says stop chotte ..don’t do this .. if you do it again I will throw you and yells … avi again scaring her with his scaring sound ( ae avi kabhi nahi sudhrega … humare heroine ko kitna pareshan karta hae ? ) ..their co passenger yell and say what are you doing ?? why are you laughing and yelling so loud like kids .. papaji comes there and ask what’s the matter down sir ji .. they did not may be do it intentionally … passenger says sorry head is paining and their voice increases my pain … papaji says oh sorry … Dhani ..avi ..say sorry to uncle … they say sorry together ..papaji says if you need something then ask me … he says OK OK ..thank you ( little khaddoss type uncle ? ) …papaji asks what’s your name sirji ..he replies josh ..oh nice name …where are you going … he replies in soft but harsh voice jodhpur … oh so why are …..he stops papaji and says plz sir head is paining …leave me … papaji says OK OK … and silently says bhalai ka to jamana hi nahi raha and turns back ( hahaha ..papaji nice line … ek khaddoss passenger sab train me hota hi hae ….sorry josh Bhai ..don’t want to hurt you ? ) …Dhani asked why you never bring us here ..just saw some pics … very bad … he remembers the old past …just then Dhani call papa …papa ….he come out of it and says sleep now to you tomorrow ..sleep now …good night … and goes to his berth … Dhani and avi feel it strange but they also go for sleep …

( guys don’t sleep also with them .. story dekho .. it will be fun … see papaji is dreaming and sweating ..let’s know why )

it is midnight now ..papaji is dreaming … a house is shown in a deserted place … leaves are flying ..cold breeze is blowing … cat’s and bat’s scary sound is hearing … in a room of a house a mirror is broken by someone … ( who is he ? face is not cleared and it is dark room also and it is a dream also ) suddenly everything stopped .. windows stop rattling sound … just a scary music is hearing … suddenly a piece of the broken mirror come flying and goes through a body … a screaming sound is heard .. ahhhhhhhhhh ( scary na ? ) .. just then papaji wakes up and fuming …he is sweating badly …he goes to washroom and see his face in the mirror … the screaming is heard again … he scared and goes to his berth hurriedly and sleeps …

( so much scary ..who is the man who died … what’s about the mirror … why it kill him furiously … many mysteries …but all will reveal soon now sleep … morning me dekhte hae kya hota hae ……….

chalo sab uth jao …subha ho gaya… heroine ki family bhi uth gayi .. let’s see together )

it is 7 am … jodhpur station is coming. . josh is taking his luggage ..avi tell him sorry for yesterday uncle ….are you OK now ….josh says yes ..thank you and sorry also for my misbehaviour and smiles and goes ( actually josh is a good person …due to the headache he yells ..aur biwi se jaghra hua tha ..aur unko manane ja raha hae jodhpur … so say him best of luck …. all the best bhai ? ) …now their station Jaipur came … they pick their luggage and come out of the train … Dhani and avi fastly go out of the station … papaji is still scared because of the dream … mammiji says don’t worry raj ..nothing will happen ..come on .. he says ya hope so kavitha …. ? .. ( our sweet mammiji and papaji )
they come out of the station and hired a taxi and go for their ancestral house ….

( chalo ..we sit also with them is big ? )

they reach to their ancestral house … it is a big old house in a deserted place …aspas koi nahi … pura khali … looks little scary … they come out of the taxi and see the house …side of the gate on a name plate ” Sharma Mansion ” is written .. they go inside with their luggage … there is a big garden .. Dhani see it and say wow dad … avi says fast dad the door … papaji says yes and he takes the key and goes to open the door … while going a black cat crosses his road … he got scared ..avi says what dad ..ek billi se dar gaye …. open the door na … he gathers strength and take a deep breath and opens the door lock … he slowly opens the door ( like in a horror movie ) … avi and Dhani enter in the house and says how big it is dad !!!

( chalo guys humbhi entry marte hae andar … scary house … but don’t scared … I am here na ? )

episode end

Precap : they keep their luggage in their room … avi and Dhani exploring the house .. on the first floor they find a closed room ( scary room .. cat’s scary sound is heard ? ? )

so how was it guys … I know all are waiting for our hero .. but wait ..he will come soon. … just wait and watch and keep reading and loving it ?

The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 3


The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all…. IKRS…Episode 3

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