Swaragini 26th April 2016 –

Swaragini 26th April 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Utara saying Rajat is a nice guy and she introduced Swara to him. Parineeta says atleast she has informed us, and not have eloped. Sujata asks Parineeta not to fill Utara’s ears and give her idea. Ragini says Parineeta don’t mean that. Parineeta says I can explain Sujata. Durga Prasad says Swara already met him and want us to meet Rajat. He agrees to meet Rajat. Utara is happy. Swara tells Sanskar that she didn’t tell him as he is a protective brother. Sanskar praises Swara. Parineeta gets irked.

Rajat and his parents come home. Sujata likes Rajat. Durga Prasad introduces his Adarsh, Parineeta, Sanskar, Swara and Laksh. Parineeta says she will bring Utara. Sujata says Ragini went to bring her and asks her to rest. Ragini brings Utara with her. Durga Prasad introduces Ragini to Rajat and his family. Ragini says you. Rajat gets tensed. Durga Prasad says do you know each other. Rajat says I went to get a house on rent, and Ragini slapped him. Sujata asks Ragini, did you slap our to be damad. Rajat says I want to get rented home for my servant, but Dadi didn’t listen to me and got angry. Ragini apologizes to Rajat. Swara says Ragini will not get angry without any reason. Sanskar says Ragini don’t mean that. Rajat says I got rude with Dadi and should apologize to her.

Durga Prasad says lets talk about alliance. Ragini asks Utara to show some attitude and come. Durga Prasad discuss with them. Sujata shows the kundli and makes them have sweets.

Sumi is tensed about her pregnancy. Shekhar comes and asks about reports. Sumi turns to him in shock. Shekhar asks what happened? Sumi discloses to him that she is pregnant. She hugs him and says I don’t know what to do. She says Ragini and Swara are grown up now. She says I don’t know if I have to be happy or sad. Shekhar smiles happily and asks her not to worry. He says we should inform Swaragini. Sumi says we shall tell Maa first. Shekhar says we will have a son. Sumi says or a daughter.

Laksh comes to his room and tells Ragini that Utara have grown up and is going to marry soon. Ragini is tensed. Laksh asks what happened? Ragini says I am feeling bad. Laksh says you have raised hand on him. Ragini says I am feeling bad. Laksh asks her to feed him more sweets. Ragini says okay. Laksh asks her to get angry on him, and then take special care of him. Ragini says Laksh. He asks her to sleep.

Swara is restless and tells Sanskar that she didn’t like Rajat. Sanskar asks if you are worried about the slap. Swara says I feel Rajat is pretending to be good, but he is not actually good. Sanskar says girls think too much. Swara says he has every answer for any question. He says Sumi saw him before teasing a girl, but she is not sure that he was Rajat. Swara says we can’t get Utara married just like that. Sanskar asks her to sleep and says we will talk in the morning. Next morning, Annapurna gives aarti to everyone. Utara thanks Annapurna for meeting Rajat and says he was very happy and said that he is lucky that I am in his life, and my family is good. Annapurna asks her to give credit to Swara, as she has convinced us to meet his family. Utara thanks Swara. Sanskar asks Utara to thank him as he married Swara. Laksh asks her to thank him as Ragini is his wife. Ragini and Swara smiles. Parineeta gets angry. Utara says I will not thank you freely. Sanskar says we used to get her home work done. Laksh says I brought many items for her with my pocket money. Sanskar says my mood is off, and I will leave. Utara says I will miss my brothers after marriage. Sanskar and Laksh hugs her. Swara says we want you to be happy and get married in a nice family.

Dadi is shocked to know about Sumi’s pregnancy, and drops prasad shockingly. She says what…Sumi is pregnant. She asks if you have gone mad? She says Sumi should take care of her grand children at this age and not her own children. She worries about the society taunts and says I will not let this happen. She says I will get her check by a good doctor and this baby. Sumi says Maa. Dadi says my decision is final.

Rajat asks his dad not to bring vegetable cart out, and says anyone could see you. His fake dad says who will see us. Parineeta sees them, and asks them not to run vegetable shop. She says we have to take this relation till marriage day, and then I will inform everyone that Swara was wrong, and I will become sanskari bahu. Swara is kidnapped by Rajat’s fake dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Swaragini 26th April 2016 –


Swaragini 26th April 2016 –

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