Santoshi Maa 26th April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 26th April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Saraswati asking Devi Santoshi to come with her. The three devis leave with Santoshi Maa. Santoshi gives tea to everyone. Madhu says you know Dhairya’s anger, and asks Vidya to talk to him. She says explain him, not to talk about leaving home, he will not agree to anyone. Kaka thinks its good Madhu realized Vidya is Dhairya’s mum. Nupur says why don’t we make Santoshi leave this house. Madhu says its not easy, you know Santoshi’s family, they did many drama, they can send us to jail, we can lose name.

Dhairya asks Madhu for her credit cards. He sees Santoshi and says no one made her leave till now, what is she doing here. He asks Santoshi to get out. Vidya stops him and says Santoshi won’t go anywhere. He says you lost your sense, you have to leave house as well. They all get shocked. Santoshi stops Dhairya. She moves his hand away. She asks him not to tell anything to Kaki. Vidya and Kaka get glad. Santoshi takes Vidya. Madhu asks Dhairya to listen.

Pratap says we have no way than making Santoshi leave. Kaka says Santoshi will stay here, we can’t listen to Dhairya. Madhu argues. Kaka says Santoshi will stay in this house, this is my decision.

Madhuri says Guddu you would have problem to lift this bag, you just kidnapped Tinu, come now. Guddu says its big risk in big work, come. She calls him fool and asks him to think of big loss. She says you don’t have courage and mind. He says I have both, I m thinking what to do now.

Santoshi tells Pushpa that someone ordered pizza, would you pay for it. Pushpa says Dhairya ordered it, he asked you not to touch his things, but you don’t listen. Dhairya comes and says now no use to say, go and pay bill. Santoshi says I did not know…. Dhairya says shut up, you knew that I will not have anything you touch, you have habit to trouble me, do you know how to hold pizza, did you have pizza till now, you will have it now. She says I had food. He says so what, have this now. Kaka comes and supports Santoshi. Santoshi says I will eat pizza, Dhairya is my husband.

Santoshi eats pizza. Dhairya goes. Madhu looks on. Dhairya gets angry recalling Santoshi. Madhu goes to him and asks him not to fight with Santoshi and avoid her, let her stay in some corner, whats the harm. He says its my loss, I m troubled, I love Riya, since Santoshi came in my life, I can’t eat and sleep, and begs Madhu to do something and return his life, his Riya, else he can die. Madhu hugs him and cries. She feels sorry and thinks I can’t let this happen.

Nupur asks Kaka what happened. Kaka says Dhairya is doing all this, you know everything. She thinks I know what to do now. She says Dhairya loves Riya a lot, and agrees to her, you talk to Riya and ask her to explain Dhairya. Kaka agrees. Nupur thinks I m so intelligent.

Everyone come back in Dev sabha. Brahmadev says I thought to ask entire Devlok people. He says I can’t see Vajramushti’s soul anywhere, it seems his soul did not leave his body. Santoshi Maa says he is not free of the world. Brahmadev asks how can you say this. Santoshi Maa shows the water and says Santoshi had bath of this water, the ashes is of Vajramushti. Brahmadev says its curse, we should free him. Devi Paulmi gets worried and thinks to accept blame, I will get less punishment and maybe Brahmadev will forgive me, he is my relative and will support me.

Devi Paulmi says I m your grand daughter and will not support lie, I accept my crime. They all get shocked. She asks him to punish her. He says its good if anyone accepts mistake, you have increased our Maryada by doing this. She gets glad. He says its true that Devi Santoshi’s blames on Devi Paulmi is proved true, so Devi Paulmi is made powerless from Devlok for a month. They all get shocked. Brahmadev asks her to stay as human on earth, so that she knows the jealousy and greed she feeds on earth, how it affects humans badly, and also realize Santoshi Maa gives satisfaction to humans. They all smile. He asks her to realize all good things on earth, this will be her repentance. She gets shocked. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi goes on earth. All the men stare at her and laugh seeing her clothes. She smiles and thinks they did not see such beauty like me till now.

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Santoshi Maa 26th April 2016 –


Santoshi Maa 26th April 2016 –

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