Sadda Haq 26th April 2016 –

Sadda Haq 26th April 2016 –

Sadda Haq 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says not everyone can control bodies like this. Its a miracle. She will be all right. People like her are rare.
Nirman recalls every time sanyu argued with him.
Sanyu says Aryan I am fine. He says you were lost all night. Medical assistant called me and told me you were here. I was shocked. Where were you? Sanyu says I had to do chamber task. aryan says so nirman knew. He said he didn’t know. randhir is seeing them. Sanyu says don’t say anything to him. She tells him everything. Aryan says he should be sorry. What if something had happened to you? Please don’t do that ever again. SAnyu holds his hand and says I am sorry. Randhir says you are for no one’s concern. You can do anything to satisfy your ego.

Nirman sees sanyu’s file. He opens her old register, it starts with determination, dedication devotion. He recalls some telling him talented person does what he can. Determine does what he wants. When someone wins in front of your anger remember that person is you apprentice.

Next day, Sanyu says Aryan I did rest all day yesterday. I don’t wanna rest. I am fine. Randhir comes in her room. Sanyu says you would have been happy to see me in med room but I am fine now. So you better go. He says you put people in trouble, like aryan. He was so worried for you. I realized you can always harm others. I was laughing at the drama. You risked your life for something you are eliminated from. Sanyu says just imagine what can I do and you are right I can harm anyone. Aryan comes in. He takes sanyu’s hand and takes her out.
Randhir says I have decided the team. Nirman says you are not lead astronaut yet. Final task is left. randhir says I am leading anyway. I will become lead anyway. Nirman says I like your confidence.

Kritika and joy are working. SHe says this is wrong. Joy looks at her and smiles. sanyu asks kritika do you have tool kit? She says you should be resting sanyu. sanyu says no I am fine. sanyu drops something it falls in randhir’s feet. Randhir says can’t bow down?Aryan says sanyu is strong physically and mentally. He picks it up for her. Randhir and aryan stare at each other. Nirman says hope I am not disturbing. After two minutes you can do your school boys thing. He says sanaya you are medically unfit. Final contenders for lead astronaut are, sumit, randhir, kritika and sanyu. Randhir is dazed. Nirman says I wanna see you in my cabin in 5 minutes. Randhir goes after him. Nirman says you should only be thinking about your chance.
SAnyu comes in cabin. Nirman asks how you feel now? sanyu says better. Thank you for asking. It was an accident. Nirman says did I say sorry? You can’t make me feel guilty or feel sympathy. You survived previous so you have a chance. You may go now. Sanyu says I will remember and there wont be any mistake this time. Thank you.

Task starts, Nirman says it will be checking brain potential. We don’t use our brain completely because stress, etc. You have to solve an algorithm. You will low gravity, toxic gases, etc. in this task there will be toxic gases that will make you hallucinate. Sanyu will be the first,then sumit, then kritika, and then randhir. Randhir says in heart I haven’t planned anything for sanyu.

Precap-Sanyu and randhir perform the task. Nirman says in heart sorry randhir we need someone for team who works with team not ahead of the team. Someone else is the leader.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Sadda Haq 26th April 2016 –


Sadda Haq 26th April 2016 –

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