My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 4

hii guyzz..i know its a little confusing to u all…i will reveal everything slowly slowly in the upcoming episodes.
plzz..forgive me.

sanrag and doctor rushes to swara s room.they saw swara sitting inthe corner of the room scared.rags goes to her n cares her head.She kisses her forehead.

rags:dont worry swara…we r here..come get up

swara:dii..why dont i remember anythng?how i reached here?

rags:u were coming to meet me n met with an accident..u lost ur memory

swara walks to the bed silenylu n sit there.

swara:then who is this maddy?how i remember that name?

rags:leave it swara…now u take swara.

ragsan n doctor comes out. she ur sister?

rags:no ..actually she was asking her i simply said that name n said that i am her sister.

doctor:she have lost her memory…she needs love n care…she only remembers one name n that is maddy.i dont know who is it?but he was very close to her heart n may be was there with her at the time of accident.

rags:can we take her with us until she get fine..we will take care of her.


doctor leaves.sanky looks at rags in “what the” expression.

sanky:heyy…whats happening here?huh!!

rags;nthng..we r taking swara with us

sanky;who swara? how can u say her name simply.

rags suddenly become teary eyed

rags:i had a sister…she was lost when i was 10,her name was swara
i miss her very much.when i saw her..i remembered my swara.

sanky:ohh..rags become emotional(smiles)

he side hugs her.swara got distarged n was coming out of the hospital.Sanky comes there with car,

swara:dii..waise mein uska naam puchna bhool gayi?

sanky:i am Sanskar maheshwari n i am ragini s friend

swara:so dosth

they shake hands.he luks at her.

they reach home.swara suddenly feels like fainting.She holds sansky s hand.he support her.rags also hold her.

swara steps in the house.suddenly a girl of about 3 years comes running.someone was chasing her.she hides behind rags.

the episode ends on the girl s panding face,

precap:swasanrag bonding…

who is the girl?who was chasing her?will swara get her memory?

for the next part
i know i am not a gd writer.As i said i am very weak in english,but plz support me n i will reveal the pairs in the upcoming it will have all pairs….n guys thanks for comments.

My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 4


My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 4


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