True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 2

Hi guys. I am Gayathri. Here is my episode 2. Hope u like it.
Kusum is getting ready 4 the party.
She shouts dii where are my earrings.
Kumud On your table Kusum.
Kusum Ok di I found it.
Kumud Are u ready?
Kusum yeah
Kumud can we go now
Kusum U look so gorgeous.
Kumud Thank u Kusum
Kusum let’s go di, we may get late

Saras is getting ready.
Mom asks Where r u going beta?
Saras to a party mom
Mom Ok beta but don’t get late
Saras Ok mom. Sure
Mom go and enjoy
Saras thanks mom. Bye
Mom Bye


Kumud and kusum enters.
They r welcomed by Mrs. Chases
Hi Kumud how’s ur boutique going on?
Fine aunty. And how r u?
I am also good. And Kusum how’s ur studies going on?
I am also good. It’s the final year and we r having spring break.
Ok that’s good.
U guys pls get seated. I’ll look after other guests.
Sure aunty. Carry on.
Kumud and kusum talk 2 each other.

Just then Saras enters the same party where Kumud is.
Mr. Chases welcomes him
Hello Mr. Vyas
Hello Mr.Chases
Pls come and sit here.
Thank u Mr. Chases

Mr. Chases announces that Guys today Our company completed the contract with the Vyas group so. U guys pls be with in this celebrations. Cheers??

Waiter comes and asks Kumud and kusum whether they want champagne.
Kumud replies no pls. Can I know that whether the food got served.
Waiter Yes pls u can get it from the buffet
Kumud Thank u. Chalo Kusum
Haan di let’s go

On the way Kusum run to the buffet counter.
Saras is coming that way.
Kumud rushes to Kusum.
Kumud and Saras encounters.
Kumud is about to fall while Saras holds her.
They share a romantic Eyelock❤❤

Precap: Danny’s arrival

True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 2


True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 2


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