SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 9

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swara’s past n sanskar’s hatered…


Everyone was sitting in hall except swara n sanskar…
She was getting ready to go smwhere..

He pass from her room n peeps inside her room n gets awstruck… his mouth was wide open …
“Ohhh man she is looking hot !!!” Sanskar’s inner voice said…
Swara was wearing black chiffon saree with sleek peral border…
Open hair..long peral danglers…
He slowly leans against door n *thud* he fell in room…

“What the hell… hw dare u to enter my room… that too like this” swara frowned..

He get up n close the door…n slowly move towards swara…
Seeing him coming she started moving back… n finally hit the wall where sanskar pins her…

“U r looking hot !! R u going to wear this in party” said in husky voice…

“I-i i.. i.. “she fumbles alot due to shyness n sanskar’s closeness..

“Tell me baby” he makes her face him..

“Sanskar plz.. let me get ready” she avoids eye contact…

Sanskar was slowly leaning towards her rosey soft lips… but he stopped “wht r u doing sanskar… control urself … she is ur target… u cant fall for her” his inner voice warned him.
He left room…
She came down n wawes by to all.
Ap: swara beta wait… sanskar will drop u..
“Itz ok aunty.. m going with arjun he will pick me” swara replies with a smile

“Huhh… bl**dy chipkala !! ” sanskar burns in jelousy

“N look m here to pic u !!” Arjun said with a bright smile…

“Aree arjun beta !! Hwz u come in… y r u standing at door” sumi blessed him..

“Think of devil n devil is here…” sanskar mumers to himself

“Shall we go princess” arjun forwarded his hand..

“Sure ” swara gave her hand to him..

“What the hell !!! Princess… urrghh !! I want to kill her bt still he has no right to call my baby.. princess” sanskar again burn in jelosy..



“Hmm… so sanskar also luvs u” arjun teases

“Shut up yr.. nthng lyk that” swara blushes.

“Show me ur face haan.. atlest let me see hw a raw officer looks while blushing” arjun again teases..

“Shut up n ya.. ex raw officer i hv resined” swara replies

“Ya ya sure… miss bose or i shld say mrs maheshwari or particularly …mrs swara sanskar maheshwari” arjun winks

“U… stop it or else i will tell ur mum about all ur previous affairs” swara shouts in irritation


SwaRjun reacghed party n got shocked
“Sanskar tum” swarjun together

“Yeah me !! Any problem” sanskar said in full attitude..

“Aree ni yr but if u r coming here then swara can come with u” arjun said..

“What r u doing here chikuuuu” swara sound confused

“Miss baby… m sanskar maheshwari n this is a business party… ryt ?? i shld hv asked this frm u.. y u hv came in business party” sanskar smiled wickedly
“O hello !! This party is hosted by arjun’s dad” swara reply in full confidence…

In whole party sanskar was noticing swara… her eyes.. her lips.. her smile… whenever he saw her he forgot about his revenge n his hatered for swara..

Then he notice smthing fishy.. arjun was holding swara his one hand was on her waist n other was holding her hand.. they were going upstairs… sanskar too follow her…

Arjun makes her sit on bed n offers water to her..

“I think i shld drop u swara… u r looking dull… u need rest” arjun sound concerned

“I-i am fyn arjun.. it.. it just happens .. dont worry m habitual of all this” she said in a weak voice..

“Sit here.. n take rest.. i will send sm food for u” arjun said..

“Areee baba.. m fyn bs 15 min ruko… i will be fyn..” she said
Takes her purses n about to eat a tablet… arjun jerks her hand n tablet fell on ground n roll to sanskar who was peeping frm door… he pick that tablet up n kept that in his pocket…

Arjun held her shoulders tightly ” emough !! Stop taking these pills… ”

“Arjun.. itz hurting me.. please leave me” swara said with teary eyes

He left her n kneel down infront of her
“Swara these are … poision.. plz… they are killing u … it hurts to see ur best frnd dieng every moment..” arjun breaks down..

“Uff.. u cry cry baby… stop it n lets go down m fyn.. vese bhi aaj tumhara spl day hai.. i dont want to ruin it… chlo” she said with a fake bright smile.. n sparkling eyes…
Sanskar was listening all this n was confused…


Mr rathore(arjun’s father) announces “Hello ladies n gentle men.. thnku for coming in my party… today is double celeberation for me.. first we got a new deal with the best businessman.. a young talent mr sanskar maheshwari… n secondly i want to announce my son’s allince with my frnd vikam mehta’s daughter.. Roshni”

Everyone claps…

“Ahh!! Thankgod… this chipkala is getting married now my baby is free” sanskar takes a deep breath..

After party swasan went together to mm…

“Stopppp chikuuuuu” swara exclaimed in exitement..

He applies breaks

“Why r u shouting… !!! Hv u gone nuts” sanskar gets angry…

“Vo… m sry.. look there” said with an innocent face..

“What??” He questioned..

Point towards a puppy…

“R u KIDDING ME” he agin shouts…”tumne gaadi ek pille(puppy) k chakkr m rukwai hai”

“Sanskar he got stuck there.. ” said in a low voice..

“Get off car n do what u want” he said unintrestedly..

She gets down n take that puppy out of a small pit… n plYs with him…sanskar adores her beauty… then iceing on cake it starts raining…

“Come swara !!! Lets go” he again shouts..

“No way chikuu… its raining.. u also come.. we will enjoy” swara was very happy..

He was getting mad seeing her.. her saree got stick to her perfectly shaped body… that drenched saree… was increasing her beauty… he gets out the car..

Swara opens her arms welcoming the new raindrops….
She was dancing In rain n suddenly dash into a toned body… two strong hands hold her.. n undoubtedly it was sanskar…

He held her waist tightly.. she clutched his shirt tightly…
He slowly.. slowly slip his hands under her saree… rubbing his plams on her milky white waist…
Giving her butterflies in stomach..

“W-what r u doing san-sanskarr” she said hardly …

He leans towards her n gives a peack on her neck..

“Sanskar.. we r on road” she again.. blushes hard..

“This is deserted road baby.. rarely ppl come here” he said

She was stick to his chest… then he notice her lips… her cherry red lips.. wet in rain increases its beauty.. he leans towards her.. she closed her eyes… then finally he rub her lips with his… a long kiss… slowly she too get into kiss n starts roaming her hands in his wet hair.. he too cares her bare back with his hand… then they broke the kiss n she turns due to shyness… she was going towards car bt he held her hand… n hug her frm back…

“What r u doing” she said in low voice..

“Romancing with my gf” he replied in a husky voice

“What!!” She asked shockingly…

He then kiss her nape…

“Ya… my gf… u…” he sound determined

She was numb… then he kiss her back… n she feels shiver…

“Sanskaarrr” she only say his name…

“I luv u swara” he proposes her

She turns n hugged him tightly….

“I luv u too chiku” she admitted

They both were lost in an intense hug.. but are the feelings true ?? Does he luvs her truely?? Lets see..

Swara was sleeping but as always her sleep got disturbed… her head was aching lyk hell… she searched her purse n found it no where then she recalls she left that in party…

“Damn now what to do ? My pills.. arjun will never give them to me… ufff this head ache”
She straightly went to sanskar’s room
She knocked the door n he open the door

“Swara i kno we r gf bf now bt it doesnt mean that u disturb me at night” he said in irritation

“M sry sanskar.. actully m head is acheing lyk hell i want pain killer n there is no pain killer in kitchen’s medical box.. so” she sound very low..

“Itz kk.. come… i will give u” he said in concerned tone..

“Nooooooo … i will take that.. just tell me where is that box” swara shouted in nervousness..

” hey relax… y r u shouting.. box is in second drawer” he said clamly

She took some medecine n left..

“Uff this girl… such a drama..” then he notice drawer open…” god she can plan to kill smone bt cant close drawer completly”

He reopen the drawer n was about to close that then he notice.. that she hvnt closed box either.. ge gets furious cz he is very perticular abt his things.. he reopend the box too n got shocked..

“Hell !! She didnt take pain killer she took sleeping pill.. but why…??” He was very restless.. he closes the box n drawer n slept..



@ kavita’s place..

“kavita i need ur help..” he said in tensed voice

” n frm when u want permission for that…” kavita replies
” i want to kno about this medecine” he passed that tablet which he pick up in party…

“Kiski hai ?? N y u want to kno about this ??” Kavita raised her doubt

“Swara’s” he clamly said..

“Why dont u ask her….” this tym she sound lil angry..

“As if she will tell me… i dont kno y bt i feel she is not well.. she is continously taking these pills… last night she had head ache n she took sleeping pill instead of pain killer..” sanskar said worriedly..

“I am not getting u… ek taraf tum use marna chahte ho… dusri taraf propose krte ho… n then tum uske lye chinta krte ho.. kyu ?? Tumhe kya mtlab vo kuch bhi kre.. whether she will live or not” kavita said in harsh tone

“Kavitttaaa… “pins kavita on wall “hw dare u to say lyk this…”

She pushed him with full force n shouts ” first clear that wether u luv her or u hate her… then shout on me.. n m telling u.. if u want to kill her then… do this asap or else i will kill her” kavita said in a rage..

Sanskar fumes in anger
“Dont u dare to touch her… she is mine … only mine” he said with determination

N was leaving..

Kavita shouts ” first ask ur heart who is she ur target or ur luv”

To be continued….

Precap : ragini n dp slaps sanskar…

SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 9


SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 9


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