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Chapter 54

Here we go

Next day mrng

All are at breakfast table

Swara is still angry on ragini. She can tolerate anything except her brother’s or her bp’s insult. She will get angry wen anyone disrespect elders but those two people are very special.

@breakfast table

All are doing breakfast. Swara is feeding breakfast to mohit and she too is eating aswell
Ragini and laksh are sitting beside each other. Swara is sitting in between sanskar and mohit as usual.

Ragini thinks to apologise to swara

Ragini – di….
swara doesnot respond
Ragini again calls
ragini – di plzzzz talk to me
this time she has tears in her eyes. Swara doesnot notice it so she kept calm but shekhar notices it.shekhar thinks that swara is dragging the matter and by seeing swara feeding mohit he gets more angry.
laksh holds ragini’s hand and tries to calm her.
sanskar sees ragini crying and about to tell swara but shekhar starts scolding swara.

shekhar – swara y r u ignoring her. She realised her mistake na ?? Then y r u dragging the matter. Just forgive her. She is crying and coming to yesterday’s incident she didnot do anything wrong by supporting anand
bp gets amgry but if he gets angry and starts shouting then swara starts to worry about his health.
mohit too gets angry on shekhar.
sanskar feels bad for swara but sanskar too feels that swara is dragging the matter as he doesnot know anything.

swara controlls mohit and asks him to keep quiet as bp will handel the situation

Bp – shekhar….
listening to bp’s voife sheljar realises that his brother is back and now he cannot scold his own daughter.
bp continues – wat r u saying ?? its a matter between the sisters and let it be between them u no need to involve in those now forget everything and do the breakfast
Shekhar is surprised to listen his calm voice

Shekhar to himself – i am surprised to hear bhayya in a calm voice. I was afraid after realising his presence. I thought that i am finished now but he said so calmly. I am surprised and shocked as well

Dadu – oyyy shekhar wat happened to u ?? y r u murmuring ??
Shekhar – nthng papa i am eating.
sanskar puts his hand on swara and shows her that ragini is crying.swara feels bad and melts seeing her sister’s tears.
swara – ragini dont cry i am not angry with u but ur behaviour. Now dont cry and listen one thing nothing can change the fact that u r my sister and i love u alot.

Ragini – tanq di u know i am so happy and sry for shouting on bhayya.

Swara – u shouted on ur bhayya so say sry to him only.

Ragini – sry… bha.

Mohit – ha ha its ok if di forgave u then its ok. I dont care wat u say to me but just see that di doesnot get hurt with this.

shekhar – mohit how can u talk like that with ragini ??

Bp – haa beta this behaviour of urs is not acceptable.even ur di wants this.

Shekhar – dekha mohit even bhayya is telling to change ur behaviour. I dont know whether swara will tell u to change or not.
swara to herself – hey bhagwan now i too cant stop mohit from bursting out.

Mohit – see pappa i am making u one thing clear. plzzz keep control on ur tongue wen u r speaking about my di that too infront of me. u know wen u said that ragini did a rigjt thing by supporting anand i wanted to make u feel the same pain which my di felt becozzzz of him but my di stopped me from saying anything. But remember one thing if i see u blaming my di for my behaviour then u know i hav little bit madness so i will sell my shares in our company for low rates then our company’s postion will fall. I know u love ur compant very much so be careful.
shekhar – woww now u r giving a warning to ur father
mohit – think watever u want ??

Swara keeps her hand on her head as its common for her.

mohit goes while kissing swara and hugging sumi and bp

Mohit – acha di i hav small work ok bue take care
he goes to bp and hugs him.bp is sitting in chair.
mohit also hugs goes and hugs sumi
sumi (slowly).- u shouldnot have talken to ur father like that
Mohit – tell this to ur husband not to blame my di for everything
sumi – she is his daughter i know he is wrong but…
mohit – ha daughter not a servant saying this he leaves saying bye to sanskar laksh dadu and dadi too
mohit – bye jiju bye laksh by old woman bye dadu
he leaves

sanskar and laksh are thinking about anand.
Sanskar – i wanted to know about anand and who has a problm with bp so they asked us to take him to london and who is this vatsal omg how many secrets she have. really she is a book of mistery to solve.

Laksh to hinself – i hav to ask ragini about anand

Swara leans to sanskar and says – how is ur mrng entertainment
sanskar – wat ??
Swara – ha just now the show ended. a war between a son and father. Hahaha how is the title nice na ??
Sanskar – swara u r impossible. U r laughing even after this.
swara – sanskar its common in our house.
dad scolds me but actually he wanted to scold mohit but he thinks becozz of me he spoiled so he scolds me and gets scolding from mohit. Hahaha but if he scolds mohit then mohit wouldnot hav uttered a single word.he wouldhav beared it silently.
sanskar – but then u will start scolding ur dad for mohit
swara laughs and says – correct bechare dad(loudly)

Everyone looks at her.
swara again becomes angry with shekhar and looks at him – wat ?? y r u seeing me as if i am an alien
shekhar – ha becozzz u r laughing and saying bechara to me so we r seeing u
swara – haa toh i am laughing becozzz my husband cracked a joke kyun do u hav any problm.
shekhar and swara make a silly fight with each other.
all are happy that they r getting back their old swara Especially bp.

Swara – lucky how is the entertainment ??
Laksh – hahaha bhabhi u r impossible.
swara – wow u understood easily but see ur dumbo brother he couldnot understand and he is asking wat entertainment hahaha
laksh – hahaha u know na bhabhi his mind doesnot work except in business
sanskar – acha ji then who gave u an idea to know the truth haa ??
Bp – which truth ??
Swara – nthng bp just like that acha bp i think we hav to charge a lot of money for brealfast, lunch and dinner becozzz we r showing them a unique type of movies. We r entertaining people so we shoukd charge them.
all laughs.
sumi – wat’s happening to u ?? U r becoming naughty day by day.
ragini – jiju ka asar and laughs
swara – shut uo ragini ki bachi warna i will tell ur mischevious things to lucky.
ragini – noooooo
swara – hahaha thats gud
sanskar is upset with shekhar’s behaviour even though swara cracked jokes but he is not satisfied fully he felt bad that shekhar treats swara and ragini differently but then sees bp and swara talking to each other and laughing and then he feels that everything is right as she is getting fatherly affection from bp

After some time

Swara – sanskar r u sure this will work ??
Sanskar – ofcpurse swara it will definetly work trust me.
ragini – ha di jiju is soo intelligent unlike my fiancee
swara – oyyyy laadooo dont dare to say anything to my devar he is much more intelligent that ur jiju but doesnot show it as people like u will keep a bad eye hai na lucky.
laksh – ha bhabhi right
ragini – hoooo u mean i will keep a bad eye on him ??
Swara – haaa ofcourse
ragini – diii u too are like bhayya u too started teasing me.
mohit – hahaha di i am happy that u finally realised ur mistake by supporting her till now
ragini – hoo bhaya….
sanskar – acha stop now lets start swara u go inside and talk to her.and later mohit will call u and u will keep it in speaker
swara – sanskar she will get doubt that y will i keep phone in speaker ??
Sanskar – u will not keep it on ur own.she will ask u to do it.
swara – y will she ask ??
Laksh – becozzz me and bhai raisef a doubt in her mind
swara – wat ??
mohit – haa di i went out early na after breakfast. I came here.


Mohit goes secretly to garden and he makes sure that mrs.malhotra sees him
Mrs.malhotra – wat is he doing here that too he is coming here secretely. Wat is he trying to do ??
I have to follow him
she follows him. Mohit realising her coming towards him acts like he is talking to sanskar
mohit – jiju everything is fine here. I hav heard that mr and mrs malhotra are leaving to london aftr few days tgen rithik will be alone here and also the property which his father gained by cheating us its on rithik’s name and wat if we trap him and make him sign on papers and we will get all our property. Afterall u r sanskar maheshwari and u can do anything.
Mrs.malhotra – ohhhh noo these people are planning against my son. No no i cant leave him alone. i hav to tell swara only she can stop her brother and her husband.
mohit continues – we will move as per our plan di will come here and go to mrs.malhotra and she will start conversation then we will make her a call and then we will discuss our plan.
mrs.malhotra – oh swara so u r coming then i will see u here. u r also part of this ba i will show ur true face to my husband and my son

Fb ends

Swara – hmmmm i am impressed mr.maheswari
sanskar – tanq mrs.maheswari
mohit – ohhh madam this plan is mine too
swara – bachuuu u know u look cute wen u r jealous
mohit – di i am not jealous
swara – acha ok ok now i am going wish ur di all the best with a hug.
mohit hugs her and wishes her all the best.
ragini and laksh too hugs her.
laksh – bhai aap bhi dedijiye hug bhabhi ko
swara – lucky…
sanskar – ha give some privacy to us
all three – huuuu and they leave
sanskar hugs swara and says – see be strong ok u r going to win this challenge and remember one thing ur sanskar is always here to help u.
swara nods and says – i know And kisses him on his cheek
sanskar – agar aise karogi then i cant leave u now
swara blushes and leaves

@malhotra’s house

Swara – mrs.malhotra i need to talk about rithik
mrs.malhotra – ohh wat do u want to talk. About my son’s murder or to destroy him ??
Swara – wat r u talking about i dont know anything.(acts)
Mrs.malhotra – ohhh now stop acting u know my son did so much for u abd u wanted to destroy him. How much selfish u are
swara (acts).- ha ofcourse i am selfish i need ur money actually its our money which ur husband and ur son got by cheating us. for that i will even kill ur son
mrs.malhotra – hmm u know wat i know u r faking ur love and affection towards my son. I even tried to show ur true face but he is not ready to believe me. U know wat ge did for u 3 Months back
swara – wat did he do (asked curiously)
Mrs.malhotra renains silent as she remembers her son saying that he will go away from her if she says the truth.
mrs.malhotra – nthng
then swara understood that its tine for plan b
so she messeged mohit to call her.
he called him.
Mrs.malhotra seeing his call remembers mohit’s words and asks swara to put it in speaker but swara refuses. And she insists and snatches swara’s phone and keeps it in speaker.
mohit – hello di
swara – hello (acting as if she is afraid)
Mohit – di if rithik refused to name the property on our name shall we kill him ??
Mrs.malhotra gets shocked
swara thinks – wow mohit this one word is enough to get the truth out
swara cuts the call and acts afraid as her truth is out now.
sanskar mohit laksh ragini are watching swara from the window.
sanskar – wat an acting haa ??
laksh – i know me and my bhabhi are talened actors sono need to praise us ok. We know it.
ragsan together – haa then start a drama company together.
ragsan give hifi to each other
mohit laughs
mohit – dont worry these people dont know tge value of acting poor people leave them.yaar
laksh – ha u r right yaar ok focus
all focus
mrs.malhotra – how dare u do this to my son. I valued my husband’s words and remained silent but now i hav to reveal the truth to u.
my son went to jail becozzz of u and beared ur punishment.
Swara – wat ?? JAIL
Mrs.malhotra – ha then wat did u think he really went to world tour.
mrs.malhotra tells everything to swara. Swara gets shocked and falls on sifa with a thud.
sanlak mohit ragini gets tensed And shocked as well by thinking about rithik’s sacrifice.
sanskar gets a doubt that may be rithik loves swara. (As he knows rithik as a frnd he always speaks about his cousin)
all rush ro swara
mrs.malhotra gets confused seeing her condition And seeing all of them

Precap – sanskar consoling swara.rithik mr and mrs.malhotra in mm. All gm also in mm.
rithik breaking ties with mrs.malhotra





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