Swaragini- too much drama!

I rest my case… I mean really?? Hatsoff to the cvs of swaragini… They have defied the laws of biology!! They have turned gods creation upside down.. Sumi is pregnant?? Ohh god how can a woman of about 50 yrs of age approx. in serial be pregnant?? Have they completely lost it?? The age in whch her daughters are supposed to have children .. It makes me laugh so hard!! No offence there but some of you might give me examples of our elders who supposed to have children with age gaps of 20 years or so but they used to concieve early.l. This is too much. And if this was not less the same old ghisa pita track of memory loss… They are bent upon making every character of the show negative.. No stones left unturned there…. Plzz guys do comment and tell me your views… I just felt like expressing what i feel.

Swaragini- too much drama!


Swaragini- too much drama!


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