Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4

Everyone is shocked with the arrival of Durga. Trishna is shocked. ” It is the same story again! Gopi Modi is alive! This is all your plan Parvati!”
” My fault? What are you talking about? This is Durga Agarwal. Gopi Modi died 18 years ago.” Parvati replies.
” No! She is Gopi Modi!” Trishna screams.
” Trishna is right! This is Gopi Modi!” Pari agrees. Pari approaches Durga. ” You played a fake drama like always, pretending you are dead. You are going to rot in prison.” Pari tries to slap Durga, but Durga holds her hand and pushes her.
” How dare you touch me? You tried to harm Durga Agarwal? People are scared to look at me and look down when they walk past me. But you tried to raise your hand against me?” Durga shouts. Everyone gets shocked with this new behaviour. Durga walks on dramatically. Everyone is watching her; she is happy that she is back in her house but realises her enemies are also present here. Durga hugs Parvati. ” Look, Nani. Look how these disgusting people are addressing me as Gopi Modi?”
” You are Gopi!” Gaura joins in now. ” After killing Kokila, you return to harm us? Amba maa, you are a demon. You kill your own mother in law and then you come back. Look at your dress, so revealing. You filthy woman!”
” How dare you speak against my grandaughter like that Gaura?” Parvati shouts- Gaura gets scared. ” You say so much dirty stuff about my Durga. If you harm my Durga, I won’t spare you!”
” It is fine, Nani. Let me clarify this. I am Durga Agarwal. I am nobody’s daughter in law. I am nobody’s mother. I am nobody’s wife. I am Durga Agarwal. Who is this Gopi?” Durga shouts.
” Gopi is…?” Tripti tries to speak.
” Shut up!” Shouts Durga- pointing at Tripti. ” This is a party and you welcome me like this. You address me as a murderer. How dare you?” Durga yells.
” Durga calm down and enjoy the party. It was all a misunderstanding.” Parvati says. The party carries on and Rashi, Vidya and Meera are also shocked by the arrival of Durga.
” This woman claims she is Durga, but she looks like Gopi.” Rashi says.
” It is Gopi Modi and she is back to torture us.” Vidya said.
” Don’t you dare talk about my mother like that.” Meera shouts. Meera runs to Durga. Rashi shouts to stop her, but Meera does not listen. Meera runs, but slips. she shouts Maa. Durga gets alerted and sees Meera calling for her. ” Maa, you have come back.” Meera hugs Durga. Durga gets emotional seeing her daughter after 18 years. ” Maa,where did you go? Why did you leave me? I love you maa. I needed you and you were gone!” Meera cries a lot. She falls to the fall and hold’s Durga’s feet. Durga wanted to embrace her daughter but she couldn’t.
” What did I tell you? I am nobody’s mother. Mother? Me? I appear the same age as you!” Durga shouts, leaving Meera on her own crying. Rashi rushes to comfort Meera.
” She may not be your daughter but don’t you feel sorry for her?” Rashi asks Durga.
” Why? I have no relation to her. She is a stranger.” Durga replies.
” You selfish woman. You may look like Gopi, but you are nothing like her. You evil woman.” Rashi says.
” You can hate me. You can love me. But you can’t ignore me. I am just the best.” Durga smirks. ” Look at you. You know, I have been aborad most of my life and I have heard about Indian women here. You Indian women here are emotional. I have no time for emotional dramas. Pathetic woman.” Durga says.
” Mind your language!” Rashi shouts.
” I can say what I want. Your family owns 5 hotels. My family owns 20 hotels. Who is better now?” Durga laughs. Rashi shuts up in shame. Durga walks off and the party proceeds again. The vamps get together.
” Do you think she is Gopi, Trishna?” Pari asks Trishna.
” Yes darling. Parvati did the same 36 years ago and she claims to be Durga’s grandaughter. She trained Durga to do all of this.” Trishna replies.
” But how do we prove she is Gopi?” Gaura asks.
” I don’t know. It is more likely that Gopi has removed all marks of her previous identity when Parvati did the same. We need a plan that will target Parvati. She is our main target. ” Trishna replies once more.
” Amba maa, she will reveal the truth of Naiya. We need to stop Gopi.” Gaura gets worried.
” Don’t worry. Gopi loves her family. We need a plan to reveal her identity and I know what to do. Pari, where is Hetal?” Trishna asks.
” In her room.” Pari replies.
” Good. Let’s go.”

The vamps enter Hetal’s room. With Kokila, her husband and Gopi’s deaths, Hetal became paralysed and cannot speak or move. ” Ex mother in law, your Gopi bahu is back but she is not ready to accept she is Gopi Modi.” The vamps take Hetal to the stairs and throw her down the stairs. Hetal comes down and everyone gets shocked.
” Maa!” Rashi shouts. Rashi runs to save her. Durga tries to save her, but Parvati stops her. ” How did this happen Maa? Where is everyone? Why was not anyone watching her? I wish Gopi was here.” Rashi cries. Rashi really regrets her actions. If she never betrayed Gopi then Gopi would be alive and Hetal would be fine. Durga gets teary seeing Rashi and Hetal. She wanted to hug Hetal and help her get better but she couldn’t.
” This is a madhouse! This mad old woman!” Durga shouts.
” How dare you insult my grandmother, Gopi Modi!” Vidya yells. She confronts Durga. ” You almost killed Meera when she was a child. You kept me away from my family when I was a child. You killed Radha. You killed Kokila and now who do you want to kill? Dadi? Me? Papa? Answer me?”
” You hate your mother that much. Your sister loves her late mother but you hate her. Very sad, very sad. Gopi must have been bad lucked that she got a daughter like you. What kind of daughter are you? The woman who brought you into this world and you insult her? Look, I don’t know the story of Gopi Modi so please don’t disturb me.” Durga says.
” Gopi Modi. You are not my mother anymore. Mansi Modi is my new mother.” Vidya says. Durga gets shocked, but hides her expression.
” Does this face look like it is bothered. Who the hell is Mansi now?” Durga shouts.
” Mansi married Pappa 18 years ago and they had a son called Aadesh, my half brother.” Vidya says.
” Like I said, I don’t care. Daughters like you should suffer.” Durga replies, walking off. The vamps gather again and Vidya takes Hetal back up.
” Our plan failed. Rashi came in between.” Gaura gets angry.
” We need Rashi on our side. We need to turn her against Gopi. She is her sister. We will use Rashi against Gopi.” Trishna suggests.
” Yes.” The vamps agree. Durga is with her family and enjoying the party. Parvati sees a laser pointing at Durga’s neck and sees a veiled lady pointing a gun at Durga. Parvati pushes Durga, and a gun shot is heard. Everyone starts screaming.
” Grab that woman.” Parvati shouts, the guards grab the lady and reveal her face. She appeared to be a poor lady. ” Guards this woman tried to kill my grandaughter.”
” Who are you and why were you trying to kill her?” The guards shout.
” Forgive me. I was ordered by three women to kill her.” The poor lady replies.
” Who?” Durga asks.
” Paridhi Malik, Trishna Agarwal and Gaura Suvanyashi.” The vamps get shocked.

Precap- Durga hands over money to the poor lady and thanks her for getting the task done. Durga tells Parvati happily that she has trapped her enemies. Her battle has begun.

Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4


Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 4


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