A new swasan fanfic….part 1

Hey frnds I did not get any response for my questions..I really need ur suggestions..so..may be u r really fed up of my bakbak.so here u can start to explore…and yes..if u have any star couple other than swasan u can imagine them too ..I leave it to u
What is love?..does it have something to do with me..if yes..who is it?
Still unknown!
Really r u kidding me stupid author… Its been like a century…yet she didn’t find her love
She closed the book and kept it away
Actually dont u think that this question does apply to u too..have u found love of ur life……….no.no…no.I have already found it..my crush is my world my first…and last too…….filled with music and colors….ah my violin dear..r u missing me?
(Frnds I could see her eyes they were blue ..seems more delighted when its about the lashes.they r smiling..enigmatic …her rossy lips..like rose petals…any one would love to have at least her presence around them..she is that beautiful!?)
The morning sun too had a crush on him that’s why he send his scarlt and crimson rays all over to make her more happy and beautiful…birds sang their wish to befriend her…trees blessed her by shedding flower over…she deeply into her own world …musical..she touched the her violin..itbeautifully fit into her hands like it was designed for her only …she is playing the song kehte hei khuda be…and hummig along with it….u can imagine..u r next to sitting near to her and listening to her then u will definitely say that u r the most blessed person to be near her…sitting in the garden and playing the violin gives pleasure to her and her every touch is a decoration to the garden…she is like an angel……..in white anarkali..even the morning breeze could not resist..it it moved in between her beautiful hair and tickled her…………..
He is watching the morning sun and capturing it into his heart…and closes his eyes and opens them he feels like some one is playing music for him..to drive his loneliness..and opened his eyes they where black really black…he must be a blessing to the earth..he is lost somewhere inside himself…..he was brought back to the real world by some one….
He took the cup and sipped it slowly….and got lost again somewhere
Ha kaka….kya bat he
Beta can I ask u something..if…if u don’t mind
Ha puchiye….
Beta why do I feel like u r at agony and is alone..even when you have many around u to love u and servelimegod…then why
Kaka….he thought something and said
Kaka..tanhai tho had bheed mei big hota he
Lakin name tanha won banati he I won Jo baat hum kisi ko bats nahi saktha aur him sab apne apke raaz me shikar hei…..
Thank you every body…gud day and yes I need ur support and suggestions

A new swasan fanfic….part 1


A new swasan fanfic….part 1


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