True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)- intro and episode one

Hi guys I m Gayathri. Die Hard fan of SARAS AND KUMUD. I would like 2 write ff on SARASWATICHANDRA. Hope u like it.

My c.f. is totally different from original plot. So don’t mind.

1. Saraswatichandra vyas – Businessman , lives in Dubai. Is an indian
2. Kumud desai – Fashion designer, lives in Dubai , is an indian
3. Kusum desai – Fashion designing student, lives in Dubai is an indian
4. Danny vyas- Mba student is an indian studies in UK.
Rest characters of the serial

Let’s start my epi

Dubai ,A pleasant evening. A guy is talking in phone. Yaar, u fooled me till now. No u r coming to Dubai. That’s final. Ok bye.
He cut the phone. Again the phone rings.
He takes it and says yes Mr. Williams . Fix the meeting 4 day after tommorow . Ok. Thank u..

Driver says sir we reached. .
He gets out of the car. It’s SARAS. Our hero.

He goes to the entrance of the bungalow . His mother lives there.

Servant opens the door. Saraswati is sitting there.

Arey SARAS. My boy. How r u .
SARAS I am fine mom, how r u.
Saraswati I am good
They talk 2 each other.
(I am lazy 2 write the conversation so u can imagine it)


A girl enters the room shouting’s kusum
Somebody turns backs and u scared me. She turns and continues to do her work
I am back from college. Now ten days no need for going college.
Her sister comes and gives her coffee
kusum drinks it and says too good Kumud di.
Kumud o God u drink it everydayand everyday u taarif my coffee.
Kusum it’s 2 goo
Kumud get ready there’s a party tonight. We must go for it.
Its a business party. Mrs. Chased invited us..

Go get ready. Fast.

PRECAP : SARAS and KUMUD meeting
Sorry for all grammatical mistake.
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True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)- intro and episode one


True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)- intro and episode one


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