true love never dies season 2 episode 4

Episode 4

Shona and Ragini leaves!! 
Sanky and Laksh look at each other and laugh as soon as they girls leave..
Laksh: hahahahahhaahahah!!! So funny Sanky!! Did u hear what Ragini said.. If u go out at night, I will kill u… Hahahaha lol!!
Sanky: hahahahaha really? Did she said that?? U know what Shona said… (He mimicry her voice) Sanky…Don’t roam at nights okay!! Take care of ur self!! Il miss u Sweetu…Hahahhaaha lol!!!!
Laksh: ahahaha so innocent.. How could they think we will send them alone?? How stupid they are??
Sanky: Yaa mainly Shona, why should boys have all the fun… She want fun it seems.. Let’s show them what’s real fun.. Let’s tease them…
Laksh: haha done👍🏻 by d way when is our flight? 😜
Sanky: at 11:00pm!! Let’s bring our luggage..
Laksh: 😜sure dude!!They both leave!!

Shona, Ragini and friends reach Bangalore..They book rooms in a hotel…As soon as they enter the room.. Shona gets excited and jumps with excitementS
shona: woww… This is life yar.. It’s soo nice.. Only us!! Nd ya I forgot I should inform Sanky..She takes her phone and calls him but he doesn’t respond!! Shona gets angry..In Maheswari house..Seeing her call Sanky smiles but doesn’t respond..seeing his smile Adharsh laughs..
Adharsh:: Sanky.. Ur teasing my Shona!! Soo sad..
Sanky: haha come on dad.. Just for few hours that’s it.. After that il be with her.. Just chil!!
Adharsh: hmm.. Day by day, being with Shona, even ur behaving like a kid.
.Sanky: hahaha this life is beautiful dad, I don’t know that, I just spent my life so boring.. But after Shona came into my life, it became soo beautiful.. (He again watches her call) dad, now see dadi will get call…
At that time ap phone rings…
Sanky and Adharsh Laksh…
Sanky: papa I said na!! Nd dadi.. Handle her in my way😜Ap smiles and lifts it..Shona: dadi, once give the phone to Sanky.. He is not lifting my calls..
Dadi: Shona, Sanky is not here… He dint come yet.. Ur not there na, I think he will enjoy with his frnds..
Shona:😳 what?? This Sanky na.. I won’t talk to him.. Bye dadi.. Il talk to u later
She cuts the call…
Shona: Ragini… Sanky is not at home.. It’s 10:00, he still dint reach.. I told him not to go at night.. But see 😞
Ragini: not only Sanky, even Laksh is not lifting.. They r enjoying without us… Anyways!! Leave them Swara.. Let’s not spoil our mood.. Let’s enjoy😜She jumps on bed with excitement..
After sometime Sanky and Laksh reaches Bangalore.. They took a same hotel..
Laksh: finally we reached.. Now what we are going to do?
Sanky looks out at his window, he finds an old haunted house.. He smiles!!
Sanky: Laksh, we got it!! Let’s use that old house..😜
Laksh smiles…. 
Laksh: dude ur awesome!! By this effect our girls will never use the word fun in they life..
he starts laughing loudly.. And gives hifi to each other!!
Sanky: but we need one bakra yar..At that time the server comes in..
Server: sir, my name is Balu.. Do u want anything sir..Sanky and Laksh look at each other and smiles as they got a bakra!!
Sanky: ohh woww!! Balu.. What a nice name!! I just oved it.. Hey na lucky!
Laksh: Yaa Sanky.. Balu what a name… From today Balu is my friend..
Sanky: Balu is not only a friend.. Balu is my best friend!! Best brother… He is my cutuuuu (he pulls his cheeks)
Laksh smiles but hides his smile…Balu gets happy,
Balu: Thankyou bhai.. I’m ur frnd.. Wow Thankyou so much..
Laksh: Balu come sit with us.. Take some rest.. Till what time ul work?
Balu: another 1 hour bhai .. After that il go home.
.Sanky: daily u go home.. Today stay with us.. After ur work.. Come here will have fun!! Okay??
Balu: r u serious? 
Sanky: yes dude..Balu gets happy…
 Balu: sure sir..
.Laksh: by d way Balu, I need ur help.. Balu: What’s That?Sanky explain his plan.. And tells him everything…Sanky: this is our plan… We all can have fun.. What say?Balu: wow bhai.. It’s awesome.. But that house is not been used for many years..Laksh: okay.. That’s grt!! So Balu u know what to do ryt?Balu: sure bhai.. Don’t worry.. Leave this to Balu… Just see my acting!!Saying this he leaves!! Before he leaves Sanskar calls him and tells him to keep his phone on call.. As they want to hear those voices…He nodes okay and leavesLaksh and Sanky smiles seeing his innocenceSwaragini room: Shona: girls it’s boring.. Sasha: let’s play cards?? Ragini: good oneAll girls started playing cards… At that time they get a knock!Shona opens the door..Balu: hello madam.. Do U want anything??Shona: 😞yes we want some entertainment.. It’s so boring..Sanky smiles hearing her conversation..Balu: sure mam… We conduct some games in our hotel.. That’s is adventure.. I should search for the chits and get it within hour!!Hearing the word adventure all get excited..Ragini: 😍really??? Wow it’s amazing!! Let’s play na girls..Shona: Yaaa it’s nice!!Balu: but..Ragini; what but? Balu: that place is an haunted!Shona: 😳 what? Balu: actually, since many years no one is using that house.. All says that this is haunted.. But we won’t trust that, who trust Devils mam??Shona: 😞but u only started saying haunted..Balu: I just told u what all r thinking.. If anything happens we are not responsible..Ragini: wow, I’m so excited let’s play na! Infact I want to see Devils.. 😍Shona: but Ragini, what if devil will kill me, my poor Sanky, he will be alone..😞Laksh and Sanky laughs loudly in they rooms hearing shona’s conversation….Ragini: shonaa.. Come on yar!! Ur soo scared.. I’m there na..Laksh: Sanky, our first target is Ragini.. She is not scared it seems..Sanky : hahahhaah k dude!!Shona: okay, only 1 hour…

If we won’t get chits will come back soon okay??Ragini: okay baba..Balu: within half an hour come down mam.. Exactly at 12.. Game starts!!Ragini: 😍okay okay!!Balu leaves…Ragini gets ready… Ragini: girls come lets go…Sasha: Ragini… Plzz i want to live.. Leave me alone!!Ragini: 😳She asks everyone.. But no one comes..Ragini: Shona Atleast u should come.. R else I want talk to u😞Shona: 😞Kk.. But only 1 hour…Ragini: 😀okay.. Come!!They both go down!!At 12: 00Balu comes and tells them to go, he gives a paper.. And tells them to open only when they go inside that house..Ragini takes the paper from him.. They leaveHaunted house..They go slowly with tensed, Shona opens the gate.. As soon as she touched, they was a strong breeze.. She feels some connection with that place..Ragini: Shona fast..lets go…She holds her hand and takes her inside.. They enter the house, they watches a swing… She stops looking at it..She has some flashes where, A girl laughing and shouting “Hahahahaha Bhai.. Fast.. More faster… Wowww I’m flying!!!! A person shouts from another place..Person: Swaraa beta!! Ul fall down!! Careful…She laughs more loudly enjoying the swing!! Ragini jerks Shona..Ragini: Shona.. What r u thinking??Shona eyes are filled with tears..Ragini: 😳Shona, Kya hua?Shona: this swing.. Did I ever come here before?Ragini: stop joking!! Come lets go..She takes her.. They open the front door.. And they go inside…Ragini: Shona he told to open the paper, when we reach home..Ragini opens the paper, but she was shocked.. It was empty paper..Ragini: 😳Shonaa… This is empty! What does it mean… Why did he gave empty paper??At that time.. The front door get closed Thudddddddd!!!!!!!Ragini and Shona are shocked…They run towards the door.. Ragini tries to open… But they couldn’t…Shona: Ragini.. What’s going on?? Is that devil?? 😳Ragini: 😳devil.. Shona, plz don’t scare me..They both hold each hands..Ragini: Shona.. Let’s search for the exit.. Oh god.. I’m scared!Shona: 😳ur scared.. U said u don’t believe Devils and ur not scared of it?Ragini: Yaaa but I don’t know why I’m scared!At that time some item falls making sound…Shona and Ragini looks at each other shockingly.. And shouts Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!They both run to find an exit… But all doors were locked!!Shona: Ragini, what shall we do now.. Ragini: don’t get scared and plz don’t scare me more… Will find a solution..They again gets sounds from top room.. They get more tensed and when they run.. Ragini hits a photo frame..and that fall down in front of Shona…Shona, looks at the photo which is filled with dust and it’s glass was broken too..She stops, while Ragini doesn’t notice her stopping and she runs to the other room..Shona wipes the dust of the photo, she gets shock to see the photo of the person.. It was Mehra!!Shona eyes are filled with tears.. She caresses the photo.. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her.. She kisses the photo and hugs it and says ‘papa’At that time again they hear some noises…Ragini : Shona.. Come fast.. (She looks back..but gets shock seeing her missing she shouts Shona)In the hall: Hearing the sounds Shona gets scared.. And she hugs the pic more tightly!!Shona: papa.. I’m so scared!! Plz be with me.. Don’t leave me alone.. She cries holding the photo tightly…Ragini: (shouts) Shona… Shonaaa!!!!!!Hearing her voice she comes to her senses.. She looks at the photo which she is holding.. She gets scared and throws the photo..Why am I holding that pic? Who is he?? She gets more tensed and shouts calling Ragini….Ragini hears shona’s voice..Ragini: Shona… I’m here… Where r u??At that time someone holds her mouth tightly…Ragini is shocked… 😳Shona: Ragini… (Cries) Ragini where r u??Ragini tries to free her.. She starts beating the person… She gets scared…she bites his fingers..Person: ahhhh!!!Ragini looks at him and gets shocked… It was Laksh!!!Ragini: Laksh??? 😳😳Laksh: (laughs) Hahahhaaha Ragini… Look at you.. Someone said I’m not scare at all?? Hahahahahhaahahah!!Ragini: laksh😡 how dare u… Is this ur plan?? U know how much I was scared..She hugs him tightly and cries..Laksh: hahaha Ragini…They both hug each other…Hall:

Shona cries with fear.. She gets some old flashes.. She gets headache.. She holds her head and cries..At that turn she hears the someone coming closer to her and whispering in her ears saying..’I will kill u’Shona is more shocked.. She immediately turns back… She was shocked to see Sanky winking at her..Shona: Sanky….😀(She hugs him) Sanky: (cries) is this true? U really came?? U know I was so tensed… She hugs him more tightly!!Sanky: hahaha.. Did u had fun??Shona: fun??Sanky: (teases) why should boys have the fun?? Hahahaha… Did u had fun..Shona: is this ur plan?? I hate u.. U know how much I’m scared…She starts beating him and cries..Sanky: Shona I’m sorry…She hush him tightly…Sanky: (hugs her back) u know I love u so much.. We just thought to surprise u.. How could u think we will let u go alone.. I need me shona😜 u can’t go alone without me am I right? 😜Shona: (smiles) yes..Sanky smiles.. Sanky: (teases) this is the lesson for u, that u should not leave ur husband alone😜Shona again hugs him… She closes her eyes and rests on him.. Holding him tightly without any fear…She gets some flashes of her flashback..Sanky: Shona comes let’s go!!At that time Ragini and Laksh comesLaksh: Hahha Sanky.. Even Shona scared.. Hahha lol… U know Ragini..Ragini closes his mouth..Ragini: enough!! Stop making me fun let’s go..They all laugh…They keep walking… Shona again gets all the time she spent with her family…mr Mehra.. With his brother Aditya!!She gets disturbed…They keep walking.. While Shona slowly walks…she gets fully disturbed remembering those incidents…Episode ends..Precap:Shona faints… Sanky, Laksh and Ragini are shocked!!Sanky: 😳shonaa!!!

true love never dies season 2 episode 4


true love never dies season 2 episode 4


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