Spoilers — 26th April 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Raunak and Kajal were acting to be married till now. But, finally they both got married. They take the wedding rounds and get married by all rituals. Janki Devi could not do anything to stop the wedding. Janki blesses Raunak and Kajal. Raunak and Kajal’s love will become mutual love. There will be romance between them. Janki is not happy and has failed to let Raunak and Kajal marry. She will stop Raunak and Kajal from being together. Janki fears to lose Raunak.


Rana ji’s funeral is going on. Badi Rani Maa sheds crocodile tears. Rana ji’s final rites is happening. Some people are giving him best wishes. His uncle is lighting the woods. People cheer for Rana ji so that he becomes Amar. A mysterious horse rider takes Rana ji’s body. The horse Rider is actually Gayatri. Gayatri is doing this to save Rana ji. Kaal follows Gayatri. Badi Rani shouts that she wants Gayatri alive. The people hear her and get angry.

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Spoilers — 26th April 2016


Spoilers — 26th April 2016


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