Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 1

Thank you guys for your comments! Actually my article got delayed for being published but still i think i have to start my ff! This is not a tragedy story but only a romantic and humurous one!

Pragya (abhi’s childhood friend they were best friends but due to some issues abhi was shifted to a new place. Abhi was shifted back to mumbai but pragya doesnt know he is the same abhi with whom she was friends with, the same with abhi.)

The episode starts with pragya wondering what to gift for bulbul’s b’day! Suddenly bulbul wakes and shouts yayy! Its my birthday!! Pragya gets very scared as she might ask where is her gift? So pragya gets ready and rushes out of her house to buy a gift! She goes to a book store to buy a book for her! Pragya and bulbul both love the same author! She sees only one book left in stock so she runs there to get it but when she tries to take it it won’t come because someone was pulling the same book from backside. It was abhi. Abhi ahouts arrey please leave that book na today is my friend’s b’day! She shouts arrey today is my sister’s bday so u leave! But tanu comes in middle and takes the book and goes. Abhi and pragya geta angry on her. After she takes the book there is a gap so that they could see eachother through the gap! Abhi could see the girl’s eyes he says i think i have seen this eyes before but i cant remember whose eyes are these! Pragya says the same smile i think he was my friend during childhood but im not sure! They both leave

Pragya thinks the guys smile and nothing else! Bulbul is standing angrily near the door frowning at pragya she says di where is my gift but pragya doesnt hear it she keeps on thinking.

In mm, abhi thinks maybe she was my friend so he takes the album and sees each and every pic but he finds the same eyes on one girl but he says im not sure that it is her coz she doesnt wear speks. Kalpi says bhai what happened from that time ur thinking very deeply! Abhi says no that eyes i think!…. Kalpi says bhai ur in love again huh? And teases him! Abhi says no yar and he was never un love with tanu but she itself thought i accepted her proposal! Kalpi leaves

Daadi says abhi i have a good news for you abhi asks what daadi says i have arranged a marraige for you and says she is very beautiful she says i saw her on a shop she helped me to carry things and u know who is she? She told her name as…. I wont tell u! Abhi asks is it ta.. And stops daadi says wait n see

In pragya’s home sarla says pragya its time for u to get married but she maa im not interested but she says u have to!! She finally accepts. Bulbul says i wish i would get married with jiju coz i like him veryyyy much! Pragya says arrey, are u mad? She smiles.

After 4 days (engagement)

Pragya comes there wearing a gorgeous saree.. Abhi sees her and says the samee eyes.. Pragya says the same smile.. Is that him? They both get engaged. Abhi says omk she is the most beautifullest thing i ever saw (eyes).

The episode ends . Im sorry guys to make them unite before romance but i will make sure i will add them in next episode. U might think i dint introduce many characters in this episode but they will come in next episode. My aim is to make them married as arranged because i hate much dragging!

Please comment if u want any changes in this story , once again thanks for silent readers and special thanks to zuha, rihanna, durga, zari, tweety, reshma, shriti, sowmiya! Keep supporting!!! ?

Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 1


Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 1


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