Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other

Hi everyone! We shall just get into the story…

Pragya received a call from Harsha ‘ Di! Did Abhi sir have reached alrdy?’ Pragya ‘ Not yet Harsha! Why are u asking like that?’ Harsha ‘ Thank god ! Di i have to tell what happened today! U know he was keep on mentioning ur name!’

Harsha told Pragya that Abhi was keep on mentioning her name and was like asking questions and answering himself…. Like What should have Pragya eaten now? I think she should have eaten something light for lunch… Hope she had eaten properly. What should Pragya be doing now? I think may be she should be talking with Dadi! Or may be she should be reading her favourite novel… He was keep on mentioning about Pragya instead of carrying out the training session to Harsha…. Pragya thought now he has started this even at his workplace!! Pragya apologised to Harsha on his behalf and said i will talk to him about this. Harsha said no need to apologise but he just wanted to inform her as he was also happy that Abhi had so much of concern and love towards his Di!

Just then Abhi reached Pragya’s room in eager to see her! Pragya ended her conversation with Harsha and stared at Abhi in a stern look… Abhi was surprised to see Pragya staring at him like that…. Abhi ‘ Pragya! Y are u looking like that? As if u are gg to burn me with ur eyes!’ Pragya ‘ U dont know y? Or are u acting as if u dont know!’ Abhi ‘ what are u talking abt? I am not a actor to act u know! I am a rockstar and only know how to rock on with music!!!’ Pragya ‘ Really? then what u do in the studio jus now? Instead of rocking on with music u were keep talking abt me!!’ Abhi ‘ How did u know that? Oh i know telepathy right? So sweet of u Pragya u were also thinking abt me!’ Pragya couldnt stand it anymore and said ‘ No telepathy and all!! Harsha told me all about this!!’ Abhi ‘ Harsha!! So naughty and he just complained abt me!’ Pragya ‘ Can u be responsible? He is under ur supervision and have many dreams about the music album tat he is gg to be part of! And u are just daydreaming without doing ur responsibility!’ Abhi ‘ No Pragya i did my part too but its just that today i was keep on thinking abt u!’ Pragya ‘ Just today? Are u sure? Its been a few days alrdy!’ Abhi ‘ U dont like my concern?’ Pragya ‘ Not like that but ur concern shouldnt affect others!’

Abhi understood what Pragya was trying to convey but all this that he was doing was to gain the trust of Pragya that he is always there with her and also make their friendship stronger so that she can find him as a friend whom she can share her sorrows and happiness. Like what she had mentioned in her diary….But now he felt he was abit overdoing that….

Abhi ‘ Sorry Pragya! I think whatever i did was a bit too much! I have realised my mistakes…’ Pragya looked at Abhi who was innocently saying sorry to her and she could only think abt his love that he had in his high sch days that Dadi told abt….With that thoughts she started to burst out in laughter… Abhi was puzzled as y she is laughing loud when he was sincerely apologising to her!

Abhi ‘ Is my apology that funny? Y are u laughing like this?’ Pragya ‘ Nothing like tat! I was thinking abt smthing and ur apology is accepted!’ Abhi ‘ Huh? U were thinking abt smthing when i was apologising to u!!And then u say my apology is accepted? What is the thing that was so funny that u were thinking abt?’

Pragya said jus ignore abt tat and what really matters now is tat he have realized his mistake and she have apologised him. Abhi was still not satisfied with her ans but he also dont want to continue argue and agreed to what she said.

Pragya’ So shall we watch movie tonight? I saw my DVDs and found one movie! I have watched it alrdy but may be i taught of watching it with u again!’ Abhi ‘ Sure why not? What movie is that?’ Pragya ‘Tanu weds Manu returns’ Abhi was shocked to hear the name Tanu…Abhi ‘What Tanu returns?’ Pragya ‘ Oh No! U dont know the name of the movie! Its so popular and its not Tanu returns but Tanu weds Manu returns!!’ Abhi ‘ What Tanu had married Manu!! Who is that Manu?’ Pragya ‘ Why are u talking like as if u know someone called Tanu!! Its just the movie title with the lead characters name!’ Abhi ‘ No i was just too tired tats y i was just blabbering..’

Tanu is the girl that he thought to have loved in the high school days thats y when he heard Tanu’s name he got shocked and started to blabber….

Abhi ‘ Why cant we watch some other movie? U know i dont like comedy movies!!’ Pragya ‘ But that last time u said u love comedy movies! And tis is totally humorous !!’ Abhi couldnt say no to Pragya as she was in so much of enthusiasm to
watch the movie… He agreed to her and both started to watch…. He had never watched both the prequel and sequel of the movie just becoz it had Tanu’s name!! And while watching the movie as how much Manu hated Tanu, he was also feeling the same hatred but he didnt like the climax whereby Tanu and Manu have join together….Pragya was also noticing his reactions whenever the character Tanu came or someone uttered Tanu’s name. He was just having a stern face all that time and in one scene where Datto aka Kusum criticized Tanu Abhi was on cloud nine with wide smile on his face…

After the movie, Pragya asked ‘ So which character u like in the movie?’ Abhi ‘ Of course Datto! She is very unique!’ Pragya ‘ Oh but i liked Tanu a lot!! She is different and i like the way she approach ppl!’ Abhi ‘ No Pragya u shouldnt like her! She is not deserved to be liked by u!!Pls dont like her!’ Pragya ‘Arrey! Its just a movie and i can have my own preference in which character i like! U telling as if i like a real person!’ Abhi realised that he was not refering to te character in movie but the real Tanu that he know. He was now scared of Pragya tat if he talked furthermore Pragya would get more suspicious and she would find the truth!! Abhi ‘ I am too tired may be tats y i was just talking like tat. Ok lets sleep Pragya alrdy its late and tmrw u have work also right?’ Pragya ‘ Haan ok can!’ Both of them went to sleep…. Pragya smiled while sleeping the other side of Abhi and thought she would now have her turn to tease Abhi with Tanu’s name and as for Abhi he was really scared what if Pragya knows the truth abt Tanu!!

Abhi cant find Pragya anywhere!!

Sorry i have updated vry late but i was tired all day as i went out to buy smthing and then had stomach ache again…. and its getting worse day by day so i think have to go clinic again. Hope u all understand and the other ff i will try to make it longer too for te nxt time…

Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other


Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other


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