Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 9

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The episode starts with Aryan and the rest reaching the guest house. It is evening. The watchman gives key to their rooms. Aradhya and shivani go to one room. The two boys go to other. They freshen up and come out for dinner. Aradhya says you guys should be careful. The ghosts loves bachelor boys. Varun gets scared. Aryan says she knows very well about ghosts as she is also one of them. Shivani says don’t joke Aryan ghosts might like your sense of humour and come to you. They have their dinner and go to their rooms.

Aryan and Varun come to their room. Varun says what if the ghosts really come. Aryan gets scared. He says nothing will happen. They need to teach those girls a lesson. Varun asks how. Aryan shows him the ghost costumes. Varun asks what is this. Aryan says those girls are acting very brave. Let’s scare them by dressing up like ghosts. Varun says that’s a good idea. The put the costume and leave.

Aryan and Varun come to Aradhya and shivani’s room. They see the two girls covering their face and sleeping. Aryan says they are already very scared. Let’s scare them more. They make some weird sounds. But the two girls don’t wake up. Aryan removes the blanket and sees it is just pillows. The two girls are not there. They panic. Varun asks where did they go. Aryan says let’s search them.

Aryan and Varun search for the girls in the whole house but don’t find them anywhere.
Varun screams shivani. Aryan screams Aradhya. They come out of the house. They ask watchman if he has seen the two girls. Watchman says no. He says it might be that ghost. It is very dangerous. Aryan and Varun get tensed.

Precap- Aryan and Varun are still searching. They hear anklet sound. They see a shadow and scream.

Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 9


Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 9


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