Unusual Attraction 3rd Episode – IKRS

Unusual Attraction 3rd Episode – IKRS

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Episode starts with Viplav going back to his home. On the way Viplav thinks about Dhaani & the moments he spent with her.

•Viplav’s Residence

Viplav reaches home. He goes to Bathroom to freshen up. He comes out and starts doing his assignment work. He gets busy in his work that he completely forgets about Dhaani.

•Dhaani’s Residence

Dhaani is lying on her bed thinking about Viplav. She is worrying because Viplav haven’t contacted her. She continuously checks her phone. She thinks, I should have taken his number. She has lost her sleep. She talks to her self why I’m worrying so much for him. Leave it. She put her cellphone and tries to sleep. Just then, her phone rings. She immediately checks the phone. Viplav has sent her a message saying: ‘Sorry. I’m at home. Good Night.’ She gets mad! and shouts! what’s his problem! She calls him. Viplav picks up. Without listening to him Dhaani Starts shouting on him. Do you have any idea how much I was worried! I had been waiting for your text for one hour! I lost my sleep just because of you! And after that you are wishing me Good Night! Aghh! Ridiculous! Viplav says Calm Down! Calm Down! let me explain, what happened. She shouts, I don’t care! do whatever you want to do! and is about to cut the call. Viplav says Hold On! listen! first of all Take a deep breath. Okay. Dhaani listens. He says good. Look, I’m sorry. I know I did wrong. But trust me when I reached home I got stuck in some work and I completely forgot to inform you. When I realized, It was too late so I thought to leave a message instead of calling you. Sorry! Dhaani says, it’s okay. You should sleep now. Good night. Viplav says, Hmm. Good night.

Dhaani feels relieved. She thinks about Viplav’s words. She realizes what she just did. She gets tensed by thinking that why she was worrying for him that much & why she shouted on him like that. She falls asleep while thinking.

•Viplav’s Residence

Here in Viplav’s room He is also going through the same feelings.

In morning, everybody is getting ready to go to the wedding venue.

Tripathi family leaves for the wedding.

•Wedding Venue

Viplav comes with his family at the venue. He is thinking about last night. He says (inner voice) enough Viplav! stop thinking about her! there’s something about her, why i I should keep distance from her. He gets busy in the preparations.

Meanwhile, Dhaani is on her way to venue. She is also thinking about Viplav and says I will say sorry to him for my behavior.

Malhotra family reaches the venue. Dhaani goes to Rajlaxmi and complements her. Rajii yaar! you are looking stunningly beautiful. Awww, baby is going to be a woman now. They both hug each other and talk.

Dhaani is clipping her hairs. Viplav is coming from the opposite side talking on his phone. They both collide accidentally. Dhaani is about fall but Viplav grabs her hand and pulls her in his arms. (Ishq Ishq plays) Viplav looks at her but her hairs were covering her face. Viplav slowly moves her hairs and sees Dhaani. Dhaani slowly open her eyes, and sees him. They both share an eyelock. Viplav suddenly gets out of the scene and makes Dhaani free. Dhaani gets shy, she manages her hair. While, Viplav gets lost seeing her in a Black Saree. Dhaani sees him looking like this. She coughs Uhmm.. thank you & sorry, I didn’t saw you coming. Actually, you know what.. I don’t understand why girls wear sarees.. I tow totally don’t like it.. I mean It’s so hard to walk in.. caring a saree.. Viplav interrupts her and frequently says YOU ARE LOOK GORGEOUS! Dhaani hears and smiles saying thank you Mr. Tripathi. Viplav comes back to his senses, he clarifies, I mean you look good in saree. Dhaani smiles.

Rajlaxmi’s marriage ritual happens. Everyone is enjoying. Dhaani goes and sits on a sofa, she is feeling drowsiness . Viplav sees her sitting like this and is about go and check on her but his Maa calls him, and he goes to her.

Viplav is meeting up with the guests. He notices Dhaani is still sitting. He goes to her and asks are you okay? Dhaani lifts her head up, and signs yes. Viplav says then why are you sitting here like this, go and enjoy. She replies, yeah I’m going.. was just feeling little low, that’s why came here to sit. Viplav says okay and he goes.

Waiter comes to Dhaani.. Ma’am , Orange Juice. Dhaani says no thank you. Waiter points at Viplav saying Ma’am, Sir has asked me to give you this. Dhaani sees that way, Viplav is talking to guests. She smiles & takes the juice.

Viplav comes to her & sits beside her. So, feeling better? Dhaani turns towards him. Much better and smiles at him. Viplav says good now go. Dhaani hesitantly says, actually.. I.. I.. I wanted to say sorry to you.. Please forgive me.. I still don’t know why I shouted like that on you last night.. I still don’t get it.. why I was freaking out that much.. I mean.. you were not supposed to bound on my saying.. don’t know.. why I was worried to hell, on not getting your message.. Sorry again. And she glares at Viplav. Viplav laughs. Why you are getting so desperate. Easy, take a deep breath. Dhaani stares him. Viplav smiles and says Dhaani.. It’s fine. I didn’t say anything to you. I understand you were just concerned, as I dropped you home . Don’t think too much, think positively. (Viplav said this to cheer her up) Dhaani smiles, you have relieved me. She adds up saying, by the way, it’s good to hear ‘Dhaani’ from you for the first time Mr. Tripathi. Viplav taunts her huh! good. Do I look a 50 year old man to you. Stop being so formal. They both laughs and talks happily.

Viplav gets a calls, he attends it and talks. He ends the call saying yes yes I will come. Dhaani asks you are going somewhere? He tells her that tomorrow there is a business conference and a party after that. Dhaani says oh I see. She tells my parents are going to Mumbai tomorrow, and daddy wants me to attend a conference in Hotel Night.. but i’m not interested. Viplav says, what a coincidence, I was also talking about this conference. Why don’t you come? it’ll be fun.. I mean.. unless or until you only feel okay.. He says (inner voice) Viplav stop it! why are you inviting her yaar! control! Dhaani says, i’ll come. Viplav gets surprised, but you just said, you don’t want to.. Dhaani interrupts, but now I want to, saying so.. she goes from there leaving Viplav amazed.

PRECAP: Dhaani asks Viplav if he has any girl friend. A man is eying Dhaani in the party ( oh no she is in danger! ).

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Unusual Attraction 3rd Episode – IKRS


Unusual Attraction 3rd Episode – IKRS

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