manik malhotra_its my love story (part-68)

Manik completed the project which he did not sell any of it. Manik kept a meeting with all workers. Frist they all had lunch then Manik spoke to them
“Namasta! I thank all of you for completing everything in time. You all worked with my dad and supported me when I lost my dad. I knew I can’t repay anything for the trust and love you showed to me. I tried a little to repay it. These buildings are for you all. Each one are invited to take your house papers. From now on these apartment is totally called malhotra colony. One building is for school to your children, one building half portion is for hospital and other portion of building is for shopping mall. You can shift here from today, school and hospital are not free but iam promising once we get profits again we will make them ours. Thank you”
All the workers didnot believe what they heard with their ears, but when they got papers the happiness of them was immortal. They lifted Manik on their shoulders. At a time the celebrations became eternal happiness. Manik felt satisfied.

When Manik told same to Sinha he was shocked. Denied the praposal but Manik was stubborned. Still Sinha is against this but as an employ he had his own boundaries.

The news of malhotra constructions had gifted their lower cadier workers with flat made sensational news. It spread like lava in media. At a time Manik became famous. Everyone wanted to peep into his life. But Manik shud the doors to all.

Khanna came running to Manik manssion. He is so angry.
Manik came to meet him from office as he called him saying urgent
“Manik what was that? Those workers don’t deserve that and why are you wasting such a big property like that? I thought you are a business man but you are emotional fool. Business is done with brain not with heart” he shouted at Manik with out wishing Manik hai
Manik politely wished him signed his mom for snacks and tea
Nyionika brought them which served them to Khanna
“Iam fool its proved I had handover end papers now no one can do anything. Uncle now what?”
“Manik! Don’t test my patience. Each every penny you are wasting belongs to my daughter equally. So give me an explanation for this foolish ness”
“Leave business topics what about my marriage? When did you plan?”
“In one month iam planning”
“I think I’m one month Rithika will deliver a boy or a girl”
“What the hell are you talking?”
“These are Rithika’s marriage certificates, this is her photos, and now you can see her live just a moment” Manik video called Rithika
It’s on laptop screen
She is with baby belly, seen on screen
“Hai Rithika how are you?”
“Fine Manik I heard the news about your workers building you are cleaver Manik.”
“Gifting a house and making them parmanent workers with loyalty is big deal.”
“But some say that Iam fool”
“I think they are the one”
“Look who said it,” Manik turned laptop towards khanna
Khanna is shocked, both father and daughter had a great argument.
While Khanna leaving Manik said
“Khanna saab! What about your promise for my wife? Now what I had to do?”
“Manik Iam sorry I don’t know about Rithika”
“If I would have done same like marrying someone else did you accept my apology?”
“Then what do you expect from me?”
“Iam ashamed”Khanna spoked with shivering voice
“I accept your apology but remember how you forced my dad, and how you spyed on me all the time, now for that what I had to do?”
“Your wish”
“I want you to be away from my life and family, you will never come in my way”
Khanna went out with shame.
Nyionika and dadu are on 9cloud their happiness had no boundaries.

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-68)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-68)


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