Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 15 part 1)

I’m posting this just to cheer you up. I know the last one was just bakwaas. And honestly, I couldn’t sleep so I ended up writing this one. Its a little cheerful and now I guess I can sleep.

Note – Wrote this at 1 am when a normal human sleeps. Also I have my exams in the morning. So I couldn’t think much about this one.

Chapter : 15

~~Accept Your Feelings (1)♥♥ ~~

Sanskar’s pov~~

I once read somewhere —

‘If you love someone, let them go. Have faith in your love and if its meant to be, they’ll come back to you.’

I had probably read it a decade ago. But those lines, held a lot of meaning to me now. I was in the same situation. I loved Swara. I wanted her to be happy. I could see her happy with Shaurya. “But was that her real smile?” I asked myself.

“No.” Came the answer. Whatever she was, was just a show off. A mask, that she was wearing. If she didn’t love me enough, why would she get upset when I was with Durga? I thought. Poor Durga had nothing to do with this drama. Yet, she was blamed by Swara.

The next day had dawned, much to my disappointment. I did not want to face Swara. Or Shaurya. By the looks of it, I could tell Laksh too knew about what happened the night before.

Since the sunrise, the whole house was gearing up for the sangeet. A lot of preparations were going on in the main arena. I could hear the faint music coming from one room. Kids were practicing their dance in their lawn. I took a seat there, reading a book, when Ragini approached me.

“I need your help, bhai.” She stated, crossing her arms in front of her chest. She looked tired.

“Good morning to you too.” I said with utter sarcasm.

“Yeah yeah. I need to solve a problem. Ghanta good morning.” She mumbled.

“Where’s the fire?” I asked, keeping the book aside.

“Come with me.” She said and before I could even blink, she was dragging me somewhere. I realized that we were going to the terrace. She halted once we were there.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“To spy on them.” She whispered.

“To spy on whom?” I asked.


“But why?”

“Arrey stupid, we should always be aware of the enemy’s intentions. Our performance tonight should be better than that of Shaurya’s.” The whispering continued. Why were we even whispering? I wondered.

“What? Its just sangeet, not some dance battle from Step Up 3. I’m not going to spy on anyone for that.” I said.

“Please, bhai! Don’t you want Swara to win tonight? Please, do it for her. She really wants to win, you know.” Ragini pleaded, batting her lashes. I had no option but to give up. It was easy for her to make me do anything in name of Swara. She knew, I would never say a no.

“Okay. I hate you for this, but what do I have to to do?” I asked. She grinned.

“Just climb down to that balcony and peep inside that room. Tell me how they’re doing with their performance.” She said. I shook my head and prayed to God not to let me fall off while hanging. It would have been a very embarrassing death.

“If I fall off and die, Ragini, I swear my ghost will haunt you forever.” I said.

“Arrey. Nothing will happen to you. Now go!” She ushered.

“Okay. Jai Mata dee.” I said and went to the other side of the fencing. I jumped down in the balcony on the first floor.

“Now what?” I asked her.

“Now peep into that room. Tell me how they’re doing.” She said.

“Tu marwayegii.” I mumbled and hung from the balcony in a very awkward position to peep into that room.

I could see Shaurya dancing to the beats of “Ooh La La” with some girl. I recognized her to be none other than Durga. Her presence didn’t surprise me. She was his friend. She was supposed to attend the wedding. I found them to be really good dancers.

“Sanskar?! What do you see? Sanskar?” Ragini whispered from the top.

“Its Durga inside.” I replied.

“Oh. Is she good?” Ragini asked. I saw the way Durga moved. She swayed to the beats perfectly. I can’t deny, that she was hot. I realized, that it was difficult for Swara to compete with them.

“She’s amazing.” I said and looked back at Ragini. “Are you done with playing spy kids? Can I come up now?” I asked. She lend me a hand to grab on. I climbed back up. Ragini looked very sad. Poor girl was very excited about the sangeet.

“Don’t worry. They won’t be as good as you. You’ll rock it tonight.” I said.

“No! Shaurya’s really a good dancer. I think, even Durga is. We’re gonna lose, bhai.” She frowned.

“We won’t. Just chill. I’m there na. And when Sanskar is here, not to fear.” I beamed. At least she laughed at that.

“Can you dance?” She asked.

“Arrey tune toh abhi kuch dekha bhi nahi hai baby. I’m Michael Jackson…part two. Ow!”


It was finally the time for sangeet. Everyone had assembled in the hall. I stood in front of the mirror in my room and felt different. I looked different. I was about to give a smashing dance performance on the stage. For whom? For Swara. Why? Because she was getting married.

As I fixed my hair, I heard a light knock on the door. “Its open.” I said. The door cracked open, revealing the most unexpected person – Swara.

The moment I laid my eyes on her only one word crossed my mind – gorgeous. She was looking breathtaking in the dress she wore. It was a lehenga, in a combination of pink and silver. Her curls were let loose. She fiddled with the dupatta nervously, standing at the door.

“May I come in?” She asked. I nodded. She entered and stood beside me in front of the mirror.

“You look nice.” She said.

“So do you.” I smiled. She turned a shade of pink and looked away. I wondered why would she come and meet me before the function.

“Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be downstairs? Its not like I don’t want you here. Its just that I thought that you wouldn’t want to see me after last night.” I said.

“No. No, its nothing like that. I just came here to see how you were doing. I mean, I was not so good last night. I was wrong to have misunderstood things.” She said. If she knew, she understood everything now, then why wouldn’t she accept her love for me? Why couldn’t she see its ‘us’ who are meant to be?

I knew, arguing with her right now, was not a relevant option. “Its okay. Just forget it.” I said. She sighed and just when I thought, she was about to leave, she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Look, I know you’re not okay with it. Or with whatever that’s going on. But I’m truly sorry for what happened last night. I accept that I did feel bad when I saw you with her. But what difference is it gonna make now, Sanskar?” She spoke.

I was tired if thinking about the same thing again and again. ‘what difference is it gonna make now?’ It did make a hell of difference for me.

“It does, Swara. You’re just not able to see it. Or maybe, you don’t wanna see it. I don’t really know.” I was blunt and clear with my words. Yes, I was upset with her.

“Why are you being mean?” She asked.

“I’m not being mean. I’m being honest.”

“No, you’re not. I know you’re upset. But what do you want me to do? Should I go on my knees and apologise?” She asked.

“No. Just give yourself a minute and ask your heart what it wants. Maybe then you’ll get all your answers then.” I said. Before she could say anything else, I left the room. Ragini was probably looking for me. And I was right. She was standing outside the room and had possibly heard the whole conversation.

“What was that all about?” She asked. . .

This is just the part one. Part two is coming soon. Keep reading and commenting if you liked the chapter.

Also the full credit of this part goes to the amazing movie – YJHD. It was a good inspiration : )

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 15 part 1)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter 15 part 1)


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