A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 16) Don’t cry alone!! It hurts me…

A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 16) Don’t cry alone!! It hurts me…

Hi friends!!

I always think past gives both pain and happiness

to our lives…here I linked the past and present

Abhi tries to rectify his flaws by his past experiences…

So still we have more and mooore flashbacks…

Because I am always very fond of it

…we are still in flashback!!!

Chapter -Don’t cry alone!! It hurts me…

Our epi starts with Abhi seeing somewhere and thinking

what to do now..Her phone rings and she gets tensed.Abhi

gives her bag and notices her that she is worried.She takes

the call nervously and goes out to talk.She asks “Bulbul!!

How is mom now??”.Bulbul cries and says”Dii…mom is

.not fine now…and She misses you lot…please come

home soon!!”.She consoles her saying”Don’t worry!!I will

come..” and cuts the call.She turns and gets shocked seeing

Abhi.She ignores him and walks from there in hurry.Abhi

starts walking with her asking”What’s happening?? What

happened to Mom??”.She sees his concern and gets

admired but she hurries to go..as its not time for this.

She says “Mom..got ill…because of her stress!!”.He

stops and sees her walking fast.He then runs to her and asks

“Can I come with you??” and as she stares him.He says

“See..really…Can I??”.She says “No…” and stops a taxi.

He also gets in and asks the driver to hurry.She gets shocked

and says “What you are doing??!!”.She gets tensed thinking

How can he come with me…No I can’t let him to go with me!!.

She gets teary eyed and says “You are not coming!!”.Abhi

sees her and holds her hand saying”Relax !! Ok??? I m not coming!!”.

He then consoles her and says “Nothing will happen wrong…”.She

gets emotional and nods.She then again gets bulbul call while

Abhi also gets call and talks.He while talking sees her worried and

Feels bad.While bulbul cries “Dii !!! I don’t know what to do!!!”.

She gets teary eyed and consoles her “hey!!!Bulbul Nothing will

happen to mom ..And where is Mother India?? Is she not with

you??”.Bulbul says “Dii gone to a function and she will be here

in an hour!!”.She controls her tears and says “See bulbul…you

Don’t worry…I too will come soon..”.Abhi asks “How is she now??”.

She avoids his look and turns towards window says “Still …”and controls

her tears tries to speak but can’t.He realises she is avoiding her

tears before him.He hugs her by his hands around

her shoulders and says in a plain tone “Don’t cry alone…It hurts me”.

She holds his hand and cries reminiscing her mom’s words

asked her to not go far from her…while she joined the college

and her happy moments with her mom…They reaches the

station and Abhi stops saying”You get the ticket..I will pay the taxi..”

She nods and runs.She gets the tickets and sees the train starts

moving.She starts running and thinks “God ..seems I will miss

this train..”(If we imagine this scene in front of your eyes

In slow motion…we can love the scene)

Soon she feels Abhi holding her hand while running.He pulls her

fast and sees she us reaching the train fast.She stares him with

a smile throughout the time.He makes her get into the train saying

“Come soon Fuggi!!! I will be waiting for you!!!.She still stares him and he

stops …breathing and bends holding his knees and sees her.

While she gets emotional sees him lovingly and nods.An eye lock continues

Sun saathiya ..maahiya…song from ABCD 2…


Surbhi…adhiti…ammu…any…sana…durga….sandy ….Maya..Reshma Pradeep…
Tharu…Zari…shriti…and ma new one..sabeenia sampath…dharshmi…pavi….

And lovely maahi…fa the longest one!!!!

It really feels restless when I see ur long replies guys….

And keep replying..Really it feels awesome and crazy…!!!

Ha ha….Anyway…

The love and first love are not same….

Actually first love is one we hide from others or keep in our memory throughout our life….
If one get a partner whom we can share our first love is the luckiest…. That’s the true and lifetime love….
OK ok I can hear your mourning while reading these confusing things….

Have great day guys..with restlessness ..ha ha…

A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 16) Don’t cry alone!! It hurts me…


A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 16) Don’t cry alone!! It hurts me…

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