Swaragini- Swasan analysis of ff

Swaragini- Swasan analysis of ff

Good Afternoon EVERYONE….
I am Sikki.
I love swasan.
i read many ff’s here and would like to share my favourite stories according to rank
20) Rini’s Love is painful and is complicated
19) Sana’s I hate to love you
18) Nive’s The way you are
17) Sha’s falling for you
16) dolly’s meri aashiqui
15) aryna’s it’s not revenge it’s love
14) dolly’s will you be mine forever
13) gs’s mileya mileya

12) neha’s endless love
11) mandy’s a modern tale of love
10) namrata’s d3
9) meher’s kuch iss tarah
8) bushra’s you are mine
7) bhanu’s tu meri mannat
6) Alahna’s realisation, exoneration and acceptance
5) neha’s from darkness to light
4) anu’s destiny
3) anu’s fix you and fixing broken souls
2) anjali’s mr maheshwari and i
1) sree harini’s acceptance
i love acceptance. it has everything. romance, mystery, anger, arrogance,everything. i just love it to the core!
Mr maheshwari and i.. What can i tell about it? A heart wrenching love story beautifully written by anjali.

fix you and fixing broken souls.. another heart wrenching story. all becuase of one misunderstanding.

and more than the ffs i’m so glad to see the friendship between the authors, especially anu anjali and sree. in all the ffs here, they have been consistently rankes in the top three, yet instead of competing for the top spot, they just continue with their work and love each other. That’s really commendable. keep it up.. god bless you.
another author whose ff i love to read is sujata’s. stay away has quickly caught people’s eye and is a very cute story. nice work.

coming back to my top three choices, you can see that they are different yet quite similar. you may be wondering, how i can call it similar? well, it’s just an opinion. in all, the main leads have some broken past or painful past or secret.
in anu’s and anjali’s, we know what it is whereas in sree’s not yet. comparing anu’s and anjali’s, i find them both heart wrenching for the simple fact that even when they are together they aren’t. but while in anu’s they are no longer together because of a misunderstanding, in anjali’s, it is for a very realistic and valid reason. fear..
fear seperates sanskaar from the others. he doesn’t want to tell anyone about his imminent death because he’s afraid of the pitiful looks he might get. he also doesn’t want to scare his family and make them sad. this is all about fear.
sree’s ff is a wonder mainly because of the characters. all are strong and have an inner depth which is very pleasing to see. superb work.

i have gone on and on about these three. now let me tell something about myself
i am sivakrishnan aka sikki. i am 22 years old and in kerala. i have finished ug and am planning to go to us for pg. am a huge fan of swara, all because of my bff. she watches the show for sanskaar and me for swara.
namastey, see you soon.

please, authors do comment. i want to see

Swaragini- Swasan analysis of ff


Swaragini- Swasan analysis of ff

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