Sanskar’s Various Shades in MY fanfics (Analysis)

Sanskar’s Various Shades in MY fanfics (Analysis)

Helllloooo everyone. This is not exactly Swasan Fanfic analysis. Its just an analysis about the various shades of Sanskar in my own fanfics. (completed, existing and upcoming)

Being the kind of Sanskarholic I am, no doubt I always try to portray him well. Mark “try.” But still I think I am not the best at that, because there are many Sanskars of other ff who are really the best. As a whole Sanskar is the best.

While I was writing today’s update for my current fanfic “Fixing Broken Souls.” I started thinking hard as it was very emotional for me. I still haven’t completed it but I picture myself crying at the end. Okay back to the topic of discussion! Mr. Sanskar.

So I wanted to share my experience while portraying the different shades of Sanskar. Starting from my favourite one ?

Sanskar Maheshwari of Swasan : Destiny :- The start of this fanfic was emotional for me. Swara breaking up with Sanskar and then Sanskar breaking down. Most of the time, it was just Swara who acted foolish, selfish but it was always Sanskar who understood her, accepted her, cared for her no matter what. When she was on rhe wrong path he brought her back. Even when she was with Ishaan, Sanskar never failed to help her. And after hearing the heartbreaking news that Swara slept with Ishaan which was fake, he didn’t stop loving Swara. This shows the true love he always reflected for Swara. Selfless gentleman, loaded with love. And most importantly, I always loved the way he called Swara ‘jaan’ and ‘baby’.


Sanskar Kapoor of Swasan : Fix You :- His love story started with a freaking nervous girl – Swara. Who was Sanskar in rhe story? A famous Rockstar for the whole world could go head over heels. He had everything – popularity, fame, money but what he never experienced was true love. And he finally found the girl in Swara. She wasn’t as beautiful as the other girls, to be honest but she had the most pure and innocent soul and heart. And Sanskar loved her for that. But this boy didn’t have enough courage to face her parents – hitler dad and mom. Swara leaves her everything for him, and since then, he never left a chance to make her feel special. Sanskar is also very close to her mom, a perfect doting son. While in London, Sanskar had vowed to protect Swara in every circumstance. But things changed when Kavita entered the scene. She created misunderstandings, and Sanskar was too innocent to understand her tricks galling into her trap. The story ended with a heart broken Sanskar – longing for true love again.


Fixing Broken Souls (Sequel to ‘Fix You’) :- Its always difficult for a broken soul to mend it, and move on in life. The same thing happened with Sanskar here, but being the strong and confident man he is, he decides to win back her love. He decides to go for her wedding in Udaipur. Amidst all these drama happening, he realises Swara still loves him. Now his mission is only to win back Swara, no matter what im those two weeks. His mission ‘Fix You.’ Has finally started again.


Sanskar Kapoor of Arranged to Be His :- As a teenager, he was always the arrogant egoistic bastard according to Swara. He always teased her and never left an opportunity to irritate her. But things change, as a person loses somebody the most dearest. He loses his dad Durga Prasad and that leaves a changed Sanskar – someone who is mature, and realises the importance of love and family. But will he be able to explain the same to Swara, who is grieving for some unknown reason?

(Note : This fanfic hasn’t yet started but will start soon)

Childhood Sweethearts (Prequel to Swasan : Destiny) :- What made Sanskar fall for Swara in childhood. Well, in Childhood Sweethearts Sanskar is a confident young man, playing soccer. He develops a bond with Swara too. Both are ten year old kids, so much cannot be said about them as kids. But he’s very cute, adorable, and lives life for friends and soccer.
(Note : This fanfic hasn’t started hut will start from May 15 onwards)

So here’s the end x x

I don’t know the reason I wrote this today. I just felt like writing as I really adore Varun Kapoor and his amazing acting skills.

So what do you think, who’s the best Sanskar here? Its difficult for me to point at one as all are close to my heart but I need your opinion. . .

Sanskar’s Various Shades in MY fanfics (Analysis)


Sanskar’s Various Shades in MY fanfics (Analysis)

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