Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 1]

Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 1]

Mr Maheswari and his secretary –(Epi 1)
Scene -1(KOLKATA)
A man is shown working in his big office with files every
Where. He is busily working when his p.a informs him about
Some meetings. He gesture’s him that he will come. After
Completing his work he leaves out of his big office to abc hotel.
In hotel the meeting goes well.He then goes to his house and sits
In a big king size bed.He thinks that now his father will be proud
Of Him.he then changes into comfortable clothes and dozes off.
The man is nonother than SANSKAR.;) handsome,dashing,cute etc
Scene 2

A man is shown riding an amazing sports bike with a breath
Taking speed.He reaches an office.He gets down with a fake
Smile and goes in.There all greet him and he just nods to them.
He goes inside his cabin and Calls his p.a and asks him about
Certain meetings .The day ends and he goes back from his
Office with a big genuine smile as if he got an award.He then joins
His friends in a pub and enjoys .He is our handsome LAKSH.
This happen regularly .They both have the same schedule every

Scene-3 (LONDON)
A cute girl with an innocent face is sleeping with her beautiful
Sister beside her.Their beauty sleep is disturbed by the great
Sun.the cute girl is SWARA and her sis is RAGINI. Swara gets
Up and see her sis sleeping peacefully. She closes the curtains
And goes to washroom.When she comes out she doesn’t find
Her sis.She gets scared.Just as she tries to open the door of
Her room a big bowl of coloured water falls on her which was
Kept on door.She shouts angrily.
Swara: RAGINIII !!!!!

Ragini:what? Why are shouting like this. (She asks this with
A cute puppy face)
Swara:Don’t act.I know it was u who kept that.why do u always
Do such things on my birthday.
Ragini: hello it’s my birthday too.(yes guys they r twins) and it was
U who started this tradition.
Swara: It was only twice.(with a cute puppy face)

Ragini:Really.(in a teasing tone)just remember.
Swara: ok.i have did many times.Now leave me I have to meet
Ma papa.
Ragini:who is stopping u.;)
Swara:This was the reason I din’t wake u.but my prankster woke
Up.ragini smiles widely and they both leave to see their parents.
Sheker and sumi wish them and give them presents.They ask them
About their wishes.(they do this on all birthdays and they also fulfill
Them as they are very very rich) swara says that she wants to go to
India.All get shocked.
Sumi:why do u want to go there suddenly?????
Swara:Ma I always wished to go there.i want to meet my dadi and
Dida.i have not asked u before cuz I was small.but now I am 20 I can
Go there.
Sheker:ok.But u can’t go alone.u can go with ragini.

Ragini’s face glows.swara smiles at her and says ok.

Precap:preparations and journey to india.

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Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 1]


Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 1]

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