Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 9)

Thanks for ur comments frnds …Hasid is my pen name not my name.before writing this swaragini ff ..I used to write so many novels for Telugu newspaper.nigam is my secondname….I was unable to reply to u all basically I was busy with my house sincer apology to u all for not replying

The time keeps on healing everything…
Everything goes normal…no one Speaks about what had happened gadodias&maheswaries

But 2people in the maheswaries house are eagerly waiting for them ..when their bahu’s come back home&wen will their children get settled…having a wife&children.

Maheswaries already having their heir ISHAN but they are unable to get him back to home.they already pleaded gadodias but they refused…gadodias had kept their 2daughters in their home only

Swaragini had moved in their life

Ragini working as a neuro surgeon in a famous hospital…she got fame that she is a very good doctor…patients are increasing for her…and she is happy with her family… But work load is too high…

Swara is working in animation company it was her dream…but due to her so called luck…lucky is working there…his seat is next to her…only…they always used to have cat fights…

Sanskar is busy in expanding his business…


Ranvir is taking in pH…he is the MD of swaragini.textiles .Ltd..

Uttara is helping sumi in kitchen…

Swara left to work bcoz it’s take lot of time for her in travelling only,
And today is she having to present the project..
Ragini also should go to hospital in time.&and also make the children to get ready for uttara is also helping her

“Life is going happy but every time it will not go like that right…if every time happiness is only there…it will not be a called as life”

Ragini was walking on the roads along with her children to busstop…
Suddenly a car came and stops them…
Person in that get down
Person: come ragini…I will drop u wer ever u have to go
Ragini: look…Sanskar I know u will drop me…bcoz dropping others from u r life&keeping making others life painful is u r hobby…but I am not seriously interested in it…so pls mind u r own business don’t come in my way..we are getting late

Sanskar:ragini…bcoz of u r foolishness my children…are suffering…they are the children of bigshot Sanskar maheswari. But u r making.them to walk on roads…
It is not fair…
Children did not pay attention to them ..they are busy in chatting.
Ragini:look Sanskar I was not all interested in wasting my time by talking with so pls kindly move away.and give away to go in my own way.don’t create hurdles.I don’t want my children to know about us

Sanskar is shocked and moved…
Children went to school&ragini went to office

Oneday ishu &ishaan are in school….
Teacher:makes them stand up and told that…u didn’t paid u r fees till now… Say to u r father to pay it
Children:v have no father
Teacher:that’s y u r like this…atleast ask u r mom to pay it… Otherwise we will send u out of the

Evng they came and told everything to ragini..she assures them that she will
pay the fees tmrw

Ragini asked her 2months salary which had not given by the hospital and she came to school to pay the school fees…

In principal roomRagini:cIget in sir
Principal:yes come in
Ragini:sir I was the mother of ishan&ishitha..I was here to pay the balance fees of my children
Principal:no mam…u need not to pay the fees
Ragini:(feels it as scarasm.)
Sorry sir my salaries had been got late that’s y I am here to pay it now.but next time I will pay it on time
Principal:madam,I am saying u Na…u need not pay…in fact this school is ur’s…. Chairman asked u not collect any fee from u,it is a strict order to me next time no one even dare to scold u r children

And also a AC bus will be provided to your children to come to school
Ragini:wat??why u r chairman asked not to pay the fees..can I know his name
Principal:Sanskar maheswari sir
Ragini:(shocked): wat Sanskar… But it is not his school Na
Principal: previously it was not underhim..but yesterday eveng only he had bought the school in a single payment.we are shocked…
Today mrng only he dismissed the teacher who troubled u r children
Ragini: were is he now I want to meet him…
Principal: mam sir is in his cabin…
Ragini left from there in anger

Ragini enters chairman room

Sanskar is sitting in chair and is very angry at the teacher who is pleading him…not to dismiss her he is not at all listen to her
Teacher: sir pls sir…I was punctual too school…and I didn’t do any mistake…then y r u dismissing me sir…
Sanskar: u had done a big mistake…that is u had make fun of Sanskar maheswari’s children…u made them cry…I can’t even imagine crying faces of my children…but how can u make them cry&feel shame in front of whole Cls.
Yesterday u told that my children didn’t pay fees right
Now see…

He asks her too move to the Cls
Ragini is surprised seeing them
Bcoz ragini came there in order to ask y he was doing all this

Sanskar smiles at ragini

He also moves to the Cls…
Then ragini follows them ..
Sanskar came into Cls&told that yesterday u r teacher insulted two beautiful kids… But today I am making a confession…this school belongs to them only belongs to their father….
Ishan&ishitha shocked…
Children: my papa?

Sanskar looks at his children&smiled looking their confused faces and left from there

Ragini is Sanskar cabin
Ragini clapped and enters the room
Ragini takes the money from her handbag and gives it to kept it on Sanskar’s table..
Sanskar:wat is it…
Ragini:it was my children’s fee
Sanskar: ragini is all our property… U no need to pay for it…
Ragini:I had got my salary late so I was late in paying the fee but Sanskar…there is a small correction in your words it is your property… Not our…don’t try too attract my children with u r money,name&fame…it’s better to stop u r cheap tricks here itself no one is ready too come to u by it…neither me nor my children.
Ragini Lefts from there…
While the leaving the admin block
Someone came there hugs her with her little hands
Ragini looked down and smiles
Sonam:chachi…how r u
Ragini:I’m fine beta how is mom&dad

Sonam:they are fine,I missed u and swara chachi…pls come to our home chachi…mom,dadi’s are also mi
Ragini just smiled&kissed sonam’s forehead
Ragini:takes something from her handbag and gives it too sonam
Sonam:dairymilk silk and hugs ragini…thank u chachi
Ishu&ishan comes out and was looking all this from beginning…
Ragini:sonam beta…bye but u should study well…
Sonam:promise chachi

Sonam,ishan&ishitha are classmates.
Ishitha:sonam how do u know her
Sonam(smilingly):ha I know her she is my chachi…I mean Sanskar chachu’s wife…
Children:wat do u know my papa.

Sonam:I am not only u r frnd…but I am also ur didi…u r badepapa’s daughter…in our family all loves u alot…but don’t y u r not staying with us…
Children: sonam sorry di can u make us meet our papa
Sonam:off course.u r father had bought this school only for u,bcoz teacher had insulted u…he loves u both&chachi alot
Come with me I will take u to your chachu
All the children moved from there by taking their bags.
Sonam told her driver to take them to someplace
Drives says OK and he drive them too maheswari mansion

Sonam rings the calling Bell.
Sujatha opens the door…and shocked to see both her potha&pothi
Sujatha:jijji…jaldi aaja…dekh jijji kaun aya hai.
Ap,parinetha came there…
They are happy to see them here…they both are so cute…
They into mm..
Children are really happy by seeing such a big house .at 1st they came to mm with uttara wen ragini came but they didn’t pay that much concentration on house on that day…

Sonam:chotti dadi…zaldi bahatav Na…wer Sanskar chachu…they came to meet him…

Children:haa aunty pls tell us were is our dad…we want to see him..
Sujatha:chora,chori…I am not aunty…I am u r papa’s mother…like ragini is u r mother…so I am u r dadi…she is badi dadi&badema…bade Papa
Sujatha:jaldi aa necha
Sanskar is descending the steps…
He is shocked too see them in mm…
Sanskar came down&looking at them…
Suddenly ishitha runs to him and hugs him…calling frnd…
Ishan,sonam&everyone shocked
Ishitha:frnd are u my Papa
Sanskar: yes frnd..

I had done some frndship signature…

“Ishu&sanky are both frnds..” They said while doing the signature with finger…everyone laughs….after a long time happiness has laid a way into mm

Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 9)


Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 9)


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