Hey guys I a, back …hope u all remember me and this ff …..
So here is the story ,

Swara and Laksh walks in different directions
Swara to herself : god y u made this Laksh as the captain ….already he is showing off and now …..
The school will break apart …..
Tanu comes and clashes with Swara
Swara : tanu
Tanu : sorry sorry
Swara : its OK
Tanu : OK ….did u finish packing
Swara : half completed ….today evening I will finish
Tanu : oh ……u know what I am really excited for tomorrow
Swara : ya me too
Tanu : one week we can be free from these studies and parents scoldings
Swara : truly said ……
Tanu : OK bye meet u after bio class
Swara : OK bye
Tanu leaves ……..
Swara : now I have to find this sanky …..
Someone from behind pats her ….
Swara turns …
The person screams …

Swara : ahhh ….sanky idiot
The person is sanskar
Sanskar : what yaar ..I guess u were calling
Swara : u scared me …leave that …
Huh what about ur class name list
Sanky : I will give it to ma’am
Swara : when ..
Sanky : by afternoon ….
Swara : OK then …
Sanky : r u excited
Swara : what do u mean
Sanky : about tomorrow ….trip
Swara : hmm ya
Sanky : u will be free as manik won’t come
Swara (shocked) : what !!!
Sanky (confused) : what means ….u should be happy that he is not coming right
Swara : I mean y he isn’t coming
Sanky : don’t know ….u remember when all went to ice cream parlor ..he came to me and withdrawed his name …..
Swara : oh (sad)
Sanky : what happened Swara ….y r u behaving strange …
Swara : actually the reason for his absence is me
Sanky (confused) : means
Swara narrates the whole incident
Sanky : oh so u scolded him and he got angry …..
Swara : haan …..
Sanky : u know manik right …don’t worry he will be alright and again come to irritate u …
Swara slightly beats sanky …
Swara : OK I am going to class ….
Sanky : but (naughty smile)
Swara : what !
Sanky pulls her hand closer ….

Swara was shocked , surprised
Before sanky could say a word
Swara : bye ..
She frees herself and leaves …
Sanskar smiles …….
@canteen …
Ragini was sitting in a table writing something
Someone pats her shoulders ….
Ragini turns ….
Ragini : LAKSH !!!!!
Laksh : haan …can I sit
Ragini : sure
Laksh sits opposite to ragini ..
Ragini seeing Laksh keeps her notes inside her bag and looks at him …with full concentration
Laksh : actually I came here to thank u …
Ragini (smiling ) : for what .
Laksh : for recommending my name … principal
Ragini (lost in Laksh ) : oh for that …it’s OK …..its been my pleasure
Laksh smiles …

Ragini heart beats faster seeing him smiling
Ragini (smiling ) : so I want an return gift
Laksh : what gift
Ragini : hmmmm ……a treat at ice cream parlor
Laksh (smiles ) : OK done ..
Ragini also smiles
Laksh : today 6pm
Ragini : OK
Laksh leaves smiling ……
Ragini to herself : god …..thanks a lot ……..(she goes to her dream world )

@Swara class
Swara was chatting with tanu and some others ….
Teacher comes ..
Whole class says good morning
Teacher : plz take ur seats
Teacher starts to write on the board ….
Reception teacher steps in
Reception teacher : students we have two new girls…
Everyone was looking at the door step
The two girls entered ..(they were good looking , pleasant )
Reception teacher ; carry on
She leaves
Teacher : plz introduce ur self child
First girl : my name is kavitha sharma
Second girl : I am kavya sharma
Teacher : OK kavitha and kavya take ur seats …..Swara make them feel better and others too
Everyone nods
Teacher writes something and leaves …
Swara : so kavitha and kavya ….r u both interested in coming for tomorrow trip
Kavitha : I would love too
Kavya : OK
Swara : OK then we will add ur name ….its an one week trip OK
Kavkavi : OK …..ur name
Swara : Swara …..Swara khanna
Kavkavi : oh nice to meet u Swara
Swara : same here ……y don’t u guys take a look at the school
Kavkavi : but who will take us
Swara : I am there for u ….tanu u take kavya …..I will take kavitha
Tanu : OK ..
They all leave

Kavitha : seriously …u have many badges pinned up ….general head girl , house captain supervisor ,class monitor etc
Swara : that’s just simple thing …I am sure even u will get many badges then me
Kavitha : u r really her nice …
Swara : really ….thanks
Sanskar comes from opposite direction ….
Kavitha sees him and her heart beats faster than usual ……
Sanskar waves hi to Swara ….
Sanskar : hey Swara
Swara : hi
Sanskar : who is this with u
Swara : she is kavitha new girl ……..kavitha this is sanskar (saying to kavitha )
Sanskar shakes hand with her ..
Sanksar : nice meeting u kavitha …
Kavitha : me too
Sanskar : why r being friend with this attitude girl
Swara eyes sanskar
Kavitha laughs …

Swara : kavitha free advice maintain distance with him
Kavitha gives a questioning look
Swara whispers something to kavitha
Kavitha bursts laughing
Sanskar was confused ……
Kavitha : short time memory loss sanskar
Sanskar gives a angry glare to Swara ….
Swara winks ….
They spend talking
@audio visual room
Tanu : so this is the last room …
Kavya : wow year looks so big ….
Tanu : hmm ya …..
Varun and Laksh pass
Tanu : hey bro’s
Lakva comes
Lakva : hey tanu and who is this …
Kavya gets memerised seeing Laksh
Tanu : oh she is kavya …new girl
Kavya : hi
Varun : hi
Laksh opens his hand
Kavya shakes hand with him

Laksh : so how is new school do u like it
Kavya : hmm ya
Tanu : kavya this is varun…..he is Swara brother
Kavya : oh Swara brother …..u r very lucky to have such a nice sister
Varun : I know right
Laksh : u r highly mistaken madam …..he is very unlucky to have a sister like her ..miss attitude
Kavya laughs …
Varun : again fight
Laksh : kind of ….
Kavya : ya she mentioned someone named over smart and said me to be careful
Laksh fumes
Kavya understands that he is over smart ….
Kavya and tanu laughs ….
Varun : hope we have a pleasant day ….
Laksh : not for Swara ….
Laksh leaves …
Kavya POV
Gosh such an cutie pie ,…………
Kavya POV ends
Tanu , kavya and varun chit chat ….

No one was there ..
Swara enters ……
Laksh comes behind and locks the door ….
Swara : what the hell …
Laksh : hell to go with u ……y r u creating an image in front of new girl
Swara : I said the truth right ….
Laksh : truth my foot
Swara : OK now open the door I have class …
Laksh : I won’t until u do 30 sit ups
Swara : no way …Laksh don’t day dream
Laksh : then its OK ..I won’t leave ….
Swara : stop ur jokes Laksh
Laksh : I am not joking I am serious …..or else …
Laksh looks around
Laksh gives an naughty smile
Swara (nervous ) : or else
Laksh : u know ….what I mean
Swara : just back off
Laksh comes closer to Swara and Swara steps back …
Swara : r u alright
Laksh : perfectly fine …..
They come to an end ….
Swara means to a wall ..
Swara tries to go from left
Laksh keeps hand
Swara tries to go from right side
Laksh keeps his hand ….
Swara starts to sweat
Laksh comes closer to Swara

Swara : OK OK I will do
Laksh pats Swara cheecks : that’s good girl
Swara starts to do and Laksh counts ……
After 24 times
Swara starts to feel dizzy ……..
Laksh didn’t notice this …..
Swara couldn’t resist ……
Swara falls (faints )
Laksh got shocked : Swara …..Swara …,.
Laksh pats her ……
Swara didn’t wake …..
Laksh takes water bottle and sprinkles water …..
Swara slowly opens her eyes …..
Laksh hugs her tightly …
Laksh has tears : I am really sorry Swara …I shouldn’t have made u do this ……..
Swara was surprised seeing his concern
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes his tears ….
Laksh makes Swara stand …..
Swara : its OK Laksh …..
Laksh : what OK …..I am really sorry Swara ….
Swara : its OK Laksh …….actually its my mistake
Laksh was confused

Swara : hmm ….actually I don’t eat from 2days
Laksh was hell shocked
Laksh : why !!!!!! Ru mad ….
Swara : vo actaullly u said I am fat so I thought I should become slim ……
Laksh raises his hand slap her …..but stops
Swara was shocked seeing this side of Laksh ….
Laksh hugs her tightly
Laksh : its an joke Swara ….y did u take it serious ….
Swara was really surprised seeing Laksh ….
Laksh : plz don’t do this again ,..OK …
Swara : OK ….
Laksh breaks the hug ….
Swara : Mr over smart …..u reallly have a soft corner I guess …how many shades do u have Laksh
Laksh : like u ………how many shades u have Swara !
Swara was impressed seeing his answer …..
Laksh : now come first let’s go to canteen and eat …
Swara : OK ….
Swara smiles and leaves first
Laksh POV
What happened to me suddenly ….I never felt for any girl ……but for Swara …..she is different and something magical …..
Laksh POV ends

Precap : trip starts …..swaragini becomes jealous …………

Hope u all like this episode and plz comment ….
I have a news for u all ….
Dolly had an accident on Wednesday ….it was an minor accident (thank god)
But her right leg got injured … she was admitted in hospital …..
I went and saw her yesterday …….she said she is fine but not perfect …..
That’s y she didn’t update her ff …meri aashique
But she gave me the script ….I will try to update it to u all …
Hope she gets well soon ….I am praying for her …
Hope u all too
With love ,





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