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Swasan office part 1
Sanskaar (completely amazed to see Swara sad again, softly) : Swara! Aaj kya hua tumhe? Why are you so emotional? See, Nothing has happened to me. This business tycoon can take care of himself.
Sanskaar stood frozen. The words kept ringing in his head.
Can he open up to the world?? Can he open up to the world? Can my Mr Maheshwari? Can my Mr Maheshwari?
How could he answer that question? What answer could he give that Swara would believe in? Who on Earth would think he’s sane if he mentioned he thinks he’ll die because his Bade Papa did. They would laugh at him and pity him.
Sanskaar (thinking) : I cannot bear it if Swara believes I’m mad. I cannot bear to see the pity in her eyes. She cannot know. This burden is mine and only mine. THIS IS MY BURDEN!
Swara (softly) : Bolo na, Sanskaar! Can you?
Sanskaar locked eyes with her but was still lost in his thoughts.
Sanskaar (thinking) : When did she grow so perceptive? When was she so kind? Was she always like that? And I never noticed? My Swara… How was I so lucky to get you? And how unlucky I am to never get you….. (sighing inwardly) Sanskaar! You can’t do anything now. But give an answer quickly.
He smiled in a cocky way and chuckled, his heart screaming inside. He wanted to tell her so bad how much he wanted her, cherished her, loved her. But he couldn’t.
Sanskaar (fake chirpy voice) : Arre Dramebaaz! You seem to have become like Laksh! You are acting so filmy. Kya hua tumhe?
Swara (indignantly) : Filmy? Me? And what about you? Calling the press, destroying the man’s business in front of the world… Shouting at him… Putting on a show. Oh Hello! I’m not the one who’s filmy. Tum ho.
Sanskaar (a bit relieved that she had forgotten the questions) : Accha? Me? Who was the one who started crying earlier only because I told she was perfect? Who was the one who came in with such a dhamakedhaar entry now? Who was the one who slapped Anil so soundly and shouted at him? Vaise, I never expected you to be here at all. What an awesome surprise. I think that Anil will be thinking of this for the rest of his life.
Swara (giggling) : I guess I am the filmy one after all. And the slap…. (shrugging) Well, He deserved it. How would you have expected me to react? Sakshi ko….
They grew quiet and turned sideways to look at Sakshi who was standing with a blank expression. Swara nodded to Sanskaar and they went to her.
Sanskaar (gently) : Sakshi! Are you okay? Look…. You don’t have to worry anymore.
Sakshi (smiling gratefully) : Oh no Sir! I’m not worrying. My Ma has taught me the difference between right and wrong and how to stand up for myself. I did just that.
Swara : Your Ma is a very wise woman.
Sakshi : Yes she is. But, the two of you are kind-hearted. You both sided with me even if it meant losing a deal. I don’t know how to thank you (tearing up)
Sanskaar (playfully) : Lo! Now even she is crying. Today is crying day or what?
Swara (smacking him on the arm) : Sanskaar! Chup! Sakshi, I know I’ve known for like fifteen minutes, But I would really love to know you better. You remind me of Ragini, My sister.
Sakshi : Yes Ma’am! I too thought that we should be friends.
Swara : Ma’am… You call your friends Ma’am? Call me Swara! And him Sanskaar! And remember, Now you have to come for my wedding. It’s in four days time. And all the other functions, Mehendi, Sangeet.. Sab kuch
Sakshi (happily) : Of Course Swara! I’ll come for the wedding, But the other functions… I’m so sorry… I’m leaving for Darjeeling for the next couple days, But will surely attend your wedding…… Suddenly slapping her forehead, surprising Swara and Sanskaar) Oh No… I just remembered, I have another wedding that day. I’m so sorry… Voh…
Swara (chuckling) : Chill! I’m not going to eat you. Please do try to come… Even if it’s only for a short while…
Sakshi (hugging her) : Sure… I’ll do my best!
Sanskaar : Haan Sakshi! Please do come.
Sakshi : Well, I have to leave now but I am so happy for you both. You both really love each other and it is evident in your eyes.
Swara and Sanskaar stood still. He stared at her through the corner of her eyes as she shuffled her feet awkwardly.
Sakshi : Am I right?
Sanskaar looked back at Sakshi and smiled a bit awkwardly.
Swara : Be careful. And do try to come.
Sakshi : Sure. You too be careful. Bye Swara! Bye Sanskaar!
They waved their farewell as she left.
Mr Raj (approaching them ) : Sir! The press and the managers have come back. Shall we continue?
Sanskaar : Haan Mr Raj! I want to finish this as quick as possible. Swara….
Swara : Don’t worry…. I will wait for you in your cabin. You finish your meeting and come there.
She came out of the room and looked back in where Sanskaar had resumed his position in the mike and was explaining, presumably about the deal.
She smiled. Her husband to be was really cool and intense when he was focused. It was thrilling to see him like this.
Swara :You have many shades, Mr Maheshwari. And I have a feeling that soon I’m going to see them all. And that day, That day, I will understand you, Sanskaar… That day… I will wait for that day. I love you, My khadoos Maheshwari…
Sanskaar entered his cabin to find Swara reading a novel. She seemed so immersed in the book that she didn’t even notice him entering. He smiled and walked over to her.
Sanskaar (gazing at the book, kneeling on the floor) : So has Edmond Dantes taken his revenge yet?
Swara stared up surprised to see him in front of her.
Swara : Sanskaar? When did you get back? What did you just tell?
Sanskaar (amused, vaguely surprised) : Chill! I just entered. And I asked if Edmond Dantes had finished taking his revenge yet….
Swara stared at him like he had lost his mind. What the hell was the man talking about?
Sanskaar ( seeing her blank look) : Do you even know what I’m talking about? (Swara shaking her head, he gestures towards the book) The book Swara! You were so interested in the book that you didn’t notice me. And now you are saying that you weren’t reading? What were you thinking about?
Swara (without thinking) : You.
Sanskaar : Kya?
Swara ( realising what she had just said) : Woh…. Er… Nothing….
Sanskaar : Swara? Tell me, What were you thinking about?
Swara : Er… nothing. Well, Actually I was thinking about…
Sanskaar : About?
Swara (finally finding her tongue) : I was thinking of about your face will look after you lose today. I can imagine the disbelief and embarrasment right now.
She chuckled while Sanskaar opened his mouth disbelievingly.
Sanskaar : You were plotting my embarrasment? But too bad, My Dear! For YOU are the one who’s going to be severely disappointed. I will not lose this challenge. I think you have forgotten. What was m reputation before all this?
He winked at her as Swara sat taken aback by this sudden realisation. Sanskaar Maheshwari was universally acknowledged as the biggest catch and rogue anyone had ever known. And she had FORGOTTEN that? How stupid was she?
Sanskaar(chuckling) : Ohh… Sad… I guess someone has lost the ability to speak. Has someone finally figured out that they will lose?
Swara (indignantly) : Oh hello! I am not scared of your reputation and all. I will still win… Let’s see.
Sanskaar : Haan. Let’s see. But ab chalein? What are we waiting for?
Swara : We still have to change.
Sanskaar : Haan Swara! We will change there. I’ve already requested them to keep aside the rooms for us for a while.
Swara : Toh, phir chalo!
As they walked to the car, Swara walked thoughtfully. She had been wondering about Sanskaar and Bade Papa again. What had happened in that room? What was Sanskaar afraid of? Love or something else?
Swara (thinking) : So many unanswered questions. How do I begin to find out? If I ask him, He’ll shut up even more. What do I do now?
Sanskaar (interrupting) : Swara, Get in! Let’s leave.
Swara nodded and got in. She resumed her thoughtful stance throughout the ride. Sanskaar stared at her puzzled.
Sanskaar : Swara! (seeing no reply) SWARA (Swara turned amazed) : What the hell are you thinking about? Aaj toh you’ve gone completely mad.
Swara : You know what? Today after returning to your office again, Kaka came in…
Sanskaar (interrupting) : Kaka?
Swara : The peon…
Sanskaar : Oh Accha! Continue.
Swara : Kaka came in and thanked me today. I was so surprised and I aksed him why. He said for changing you.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Me?
Swara (nodding) : Yes, You! He was telling me about the old you. The one who never could bear any sort of imperfection, the one who cared for his employees like they were his own family but who everyone was afraid of.
Sanskaar stopped the car in the hotel basement parking and they got down. Swara began snorting with laughter. Sanskaar stared at her like she was mad for what seemed like the millionth time that day. She had gone crazy…. bonkers…. He was completely sure of that. He decided to wait for her to subside laughing and stood leaning against the car door smiling at her. But it looked like she was never going to stop chuckling. Finally, losing all his patience, Sanskaar came near her, held her shoulders and shook them until she stopped.
Sanskaar : FINALLY! Now will you please tell me why you were laughing.
Swara : Voh kya hai na Sanskaar, Kaka told me that everyone used too be scared of you. And that’s really funny. I can’t imagine anyone being scared of you. Intimidated certainly. But scared? Who could be scared of you?
She started chuckling again while Sanskaar’s ears pricked up, his male ego touched.
Sanskaar : Accha ji? Toh you think I’m not scary?
Swara : Haan bilkhul…
She made a motion as to leave when Sanskaar caught her hand and pulled her back.
Sanskaar ( holding Swara close and whispering in her ear) : Are you still not scared of me?
Swara (pools of desire and thrill washing over her, whispered back) : No…. Why will this scare me?
Sanskaar pinned her against the car and stood so close to her that she shivered.
Sanskaar : Now?
Swara (gulping a bit, breathlessly) : No….
Sanskaar dipped her, holding her by the waist.
Swara (stunned) : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (smirking) : Now?
Swara rolled her eyes.
Swara : NAHI! You’re my fatoo… You can’t scare me. Now, leave me. Come on, Let’s go.
Sanskaar : No…
Swara : No? What the hell do you mean no? You have to attend this party.
Sanskaar : Nahi! I would rather trouble you.
Swara : Accha? But I would rather go inside and watch you lose today. Ab, Chalo.. Fattu Maheshwari…. Let’s gooo… No more arguments. Chalo Sanskaar!
Sanskaar scowled but left her.
Sanskaar (a bit sulkily) : You certainly know how to spoil the mood. Go now.. Let’s go change.
They started walking
Swara (chuckling) : You sound like you could kill someone. Seriously… Har waqt kiss karna zaroori hai kya?
Sanskaar : Kiss nahi Swara! Spending time with you is a need. I need to be with you.
She locked eyes with him and stood frozen. Finally, She walked up to him, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Sanskaar kept his hand where she kissed him, completely shell-shocked. Swara smiled shyly at him.
Swara : Kyun fiance? Happy?
She blushed and ran away to change. Sanskaar smiled widely.
Sanskaar : I don’t know if you love me Swara, But I do know you care for me. You think of me a friend, I guess. Though it’ll hurt like hell, I would rather you never love me Swara, Because I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love. Swara, I can bear any pain. But one thing I can’t see is you in pain. Whether I’m here or not, You will never cry because of me.
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