raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-18

raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-18

hai guyys am back.am perfectly allright.am overwhelmed with ur care nd concern.thank u guyys gor ut support nd cmmnt.guyss sry I can’t uplod until may one as am going a family trip.so sry for d inconvenience. as I can’t uplod regularly I thought to end it soon guyys.may I countinue or end it soon.

rag’s pov
sun rays were fall on me.i slowly opend my eyes .laksh was sleeping like a child hugging me tightly as I was running away frm him.i slowly leaned towards his forehead nd kissed on his forehead.a smile a cm on his lipd.i slowly kissed on d scratches over his neck nd shoulders.tears welled up on d corners of my eyes .I can’t see him in pain.i slowly got up nd went to freshen up.when I cm back he was still sleeping .I slowly went near him nd shaked him

rag: laksh wake up.its abt 9:00

he woke up aftr so much of hard work.i pushed him to washroom nd gaved him his clothes

he [email protected] dresss confusingly.
rags: today u r not going to office

laksh: but
rags: no more buts nd uffs.getready fast.i will bring ur breakfast.

I was quite surprised on my action.why I was behaving like typical indian wife.all day I was busy in taking care of him.

next day.it was my result day.
I was bit bervous abt.i got ready in a pink top nd black jeans.i was roaming here nd there.i was waiting for him to cm out frm wash room.as soon as he got ready we went to clg. I got down frm d car nd abt ran towards d notice board
he grabbed my waist nd placed a kissed on my forehead which vanished all my tensions.

I went towards d notice borad.i checked frm d bottom of d result list.as soon as I found my result a wide smile cm on my lips.

laksh’s pov

it has been half an hr I was waiting for her desperate near d car.i am pretty sure she will crack sm good scores.i saw near cmng towards me with her down.as soon as she cm near me I hugged her tightly

lk: its ok ragini.u got passed that enough.

I broke d hug nd I was confused c smile on her face nd teras on her eyes.

ragini: guess what
I looked her confused

ragini :I topped d state laksh.thank u so much.
she hugged me tightly nd took my hands nd jumped in excitement. soon I kissed her on her lips.

laksh: ragini I want to share u something

before I could speak her teachers frnds surrounded her congragulated her.

3days passed but I can’t even tell that I want to give this relation anotger chance as she was busy with her interviews. I felt pround to be her husband. I felt extreme happy when she gave all credit to me on d party kept for her honor.

I decided to tell in this nyt.as I can’t wsit more her reply.i was in my office its arround 8’pm I got a call frm utts

utts: bhayya.did u get any call from ragini bhabhi.
lk: no
utts: vo bhayya.she went to her clg in d mng but she didn’t cm back till nw
lk: what
utt: I tried her phone lot but it was switched off
lk: utts don’t wry she may be with her frnds as its her last day in clg.i will take her to home.

as soon as I cut d call I grabbed my car keys nd went out.i got in d car nd drove towards d her clg. I was continously trying her no but it was switched off. as I entered her clg I saw sam (manik).I rushed to him

lk:sam where is ragini?
sam: she went hm long back
lk: what? then what r u people doing in clg that too this tym
sam:we had a get together .I insisted her ti stay back but she didn’t listen to me
what happened jiju u look worried?
lk: she didn’t reached hm yet
sam: what?

I called back utt.but ragini didn’t reach hm.i was searching her like mad.i searched in d every corner of entire city.i was searching her ievery where .I saw a girl in d road waiting for d bus.i stepped out d car nd ran towards her .it was not my ragini.

I fell on my knees in d middle of road.i shouted like mad : where r u ragini? plz cm back.

suddenly my phn vibrated.i took it out frm my pocket .an unknown number flashed on d screen.i took d call

no one responded
lk ( irritated): who d hell?

voice: desperately searching for ur wife
lk: who is this? where is my ragini?

voice: chil mar .she is with me donot worry she is safe.but must say she is heaven beauty

lk: stop it .not a word

voice: these much of love.if u don’t want her to get hurt reach d palace near d closed mill on d highways.
don’t try to act smart.it may cost her diginity nd lyf

lk: don’t dare to touch her bl**dy .if u r a man cm face me don’t use cheep tricks

voice laughs nd call get disconnected. I soon got in my car soon droved to d place

ra’s pov

when I open my eyes.i felt pain in my eyes nd weakness all over my body.i was in a dark room tied up in a chair.
I scremed soon a man of age 60 appered in front of me.

rag: why am here? leave me? who r u? why u kidnapped me?
person: obe by one. u will get know abt it when ur husband great laksh maheswari reaches here.
by saying this he left d place.

laksh pov

I reached there.i entered in d palace there was no one there.suddenly a sopt light fall on me .next light fall on d end of d hall.a man is sitting in d chair.i was shocked to c him mr.dugal the great rival of maheswaries.

dugal:wecom angry young man
lk: where is my ragini?
dugal: wait for a moment

sm men dragged her to hall
lk:leave her ur rivalry is with me.so let her go
dugal:u snatched my whole business . first ur chacha.i made him reach to git tgen u cm nd spoiled my everything. how can I leave her so easly
lk: be a man
dugal: laksh cm to my point.i need d consignment u cracked with sinhanias nd name ur businesses on my name.
lk: what u thought I will get scared and I will do what ever say no
dugal:kk then ready to c hw ur wife is going to brutely raped by my men.

laksh give him a punch on his face
lk: don’t dare to think abt it.

dugal man holded me tightly.i tried my best to free my self.he got up nd walked towards her.ragini walked back nd hitted on d wall.he cm closer to her he is abt to touch her
I freed myself with all my power.i hitted him badly .
lk: hw dare u ?
his all men attacked me.i tried my best level to over power him.dugal took his gun nd pointed on me.he dragged d trigger.before bullet could hit my chest ragini stood before me nd took it in her chest


I hold her in my arm . sat there freezed.she was slowly closing her eyes

ragini: r u okk laksh.i love u laksh i can not c u hurt

suddenly sanky entered with police nd dugal got arrested.before cmng to dugal I msgd sanky to track me using gprs if I am not cm back with in 10min.

sanky: bhai.we should take herto hospital.move fast.i took her in arm.she was laying lile lifeless body.i placed her in my lap nd sanky droved fast to hospital.


she was taken to OT.sid utt swara sanky all r present there

sid cm to ne : nthng will happen to her keep faith on god
I hugged him tightly.
laksh: sid I can’t live with out her.ask ur kiddo to don’t do this to me.

aftr half an hr doc to us.

lk: hw is her doc
doc: we r trying our besst to save her.sry to say Mister maheswari. we could not save ur child.due to heavy blood lose she lost her baby.

lk (shocked):baby

doc: she was one month pregnant. operation was successful. but due to heavy bl**dy lose miscarrige took place.it made worsen her condotion .now she is fighting for her life.if she will not get her consciousness in 24 hr she may slip in to coma.we did our best nw everything in his hand

I hold hiscollar

lk: hw can u say that? if anything happens to her I will kill u? I will spebd all my wealth .just save her.sid ask him yo save my ragini

sid nd sanky pulled me back.

sanky:sry doc
doc: I can understand his condotion.

I fell on my knees.i was crying miserably. she was carrying our child in her womb.my ansh was in her womb.why god why ur always behind my happiness.first my parents then chacha chachi.now my child who was a justtiny cell in my wife ‘s womb.what’s its mistakr in it.before coming I to this world why u snatched our child.even us didn’t felt its presence for one day.nw why r u trying to snatch my life ,my ragini.i can’t live with out het. hw can live with out my heart my breath.i collapsed on d floor.i cried my heart out

screed freezed on d face of laksh

raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-18


raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-18

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