A Story of True Love ch.8

A Story of True Love ch.8

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Swara was completely broken after witnessing those events. Her heart was shattered in thousands of pieces which was difficult to reconcile. She was walking towards Ganga ghat. At the sight of river Ganga she burst out into tears. She was thinking, “Few hours ago this was the place where I and Sanskar shared a similar dream and this is the same place where I have come to cry after those dreams broke just like a house of cards. Why this is happening with me?”
She could not stop sobbing. How could she stop? She was told not to talk to Sanskar, her love, her life. It indirectly meant to break all relations with him. Suddenly she felt that someone touched her shoulder. She knew it was Sanskar. She turned back and hugged him. She could stop her tears. Even Sanskar broke down. The fate which made them together was now separating them. Swara was about to speak but those harsh words were not to be forgotten. Even Sanskar was bound with a similar promise. Both wanted to express their sorrow but they could not but their voice was not required for their conversation. Their eyes expressed everything. Both remembered the same song at that moment.
Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karvan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahan Hum Kahaan
Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan
Swara: Sanskar, our families will never accept our relation. I think this story will remain incomplete. I am bound by my dadi’s promise. You know I cannot betray her.
Sanskar: I realized that even the society will not accept it. After all we are from DIFFERENT communities, right? How can they think like this. Our country is same, the blood running through our veins is the same. There is nothing called Marwari blood and Bengali blood. How can they discriminate like this. After all we are humans. Are they supposed discriminate even between humans?
They did not utter a single. Their eyes conveyed everything. Their tears expressed their sorrow.
Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran
Tum the ya koyi kali muskayi thi
Tum the ya tha sapno ka tha sawan
Tum the ke khushiyo ki ghata chhayi thi
Tum the ke tha koyi phul khila
Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jaha

Swara: Sanskar, forget me and move on in your life.
Sanskar: Can you do this, Swara?
Swara: No Sanksar, I can never do this. I can never forget you and no one can take your place in my life.

Sanskar: Then how can you expect me to do this, Swara? What do you think that I will forget you! I can never do that!! No one can ever take your place in my life.
Their tears were witness to this silent conversation.
Tum the aa khushbu hawao me thi
Tum the ya rang sari dishao me the
Tum the ya roshni raho me thi
Tum the ya geet gunje fizao me the
Tum the mile ya mili thi manzile
Tum the ke tha jadu bhara koyi sama
Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha

The waters of river Ganga was a witness to these silent promises. Swara ran back to her as it was becoming more painful for her to bear these incidents where as Sanskar slouched on the ghat and continued to sob.

It was a bright day. Sanskar was looking at the awards which he won. Many things changed in these five years except for one, his true love for Swara. He became a successful business man and worked day and night for the betterment for Maheshwari industries. Even in Swara’s life there were a lot of changes except for one., her pure love for Sanskar. She looked after her father’s industry and brought to another level.
Destiny played another game with them. There was another encounter but this one was different. Swara was walking on the road and she caught a glimpse of Sanskar who was walking on the other side. She froze at that place. The memories of those days haunted her. A single drop of tears escaped from her beautiful, black big eyes. Sanskar’s eyes also caught her sight . His Swara, who did not change in these five years was watching him with teary eyes. She did not realize that a car was coming towards her. Sanskar realized that. He ran towards Swara to save her but destiny did not favour it. Swara’s vision blured, that proposal admist of river Ganga echoed in her ears.
“Why did you try to save me, Sanskar?”, told Swara before she closed her eyes for the last time.
“Baz Bahadur will never leave his Roopmati, Swara”, spoke Sanskar for the last time.

“So, how was the story?” Ragini asked. Every child had Goosebumps on their hand.
“This is unbelievable Ragu didi”, exclaimed all the children. Ragini who controlled herself while telling this story continued,” Your Swara didi and Sanskar bhaiya shared a dream together. They wanted to build an orphanage. After their death I looked after baba’s industries and Laksh looked after his fathers and we both worked extremely hard to build this orphanage. Of course, no one in our family knows that we established this orphanage.”
Laksh who was listening to all this grimly, spoke up,” Never do this same mistake, children. Never let these thoughts of different community, different culture and different background pollute your mind. Do not make this mistake, children. Do not forget the meaning of Unity in Diversity. Ragini lost her sister and I lost my brother because our family made this mistake. ”
One child spoke up,” So that means they were separated at the end?”
Ragini answered, “Who told they are separated. They were meant to be together. They were always together. Even those five years of separation could not separate them. Their memories never left their hearts. Someone said History repeats itself in some or the other form. Here the same thing was happening. Just like Baz Bahadur’s and Roopmati’s incomplete story, even their story remained incomplete and this marks the end of A Story Of True Love.”

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A Story of True Love ch.8


A Story of True Love ch.8

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