manik malhotra_its my love story (part-63)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Manik after completed his work while going home he looked at his hands, specially the bouquet.
“Driver you go home. I have some work I will go”
“I will take you sir”
“No you can go”
Driver gave keys and went Manik took car kept bouquet carefully on passengers seat and started car.
He went to a old road stopped the car and got down with his bouquet

“After shouting at nandini for frist time on road when Manik was at total confusion state. Next day after reliasation of his love he kept a red rose in the dash board of her bike. When she saw me observing her with rose she smiled. This red roses are my frist praposal for nandini. She said to me when we went to Lonavala that let us make the red rose as our symbol. I smiled back.” Manik went to his past thinking about nandini living that moment again

Manik hugged the bouquet. “Nandu! Iam missing you so much. Missing you not correct. Iam dying for you nandu. I want to hug you so tight that nobody can take you from me. Why nandu all this happened with us? Frankly speaking Iam missing my dad but I got adjusted with his death but missing you is hell. I know you will be sitting alone with your teddy saying about me to that teddy. Waiting to wish me. You know Nandu Iam envy with this sky, stars, air, land, sunlight, rain, all this environment and your surrounding, as they are with you. They are feeling you, they are seeing you which I can’t. It’s burning Nandu Iam unable to stay away from you”
Ek villain song ;
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Hardum ye keh raha hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai (x2)
Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya
Ab lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phir
Toh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Hmm.. tere jism ki woh khushbuein
Ab bhi inn saanson mein zinda hai
Mujhe ho rahi inse ghutan
Mere gale ka ye phanda hai
Ho.. tere choodiyon ki woh khanak
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai
Sunkar isey aata hai yaad
Haathon mein mere zanjeerin hain
Tuhi aake inko nikaal zaraa
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon (sadaayein: awaaz) 
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

Manik slept in that mud hugging roses. When he woke up it was almost 12. Manik got tears in his eyes “thank you” Manik felt her wishes
He went home.
Nyionika and his daddu are waiting for him
“Mom! Daddu! Is everything ok? What happened?” Manik is scared
“Happy bday Manik” both said
“Thank god i was scared”
“Manik” Nyionika hugged
“I still feel in my hands when I frist time saw you, it’s unbelievable that you are grown up and grown up so early before your age. Harsh used to say always that he will never force you to earn in your life enjoyment is your settlement in your life but now you are forced because of us” Nyionika cried
“Bahu! No not in front of him”
Manik patted her.
“Thank you both. Why are you waiting for me? Morning you can wish”
“It’s our happiness which made us to wake up” daddu said
“Ok let’s go to sleep”
“Have your dinner Manik”
“Today in meeting i had dinner sorry to inform mom I had it”
“Manik! Come sit if it is so drink milk and go to sleep”
Manik had no choice

Manik went to room tried to sleep, he is unable to.
“Nandini is at AFAMES so let me check her. Manik opened medical college students list who got seat which is in public notice. He searched for the name at top seven nandini.”
Manik felt happy
He took his guitar out and started to play.

Next day
Manik went to temple with Nyionika and daddu. Then he went to office
All the day he had meetings and went check some projects. Evening Manik got call from Nyionika asked him to come home.
Manik returned home.
“Mom! I had work and I said that my bday is not important than my work”
“Manik! This is Rithika Khanna. She came to wish”
Manik is shocked

Manik turned to her
A girl with jeans and top.
Manik said hai
“Happy bday Manik. Iam sorry because of me you got disturbed”
“Thank you”
“This is for you”
“Iam not a kid still thank you”
“Actually I wanted to come before but dad suggested to surprise you on your bday”
“Where is uncle?”
“Mom and dad are coming”
“I will just come excuse me” Manik went in removed his dress and wear a Kurtha while going out he is shocked
“Birju!” Manik shouted
Everyone shivered with his tone
Birju came running
“Where is the redroses bouquet?”
“I kept it in your study so that it will be safe”
“Thank you Iam sorry for shouting”
“It’s ok Manik baba!”
Manik hugged him

Nyionika came up “Manik what happened?”
“Baba got missing his papers so called me I gave him the correct address” Birju said
Manik with eyes said thanks once again
“Manik! Leave them come down”
“Let’s go”
Khanna family is been invited formally had dinner with them
“Mr. Malhotra as Manik is settled in his bussiness can we get them married after six months”
“What?” Manik almost screamed
“Yes Manik when you are settled then why to wait”
“Uncle! I think you forgot my dads condition, he said that marriage after five years and I lost my dad now mentally Iam not in a position to enjoy. Every girl dreams about her new which I may not fulfill because of my problems. Even in business I just completed my dads work let me start my own project and complete if I feel down then how will your daughter adjust with me? I had to repay your debits also”
“No need”
“It is. Why your daughter don’t need a person who stands on his own feet rather than her dads feet”
“Yes but after marriage you can do all of them”
“No I can’t I need time”
“But Manik!”
“I think mr. Khanna my son death is most tragic to us than this marriage happiness we need to over come from it. Let your daughter settle in her life” daddu said
Khanna kept silent.

After dinner they stayed in malhotra manssion. Manik went to his room.
Manik is totally in anger. He called cabir and asked about Rithika.
Cabir gave Somuch information still Manik is tensed.

“How should I? What I had to do? Nandu!” Manik is panic for frist time

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-63)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-63)


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