RAGLAK- Second love (15)

RAGLAK- Second love (15)

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Just after few minutes after the fight, tears kept flowing from her eyes. It’s not that she is happy taunting him but everything happened so quick that she blurted many things out which shouldn’t have. But she was frustrated when he said exactly about her feelings about missing him. She is just afraid that she may melt for him which she really didn’t want to. Least she knew is that she has already started melting but just needed sometime to adjust to the word SECOND

Ragini opened her eyes and turned to other side of the bed. Relief washed her when she saw laksh sleeping beside her. She smiled to herself like a mad and made her way to balcony which recently became her favourite.
Laksh streched his body and without even bothering to look at other side of the bed, he went to washroom

When ragini came inside, she is surprised to see laksh dressed in formals because it is just 7:15am. Without looking at her, he stepped out the room slamming the door behind. Ragini flinched for his act. She thought that he will forgive her as always he did but now she understood that she hurted him, a lot and there is only one way to rectify it.
She went downstairs within fifteen minutes after getting fresh but totally disappointed by laksh’s absence.
Annapurna: did anything happen between you two?
Ragini: huh?
Annapurna: he skipped his breakfast today.
Deep inside, she felt bad but plastered a fake smile on her face.
Ragini: nothing ma, I think he is busy with work don’t worry.
Annapurna opened her mouth to say but is interrupted by a conversation. Both of them turned to stairs where ram Prasad, aadrash and sanskar are talking while descending the steps.
Sanskar: I am not sure whether I can handle this project.
Ram: don’t feel insecure sanskar you are capable of doing it.

Aadarsh: sanskar! Don’t you know that you shouldn’t disobey elders?
Sanskar: but bhai..
Aadarsh: no sanskar.. It’s final.
Sanskar shut his mouth because his brother was correct, he must follow elders. Ram Prasad carresed sanskar’s hair.
Ram: I know about you my son. You will do it and I am proud of you.
Sanskar’s smile vanished in a second.
Annapurna: what’s happening?

Aadarsh: nothing ma, as sanskar has become one of the member if board, we are asking him to take up some projects but he is not ready for that.
Annapurna: oh God! Accept it sanskar.
Sanskar nodded, distracted.

It has been two days since the fight between ragini and laksh took place. Ragini tried to talk to him but never got a chance to do so because he either came late to the room or slept by the time she came. His silence is disturbing her a lot.
Ragini:( to herself) I accept that I was wrong but he should give me a chance to explain atleast to apolozie.. Ughh men are men.
She pouted at end and sat on her bed determined to talk to him today at any cost. She sighed after looking at the clock which struck 1:00am. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Her smile extended a little when she reached the door. With lots of hope, she opened the door but frowned seeing durga Prasad standing infront of her.
Ragini: PA..papa!
Durga Prasad: I just want to talk to you.
His voice is deep and filled with guilt. Ragini nodded and durga Prasad entered the room. He sighed before sitting on couch.

Durga Prasad: I am sorry ragini
She frowned but his guilty voice started worrying her.
Ragini: but why?
Durga Prasad: laksh, I made a mistake of not accepting Sanskar’s proposal and only I know how much I regretted.
Ragini opened her mouth to say something but durga Prasad raised his hand stopping her.
Durga Prasad: let me speak today.
Earning a nod from her, he continued.
Durga Prasad: I didn’t accept sanskar after him eloping because of my ego but sending him out of this house ate me. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake so I readily accepted laksh’s proposal but..
He sighed deeply

Durga Prasad: she crushed his heart. I have seen him completely broken which is the worst a father wishes to see. Then I have seen you. I..I felt like you would heal him. I know, I know that I used a promise as a medium infact for blackmailing your dad for you because I have seen something in you, very special. I thought that you will bring my laksh back.
He locked his eyes with shocked eyes of ragini.
Durga Prasad: I made a wrong decision ragini. I was so selfish for my son that I forgot I am troubling some innocent girl. Enough of this…I…I wanted to …I..mean..I want you both to apply for divorce.
Ragini gasped and then inhaled deeply. They both sat in silence for nearly fifteen minutes.
Ragini: so, you want us to apply for divorce.
He simply nodded with his head down.

Ragini smiled sadly.
Ragini: what will be the difference then? I am uncomfortable in this relation because of the thought that I am his second in everything and if I divorce him, I will be also a second which is ironic and moreover papa, do you think that laksh ji will be able to trust about marriage if he gets divorced for second time? Don’t worry papa. I will heal him but really need some time to adjust myself.
His heart swelled for her words. He knew, he knew that his choice will never go wrong. He gave her a warm smile before leaving the room.

Ragini got up early as usual and didn’t see laksh beside her which is also usual but the decision she made is so unusual but is confident that it will sort out everything. She opened her wardrobe and picked a magenta pink cotton saree and went downstairs after getting ready.
Almost everyone are present for breakfast.
Parineta: ma! Why don’t we celebrate jodh bharai for swara.
Sujatha: even I was thinking to ask jiji.
Annapurna: I will approach pandit ji for it.

Everyone are smiling brightly except swara whose worry and pain went unnoticed by everyone.
Ragini: ma! I am going out to meet my friend and will be back by lunch.
Annapurna: be safe.
Ragini walked out of the house with determination.

She exhaled seeing a huge building infront of her which was once her husband’s office. Many things are running in her mind but she has to do this at any cost. She entered the building and went to reception.
Ragini: I just want to know details about one of my friend.
Receptionist: sorry mam but they are confidential.
Ragini: see, please.. I am her childhood friend and missed her address. I will be really grateful if you help me. Please

Her pleading pleased receptionist and she gave the details.

Ragini smiled victouriosly and rubbed her palms in tension before ringing the door bell of the address she wished to come. A lady in mid twenties wearing shorts and a crop top opened the door.
Ragini: anusha?

Anusha: yeah! But sorry I didn’t recognise you.
She said confusion written on her face.
Ragini forwarded her hand with a smile
Ragini: Mrs. Ragini Lakshya maheswari.

RAGLAK- Second love (15)


RAGLAK- Second love (15)

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