Kaala Teeka 23rd April 2016 –

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Scene 1
kali calls doctor he checks vishwa up. Kali gives him juice. Vishwa says you are doing responsibility if a daughter. Kali says what if something had happened to you. Why you think that bowing down to leela will get gauri her married life.
Gauri comes and says papa you can’ rest. We have to go to yug’s house. Kali says gauri are you.. gauri says I am not talking to you. She says lets go papa.

Yug comes and sees Manjiri crying. He asks what happened? She says I am not alive for anyone. Kali tried to take him out but I couldn’t do anything? Yug sas what? Manjiri tells him everything. Manjiri says I am mad but he is my husband. I really love him. I want to kill his beliefs not him. Yug says now I know why was I snt out.
Yug asks why you did this dadi? Leela says because I have experience. I lost my husband. Yug says I wont let you do this to vishwa. He did the same to a girl. Asked her to clean 100 temple stairs. What if he had died? You couldn’t tell law that you lost your husband that is why you were doing this? Vishwa is standing on door. He says I heard that people reap what they saw, I think same is happening to you.
Pandit comes and says all the fruits to you sent to temple were rotten leela. Sh says these are the same gauri touched and sent. Chulbul says she is so cursed. Leela says we don’t want a daughter in law like that. Leela says she has such a bad kundli how did she survive all these years. Gauri says because I have a kala tekka. Leela says what is she saying? What kala teeka? Gauri says won’t you say anything? Gauri says Kali is my kala teeka. Everyone is dazed.

Kali tells manjiri that Vishwa called her daughter. Manjiri says I can’t believe that. Kali says he called me daughter.
Leela laughs and says now I know why you kept her with your daughter and gave her so much importance. So okay listen my decision. If she wants to be daughter in law of this house, she has to bring her kala teeka with her.

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Kaala Teeka 23rd April 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 23rd April 2016 –


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