Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 29)

Nandu is stnding on the door..wat she found infront of her eyes…made her stun…smile is never leaving her lips..nd tears r continuously flowing down her eyes..nd his voice again
This place reminded me of urist fear
Where I was responsible frur tear
I thought I was having fun’
Ndwth my monstrous acts u were done,
I made u scared by creating darkness,
But u filled my life wth brightness..
She remembered how manik scared her by closing all lights of audi..b4 he threw her appa’s pen…she remembered how much she was frightened ndhavings tears in her eyes….she wiped them ndstrd walking wth a broad smile..
Whole audi is decorated wth beautiful candles…there is no trace of darkness in those loving candles…nd on the wall behind stage..there are huge banners of nandu’s pics….in whole audi there is ighting effect due to fireflies in jars aside..evrythng seems so beautiful..she felt so special that it seemed lyk she is in heaven…on the floor…there is huge white fog…creating an illusion as she is walking in clouds…she roamed her eyes…in whole audi…nd her eyes r on her lips
Nandu”manik…where r u…”she askdlukng around but there is no sign of him..again she heard his melodious voice
Manik:he said “wait jaan…frst wipe ur tears…I don’t like u wasting those pearls…we nevr had a gud memory in this audi… so thought to create one…”he paused for few secs…nd shouted loud…Ï LOVEYOU NANDU..MY PRINCESS…MY LIFE…MY JAAN..”His voice not only echoed in audi but also in the whole space..nownandu’s happiness has no bounds…she just wanted to b in his arms….the prson who was once very bad in now…confessing feelings infront of whole clg…
Manik:I know…wat u must b thinking….am also thinking the same….but not so early…but by the end of day….u will b in my arms only…but ryt now…lets do what situ demands….önwch she gave a confusing luk..”I want u there…wch place has marked our frst touch on each other..ourfrsteyelock..ourfrst convo…oops correction…our frstfight..”she is confused frsumtym…but then analysed his statement…nd now she understood..which place he is talking about
She in no time reached that place…nd that pLAce is….

She is standing at the door..again she heard HIS voice…
The day u frsttouchd me,
Sumthing became alive in me,
This place witnessed our 1st fight,
The fight which I made wide,
I tortured u a lot here,
Nd you thought I cant b fair,
Let me tell u a secret my dear,
From always I wanted to b near,
That’s y I always followed u where evr u were…
A beautiful smile strt playing on her lips…wth the open of that secret…nd she can also sense the happiness in his voice…the smile on his face as well..while telling her secrets
She enterd inside the canteen…nd she saw…all her fav food on the counter…from chocolate icecream to her fav pasta…from payasum to dosa….frm mixed frut juice to lemon water…red nd white heart shaped balloons scattered all over the place…she smiled at his gesture..nd she again heard HIS voice…
Manik:nandu..ekbaar b4…I tried to made u drink that drty drink… xtremely sorry fr that…so I thought to mend a little..thats I brought evrythng u lyk….v do have one gud memory in this canteen…remember that drunk nyt….”nd she strtd remembering how she was about to kiss him that day…she instntlystrtd blushing…nd he continued..”I thought v shud make another one….”he paused for some sec..but b4 he can shout…this tym…she tuk the chrge….nd shouted all her heart out
Nandini:I LOVE YOU MANIK…..”she shouted to the fullest…nd her voice echoed through entire space…as manik installed speakers nd mouth piece in canteen…nd she knows…the smile must bp;laying on his lips as well
Manik:u never cease to amaze me…”she smiled…he continued..”now I cant wait come there….where for the frsttym….we put our egos aside..nd joined hands..”nd now it didn’t take a sec realise wch place it is….
She ran outside nd in sec…she is at….

STAIRCASE(BEHIND MUSIC WING)…where they became partners frdhruvndrishab’s case..ndfrm there only…their luv strtd blooming in their hearts
But when she reached there…she found no one there nor decorations…she strtdlukng here nd there..nd just then heard HIS voice again
Manik:I know u must b thinking…y I didn’t decorate this place….so yes…I have an answer..bcoz it is already decorated wth our moments….”she smiled remembering all their days…again heard HIS voice
Manik:thispalce marked our unforgettable journey,
When v were so called enemies,
Till v were in luv with each other madly,
I still remember how u lied…
U lost balance nd I held u in my arms tight….
(she remembered …how during rishab’snddhruv case…she lied to him about loss of earrings on stair case..but lost balnd he savd her…nd they shared a very close moment…she again strtd smiling….)
This place witnessed our JUST FRIENDS PHASE,
But the real feelings were on our face,
U were always so stubborn,
I wish I could press the pause button..
( while sitting on the stairs…manik tried to kiss her…but she stopped him by saying”this all doesn’t happen in frndship..”she again smiled broadly….)
This place reminds me of ur trust,
Fr our relationship it was must,
I smiled that day on urworda,
As I always wanted to hear it..
(she remember her telling manik” ï trust u”äfter drunk nyt…nd he smiled listening it..)
Manik:now come out…I was dying to see u….dontwanna wait ore…come right here…from where our story strtd in real manner”’shestrtd running outside…she knows where HE is….nd in secs…she is there….
Nd yes…here He is….

Where she punched him once..nd their stirystrtdfrm there…he is stnding in the same place..she ran towards him…hugged him tight…he lifted her..nd swirled her around….whole clg cheered fr them…fab-4 with navbhi are also there…all r hooting frthem..Their SMALL FAMILY is happy seeing both the luv doves together in each other’s hug….
Nandu broke the hug…still in his arms but nd he adjusted his mike…which is on side of his cheek…ndsaid”nandu…I wanted u to cherish our past events…in which we were 2gthr….frm now on…..whenever v luk back v will only remember these happy moments….promise..:heaskd her..nd she nodded her head in approval..hecontinued”look…it’s the same place…once u punched me in front of whole clgnd now see the irony….”but 4 he cud complete his unsaid words …nandusaid”that 2day I hugged u infront of the whole clg..the punch was out of anger…nd pain…..nd this hug is out of love nd pure bliss…”with a grin on whch he gave his constnt smile nd said
“this place marked our strtng…
I want to mark it as our new beginning..
Yes,I want this place to mark our strt of new life…
Where I want u as my wife….
He smiled lukng at her…while she is shocked that he said all this infront of whole clg…he bent down on his knees…nd opened his palm infront of her….nd she is shocked to find that heart shaped box which she gave him 3 years back…on her birthday
Manik:Imanik…..yes….simply manik…I want to ask u holding my heart in my hand….love in my eyes…will ..”nd his wrds never came out of his muth as her sudden action made him stun while others are also shocked..
Nandu:will u marry me manik..”she asked him kneeling infront of him…nd he is too numb to react to it…yes….this grl always amazes him wth her antics
Manik:nandini…u wanna me to propose u..but…”he askd her still in shock…she made him stnd,caressed his face ndsaid”s…I wanted…but..i had nevr thought …u will make it so special for me…from always….am ur’s only….nd now I cant wait anymore..u did all this frme..i just cudnt resist myself..frmaskng u this..”shexplained him lukng deep in his eyes..
Now they both held each other’s hands nd said in unison”will u marry me?”they both answered in “YES “..nd as soon as they completed…whole clgstrtd clapping fr them…while their FAMILY are having tears of joy in their eyes ndmanan hugged each other…
Nandiniwhisphered in his ears”mr.malhotra…u frgot a place..which has marked our luv..”he broke the hug nd gave a aconfusingluk..she held his hand nd took him there…while fab-4,navbhi smiled broadly…nd she dragged him wth her…
In some minutes,they reached the place…where fr the frsttym..she saw the other side of him…

She opened the door nd entered inside ndsaid”manik…this place reminds me of ur fear nd mine too…of darkness ndrats..”she smiled lukng at him….he turned his face left nd smiled at her..she held his hand more tightly ndcontinued”äfter that day only….i thought…that may b I strtdundrstndingu..”reminiscing her words to navya after that day when they were struck in store room..
Manik:in this place only…frsttym I got drwned in ureyes..that day when I helped u come down nd our eyes met….something….something that was diff…but I being a dumb head…didn’t undrstndwat was tat…”he said lukng at her…now she came infront of him nd encircled her arms around his neck nd he held her with her waist
Nandu:nd that day fr the frsttym I came to know..that u had a mask on ur face….do u remember how u shouted on me?”he smiled ndstrtdremembering..that how that day..nandu accused him fr nothing nd he in anger blurted that he didn’t send goons ndasked”y does everyone think I did all this?”his trance is broken by nandu”so u remember..frsttymur anger did something gud…”she said smiling…nd he held more tightly..
Manik:really….our luv story kitniajeebhaina…the grl who hated stars became shining star fr sum1 else”he said tucking her hair behind her ears nd she said”nd the boy who used to b a monster became saviour fr a girl”hugging him nd kissing him on forehead
He picked her up in his arms nd carried her wthout breaking eye contact(tum hi ho or sanamterikasam style)..he just didn’t many r watching them…he just walked near car…..made her sit in it nd drove away
Manan are walking insidenthe house holding each othr’s hands…when she entered she saw whole living area decorated wth red nd white curtains…nd orchids…on the floor there are rose petals like a carpet…she smiled too broadly,turned back to luk at him who is at the door
Nandu:manik..wat is all this…nd y u brought me here..nd just when he reached to her…she ran into his arms…
He said”nandu…just luk at this place carefully..this is the same place…where I had tortured u..remember being my spot…nd made u clean my room..left u starving…nd..”b4 he could say anything further she slammed her lips on sudden he is taken aback…nd it is a never ending one….they broke apart for air….
She suddenly said again”I luv u manu…never leave me nd go…”he also repeated those 3 words to her….she opened her eyes…this confession of him…made her alive…s….his words always create havoc in her…this guy has all possible ways to turn a shy grl into a bold lover…next moment she found herself in his embrace..he lifted her up…he carried her like as if he carried a small baby…they entered bedroom
Saansonkosaansonmeindalne do zara(2)
Dheemisidhadkankobadne do zara
cant type the whole song…for feel just plug in ur earphones nd listen …sorry…cant type the entire song
He is too close to her..she stood on his feet..his breath on her face……he kissed her forehead…he placed her on bed..his every touch is making her insane….he regained his senses nd stopped there itself nd both slept hugging eachother..
After sumtym…she got up nd saw herself wrapped in hands of her monster..she asked him”manik…when r we gonnamarry?”caressing his cheek
Manik:whenever u say…”he said and dropped a kiss on her forehead..while she is resting on his chest
Nandu:r u ggoing to luv this ..allurlife..”sheaskd
Manik:so….u want me to luv u …LIKE THIS…..all urlyf..”he said wth a naughty smirk…she being a naïve person didn’t undrstndnd said ha…..He continued”I will love u all my life…till my last breath nd even after that..”she immediately put her palm on his mouth ndnoded no…crying..
He went nd said sorry ndmanofyed her wth lot of difficultednd she is his lap all this tym..then he said”wese..if sum more time v ll b lyk this nah…to…dnt blame me for the consequences..”she realised her position…pushed him nd went away..
Malhotra mansion:
A srvant opened the door…boz of continuous ringing of bell..there is a parcel boy..nd he gave a parcel saying it’s frmanik…there is no name on it…cabir took it frmsrvant
He ran into guest room,nd saw a cd in it…when he played it…wat he found made the floor beneath him slip away..he is unable to believe his eyes…he thought”this cant b true….i need to tell this to all of them..”he quickly called all xceptmanan to mansion asap..
Soon everyone came,watched the cd nd were all shocked to the core..but there was 1..who is silent but not surprised
Abhi:I knew it….”he said ndinstntly all saw him wth confusing luk
Cabir:u mean…u r aware of this…”he askd
Mukti:abhi..wat’swrng…say sumthing…how do u know..nd y didn’t u tell us…”she askd
Abhi:just relax all of u…I know that there is sumthng fishy..frmalways..but didn’t infrm u u rmember..i told u abtmanik’s hallucinations..”evry1 saw him in confusion
Abhi:afterbabydoll came…v all r happy..thats y I don’t wanna ruin this..”he said lukng at them
Cabir:wat u wannasay..say it now clearly..”heaskd in frustration
Abhi:wait…”he picked his mob nd called sum1..ndaskd that person to come to mansion asap..cut the call..”I will tell u all…the truth 2day…v all missed..”nd evry1 lukd at him curiously

Hi,ppl…nd sorry fr late update…but to think this proposal nd to shape it took tym…frst I wrote onething but I didn’t lyk it…so rewrote the entire thing…how many of u had actually xpctd a proposal will come next…nd how many xpctd it lyk this…atleast near to this..nd how many have actually guessed the place upon the clue b4 I reveal the place….nd how was the proposal…nd how r the 2 episodes…just cmntnd let me know….coz ill get to know nd I cn improve much more…thnksfrur luv…..suggestions ,criticsm accepted…ignore typos….bye…nd tell me also the best part of this entire proposal…nd another cliff hanger..waitfr the susupense so cmnt bye..

Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 29)


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 29)


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