ANALYSIS of serials

ANALYSIS of serials

Hello all well i m here with some “LOL” stuff for u guys..
I was so bored writing FF soi taught of a break..
and yup thankyou so much for all the comments on the FF..
all comments on average were of 30..really glad knowing it.
and more over the happiest thing was..
when ever i was late on uploading u guys reminded me to upload it asap..
well this is just a try hope u ll also say “LOL” after reading..
and wow if u liked it

My mom watches few serial and so is me..
lets start with

Mere angne mein..
this is biggest LOL type serial where all stuff is pointed to riya..
i mean it never concentrates on any romance on leads but just on that dambo shanti,sarla plans and for each and everything the pin point is riya..
her dambo husband also dont support her..
n TRP tho..full to dussss..
dont remeber evr if i saw it in TRP top list chart..
i watched it before..but now just stoped watching it..

Suhani si ek ladki
this serial was running really very good but leap bought some fall for it..
though they took the serial up..
but still the leads come across each other so many times but still dont see each other..
Yuvarajs daughter is with suhani..she took care of her..
and he dint even bother to thank her being in her home..
LOL isnt it?

Yeh hai mohobatein
I really love watching it..
but dont get how leads manage to look younger and younger as they grow old..
and piyu and ruhi..
no match at all
ruhi daughter of raman and shagun
piyu daughter of raman and ishita
but still are look alike
LOL isnt it?

Jamai raja
Though the serial is a bit draged but still the leads paring make it on TRP..
few comedy and nok-jok make it WOW according to me..

For me a big wala LOL
serial is entitled around the story of swara and ragini..
but present situation stay only on swara..
though being a swasan fan i feel they must show some stuff of ragini too..
and biggest LOL..
the women whos age is to become nani ll be shown preg..
i mean writers must read the FF of SWARAGINI fans and fetch some ideas..atlest these FF writers are having good ideas then that of u..

This is a perfect story right from begining..
but present track made me sad that illness stuff..i know the siyappas ll be more now..
but feel revealed as i know that TEi is known for not dragging the show for more than 3 weeks..
so soon all will be well..
and yeah wishing Sidhant Gupta aka Kunj sarna a very happy birthday..

Sasural Simar Ka
I think the writer of this serail is very found of devils..and all.
i sometimes dout if its a devel starcase serial..
LOL na?

This is really a unique story but this superstition really makes me upset..
plz writers stop this nonsecne fast and do something different
as it hurts..
Dancing is not bad..
infact its the best art to relief tension and enjoy..

Sorry if i hurt few fans but this is what i felt after hering or seeing these serial stuff

Now comming up to My FF
So guys dont work Twinj love strategy ll go on in smothly..
but for few days i ll be taking a break as my exams..
are on go..
but ..
6th is my last exam so i ll be back with bang..
and yeah yar plz suggest few ideas for STARDOM..
i m stuck ..not fetching any ideas..
and cmming up to OS..
i m just tooooo glad that u loved the OS..which was on my life indeed..
and yuku thanku so so much for consoling me yesterday when i was sad thinking about aru..

and now..
sorry for going a bit personal..
as i have been challanged to do so..
and i had accepted the challage so i have to complete it..
Aish the biggest jelously for me from u was when u danced with Benny dayal..i mean common..
we all were there but u rushed so badly on stage..
and only u were the one shaking ur legs on disco dewanne..

sorry for blundering my stuff…
I ll be back soon..
only if u want to..
till then keep doing crazy things..

ANALYSIS of serials


ANALYSIS of serials

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