Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 8

Aryan is participating in a dance competition. All wish him good luck. Aradhya comes near him and says Mr idiot all the best. Show your talent on stage. He says thanks. Now that Ms angry bird has wished me I will definitely win. Aryan goes to stage and performs for the song bezubaan. All cheer. Competition ends and Aryan is announced as the winner. Aradhya Varun and shivani congratulate him. Few girls come and hug him. They say he is the best. He thanks them and leaves.

They come to canteen. Aradhya says those girls were behaving as if he is some some sort of celebrity or something. Aryan asks if she said something. She says nothing. He asks if she is feeling jealous. She asks why should she feel jealous. He says she should tell why. Varun says guys stop fighting. Today is the last day of our inter college competition. Let’s celebrate. Aryan says let’s go to Goa. Aradhya says no. We have planned to go to the guest house. Aryan thinks this girl doesn’t forget anything. Aradhya says you thought we forgot about it. Aryan says no. Nothing like that. Shivani says Aaru lets go and do our packing.The two girls leave.

The next day Aradhya and Shivani are waiting for Aryan and Varun. Aryan and Varun come in jeep. Aryan is driving it. Aradhya and Shivani sit in it. The leave. Aradhya says Shivan in that guest house you hear anklet sound at night. Varun and Aryan get scared. Shivani says ya Aaru and I have heard that some lady comes in white saree with a candle in hand and starts crying. Varun says stop it Shivani. Aradhya asks if they are scared. Aryan says no. It is just non sense. There are no such things like ghosts.

Precap- Aryan and Varun make a plan of scaring Aradhya and Shivani. They dress up like ghosts and go to their room

Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 8


Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 8


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