Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 5||

NeSam & Arjun came to Rathore Mansion along with Teji. Nikki opened the door to find the trio standing with Teji but he signed her to relax. She took them to Radhika’s room, it was pink (not a typical girly pink room) walls were covered with the memories (I,e, photos), lots of teddy bears of tiny, small, medium, large size, Barbie dolls, there was a study attached to her room with her office work, books of every type. The trio saw every picture on the wall, each pic has Radhika and her brothers, both sister-in-laws, Sharon, Teji & Nikki but were sad as she has kept no memory of them. Radhika was sleeping like a sleeping beauty b’coz of the effect of injection NeSam sat beside her and Arjun sat besides her head, caressed her hair, forehead he wanted to kiss her and wake her up but he didn’t do it. Radhika did a slight movement but still she was unconscious. Teji got a call from Sanyu asking about Radhika’s state, she informed her that she and Prithvi r coming back.
Teji:- guys tum sabko ab jana hoga. Big B aur bhabhi ghar aa rahe hai.
Arjun:- jab tak Radhika ko hosh nahi aa jata main yahi rahuga
Neil:- hum bhi yahi rahege. Humein chashni se baat karni hai.
Teji:- tum logo ka dimag kharab hai kya ? jab Baby ko hosh ayega aur woh tum teeno ko dekhigi toh uski halat aur kharab ho jayegi. Guys pls abhi yaha se jaon.
Arjun:- nahi matlab nahi.
Teji:- Arjun tum toh samjho pls. Aisa karke tum Baby ki takleef aur badha rahe ho. Aaj Prem Bhaiya bhi wapas aa rahe hai and let me tell u agar unhe pata chal gaya na ki baby ki tabiyat tumhari wajah se bigdi hai toh woh kya kar baithege yeh koi nahi janta. Isi liye pls abhi tum teeno yaha se jaon pls pls pls…………………..
Neil:- fine hum abhi yaha se jaa rahe hai lekin tum humein Chashni ki pal pal ki khabar dete rahoge ok
Teji:- ok.
Arjun and Sam were not willing to go but Neil dragged them. After a while Prithvi and Sanyu also came, Prem didn’t return as he went back to LA for some pending work and after that Radhika finally woke up and she hugged Sanyu. She was holding her tight as a child holds his mother when he is afraid of something. Sanyu calmed her down and she became normal. Teji informed Neil that Radhika is fine. It was evening and everyone was sitting on the dining table for dinner but Radhika was not wiling to have her dinner. Teji was continuously on call with Neil via Bluetooth.
Sanyu:- baby pls beta thoda sa toh khale tune dopehar se kuch nahi khaya hai. humne tumhare liye vegetable soup banaya, bahaut healthy hai tumhare liye.
Radhika (like small kids):- choti maa pls humein yeh nahi khana hai kitna boring hai yeh
Prithvi:- boring nahi healthy hai ab jaldi se khalo
Radhika:- Big B aap bhi choti maa ka saath de rahe hai jayiye hum aapse baat nahi karte
Prithvi:- baby achcha theek hai batao kya khana chahati ho tum?
Radhika:- pizza
Swayam (enters with pizza box):- yeh lo jiji aapka pizza
Teji:- Swayam tumhe kaise pata baby pizza hi maangne wali hai
Swayam:- woh kya hai na humein pata tha k choti maa jiji k liye kuch aisa hi khana banayegi aur jiji as usual khane se mana kar degi isi liye humne pehele hi pizza order kar diya tha
Radhika (take a bite):- thnk u chotu
Swayam:- jiji thnk u theek hai lekin pls mujhe chotu mat bulao.
On the other side NeSam r happy to hear Radhika’s chirpy voice. They r relaxed that Radhika is normal now. In the night, Radhika was in her room’s study doing her work with Nikki and Teji was also there with them to keep an eye on Radhika and Sanyu enters with 3 milk glasses of chocolate (for Radhika), strawberry (for Nikki) and almond (for Teji) flavour. The trio gulped it down in one go.
Sanyu:- baby ab bas bahaut kaam ho gaya chalo chal kar so jao
Radhika:- choti maa pls bas thoda sa hi bacha hai
Nikki:- di aap jakar so jao main hu na main khatam kar dungi
Sanyu:- problem solved now nothing doing chalo bed par.
Teji took the opportunity and started video call with Neil so that Arjun can see Radhika. Sanyu dragged Radhika to her bed, made her lie down, cover her with the blanket dims the light (as Radhika is scared of darkness) and was about to go when Radhika hold her back. Sanyu understood and sat beside her head and started singing lullaby (Aaja Nindiya Rani Aaja from serial Bidaai Star Plus), prithvi was at door watching Sanyu singing lullaby for Radhika. On the other hand, NeSam and Arjun were watching this and were happy to see that Radhika is loved by so many people and she is not alone. Soon Radhika was also asleep, Sanyu and Prithvi kissed her forehesd and wished her goodnight. Teji also went to guest room and Nikki too went to her room without making any noise that could disturb Radhika’s sleep. Teji is still on call with Neil.
Teji:- so guys kaisa laga tumhe Radhika ko dekh kar ?
Sam:- I’m so happy k chashni theek hai
Neil:- mujhe nahi pata tha k hamare alava aur bhi itne saare log hai jo cashni se itna pyar karte hai
Teji:- guys yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai list toh isse bhi badi hai
Arjun:- teji hum Radhika se phir kab mil payge ?
Teji:- iss Saturday jab partnership deed sign hogi.
Neil:- ok goodnight.
Teji:- goodnight.
And the day comes – signing of partnership deed and Radhika’s birthday. Radhika along with Nikki and SwaRon reached Bird Song. Everyone was standing there to welcome her, NeSam and Arjun were beyond happy. As soon as Radhika entered all her memories of her of this office flashed in her mind, she was feeling nostalgic and afraid – afraid of what will happen if she loose herself. She hold Swayam’s arm tightly and he too wrapped his one hand around her beloved sister’s shoulder showing that he is there for her. Samrat and Piyali welcomed them all, they were happy to see Radhika back. Without any delay all the paper work is done. Nikki invited everyone for the party that night. Arjun thought that it would be a good opportunity to talk to Radhika and get his life back.

Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 5||


Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 5||


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