The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all … IKRS… Episode 1

Hi guys ..sorry for this very late post ..sorry .. So in this episode I try to add some fun ..this is first episode so nothing scary but hope you will enjoy it …..
So the episode starts ….come with me and read
It is 7o’clock of morning… Alarm clock is ringing on a desk ,side of bed … Look who is sleeping. ..come ..come ..omg this is our heroine, Dhani ? ..(bohot late uthti hae ) ..hearing the noise drowsiness she just throw the alarm clock and again sleeps ? ( don’t think her ghost ? ) … After some time some one call in her phone ..she picks the call saying hellooo …and hears Dhani beti utho jaldi … Papaji arahe hae tere room mae ..jaldi re uth ( this is our sweet mammiji , kavitha) ..hearing this Dhani hurriedly wake up from bed and go to washroom to clean her face to look fresh in front dad …. Papaji come and knock the door and says ..uth jaldi ..aur kitna soyegi …der rat tak FB pe dosto ke sath chat karegi aur der se soyegi …. Dhani opens the door and says ‘ kya papaji ..subah subah mat dato ..kabka uth gayi ..sirf nahane ja rahi thi'( says lovingly ) … Papaji says OK OK ..come fast for breakfast .. Dhani says OK and hugs him ..he hugs also and says good girl ? …..
Then after bath Dhani come out of her room and go for breakfast … And says here I come ..let’s start …avi, younger brother of Dhani says ..agayi ranisahiba ? … She says shut up chotte .. Everyone smiles and start eating ..avi making ghost faces and teasing Dhani …she says stop chotte ..marungi jyada daraya to ..he says marke to dikhao darpok and make a funny face … Papaji stops them says you are not kids now ..behave well ..they say sorry together and smiles ..he says OK ..let’s go for a trip ..all have vacation this time and I have little work now also ..avi hurriedly says let’s go to Jaipur ..there is our ancestral house too na …Dhani also says yes papaji ..let’s go there never take us there … Papaji stops for few second remembering the accident and says no no ..choose another place .. But avi and Dhani say .no we want to go Jaipur and yells .. Papaji is thinking ..but mammiji keep her hand on his shoulder and says nothing will happen .. Past is past … Don’t think much ..papaji smiles and says okay okay we will go Jaipur ..happy now .. Dhani and avi scream yippeeee …. ?
Episode end …

Precap : Dhani packing her luggage and avi is doing masti …papaji is in a room …and thinking the old incident .. A voice is heard ” hahaha … Nahi bachoge tum log ..haha” ..

So how is this .. I hope all like it … Stay happy stay young .. And do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother ?

The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all … IKRS… Episode 1


The Talking Mirror : destroyer of all … IKRS… Episode 1


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