SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 35

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 35

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Ragini’ POV:

What to do was all I was thinking since the past few days. I wanted to say sorry to lakshya but did know how…I was guilty, guilty of hurting by calling him a criminal….a monster and heartless without knowing the truth. I wanted to repent for my mistake but did know HOW…oh god plzz help me…what shall I doo…still thinking…..i looked at the clock , it showed 12 in the afternoon….then my eye landed on the DATE…yes tha DATE….it was 20th April…..i jumped in excitement as I got an idea of how to seek for forgiveness…today was the date we got married….it was our six moth anniversary….and I knew what to do next….i have to do so much…ohgod plzz help me…

Its 12 o’clock which means I still have lots of time….as lakshya usually come home by 7….ummmmm

‘‘so Mr Lakshya Raichand get ready for the surprise’’ I know you going to love it…I want to make today a really special day for both of us…it should be unforgettable…I quickly shoved my thought and got ready…and wend out….I needed to do lots of shopping…

Lakshya’s POV:

Uh..today was a tired day….finally o reached home…I am damn hungry, I hope Ragini has made something nice today…walking inside the house, I quickly run toward the kitchen, ragini is usually there waiting for me to come and the eat dinner together…but to my surprise she wasn’t there…no body was there not even the servants…the house looked empty…where is everyone…”kaka” I called one of the servants, but no reply…what’s happening…I started walking ran towards my bedroom to check if ragini was there…

I opened the door I was mesmerised…spellbind….awestricken…and don’t know what, there was no word to describe what I was seeing…. The room is stunningly decorated with red rose petal all over the ground…with candle everywhere… I started walking inside slowly…

Standing in the middle of the room I could see a table for two decorated white satin clothe and res rose petals plummet with two thin large candle in the terrace …the bed was decorated with rose petals heart shape and an I LOVE YOU right at the bottom of the heart…suddenly a projector started flashing pictures…..i quickly looked at it…and it was slide showing all the pictures of me and ragini together…our best moments together …..first day of school…..me and ragini fighting over some silly thing…..Me applying cake on ragini face on her 12th birthday……our water fight….ragini chasing me cuz I broke her favourite doll….my first day of college…first time ragini cooked food for me…our engagement and finally our marriage….all this was played with a romantic song in the background…(mere haath main tera hath ho..)…what is all this another surprise

After the pictures finished I heard Ragini’ voice ‘’Lakshya’’ was what she said ’Ragini’’ I called out her name and froze seeing her….there she was my angle….my Ragini….she was looking sooo beautiful in red and golden half sleeveless saree with embroidery work at the edges…her hair was loosely curled and left to one side….with red lipstick and smoky eyes…she’s looking beautiful …she stood right in front of me….


‘’sssshhhhh…let me speak today Lakshya ’’ she shushed me as she put her finger on my lips….

‘’today I wanted to confess something…confess my feeling…confess everything that has been bothering me since day….Lakshya…i-I know our first days of marriage has been the worst and most awful days for both of us……and now I realise how wrong I was for not trusting you….for not thinking positively about you and most importantly for not understanding you love…I was unwise…I was stupid to think that I have married a murderer…I was stupid of forgetting our love…forgetting UR unconditional love for me…forgetting what I meant to you and what you meant to me…..

Lakshya I want to forget the past and start a new life….a loving life with you….i want to see you before sleeping and see you before opening my eye in the morning…I want you by my side at happy time…sad time….i want to make a family with you lakshya …I want us to be the Lakshya and Ragini we used to be…the loved bird…hah…Lakshya will you give me the chance to love you again…..I LOVE YOU LAKSHYA…please forgive me for my mistakes…please…’’I couldn’t believe what I just heard…was this some kind of a dream…no…no I can’t…I unknowingly pinched myself and looked at ragini who was looking at me with hopeful eye…I quickly hugged her tight…

‘’you don’t need to say sorry…nor feel guilty….i understand how you felt at first….after all I behaved incorrectly with you and you have the right to be angry and the right to love me…after all I am your husband…..I am all yours’’I said cupping her face softly in my palms and wiping her tears…..

‘’lakshya i-‘’ I cut her off and looked at the balcony at the table…

‘’Ragini I am sooo hungry…can we eat…’’I said holding my stomach and trying to light up the atmosphere… she just smiled and we went to the table for dinner…

‘’soo..since when did you started getting romantic and all’’ I said in a teasing tone…and she blushed…like hell…god she looks sooo cute ….after dinner.. she brought a cake that said happy 6 months anniversary….we both cut the cake and fed eachother…

‘’so now what’’ I said with a little smirk on my lips ….god she blushed again…

‘’now nothing we go to sleep..’’ She said trying to get away. But not so soon…i quickly snaked my arms around her waist so that she can’t go anywhere and stared at her…while she was looking down…

‘’do you not want to know how much I loved you surprise…’’ I started to lean closer …andshe didn’t answer…but blushed…I slowly exclaimed her red hot lips….and started enjoying the taste of….at first I could taste her lipstick…but then after a few minutes I tasted her lips…she also reciprocated…and we both enjoyed tasting eachother lips…I rested one of hands on the back of her head while with the other caressing her back and her hands were aroung my neck… at first the kiss was soft and tender. We were both softly sucking and licking at each other’s lips. Then my hand griped in her hair as i pulled her tighter to my mouths as our tongues started to play and closed nibbling on each other’s lips. Soon we tasted each other saliva’s.

We pull apart when we were out of breath…I looked at her again….took her in bridal style and layed her on the bed… quickly nuzzled my head in her neck and started kissing her neck and shoulder sensuously…the I bite her nape leaving a red mark and she moaned my name…I did the same with the other side…while kissing her neck my hands were exploring her body and soon one of her br*ast came to my hand and I quickly got hold of it started squeezing in my hand playfully…unable to bear the barrier I quickly took her saree off and my clothes too and looked at her beautiful form under me…

i ran my hands from her thin waist to the mounds of flesh that were her br*asts, and squeezed them while i leaned closer to kiss her jaw, then her neck. She ran her hands over my back as i licked and grazed the skin of her neck with my teeth, leaving little marks that wouldn’t stay there long, but the sight of them on her pale, sensitive skin still turned me on. i did the same with her collarbone, brushing at her skin with my lips to tease her, before kissing and sucking gently.

Her breathing was already getting a little louder and faster. I left a trail of kisses from her neck to one of her boobs, squeezing it in my hand as i kissed all around it playfully. She moaned…with my name


And I couldn’t control any more…I needed to be in her….positioning my self, i entered into her and started slowly at first but….she moaned in pleasure….louder….then I lost control over myself her moans are making me crazy…and made it harder and harder..i could see her clutching the bed sheet…I quickly got hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head and still moving in and out roughly and wilder than before…she had tears in her eyes. But I still did stop…i wanted her to have the best pleasure…..cuz this time i am not forcing her….soon I felt her legs snacking around my hips…pushing me in more…and I knew by now she was enjoying it…I took it positively and made it even more harder and started kissing her again and squeezing her br*ast…soon we both were tire and stopped after about 2 hours… I layed next to her still embracing her in my arms….. ‘’thank you for making my night special and being in my life….i would never forget this time’’ I whispered in her ear and got a smile in return…soon we both dozed off….

Swara’s POV:

“How did you get the key?” I inquired him as he opens the door.

“Think before what you are asking and from whom.” He says while I go in first but stopped as my house interior came in view. I imagined it being all dusty but surprisingly, it wasn’t.
“Someone is using this house?” I asked him.

“No… I wanted this place to be tidy in case you ever wish to come here.” He leans against the door frame.

“You’re not coming in.”

“No. Now go and grab your book.”

I slowly make my way to my room. Everything was same as before. Tidy and on its place like it should be. Nothing has changed except for our lives and it’s all because of me. My family has suffered because of me. They shouldn’t be living under Sanskar’s watch. They belonged here, in their home.

I took a deep breath and start searching for my recipe book. I want to distract myself. Don’t want the sadness to take over me. I already had enough of this. Escaping from Sanskar is no longer an option. To be honest to myself, it never was from the start. I don’t know why I was being obstinate. It gave nothing but more pain and in the end, it involved my family once again. Which I never wanted to happen, I wish for them to have a normal life – With or without me. If it weren’t for them, I think I would have never married Sanskar, never in my life, even if it’d kill me.

Got it!

Picking up the book, I was about to get up when my eyes landed on my phone.

“Hurry up, Shona! It’s getting late.” I heard Sanskar’s voice from the entrance.

Quickly, I take out the memory card from the phone and saved it in the casing of my new phone that Sanskar has given me.

“Found the book?” Sanskar asks as he saw me coming his way.

I nodded and wave the book in the air. Nodding his head, he motions me to come outside. Before leaving, I gave a final look at my home and step out. Sanskar locked the door and we both get into the car.

I was ready for a long drive to his house but our vehicle stopped sooner than it should have. I glanced at Sanskar who slid out the car, asking me to follow him. I obey silently and the view that came to my sight was horrifying. I am standing at the main gate of the haunted house which is opposite to my house. It’s past three at night and I cannot see a single soul near or far from me except for Sanskar. I gulp loudly as the rustling sound of leaves made the atmosphere even scarier.

I look at Sanskar who was going inside. Briskly walking to him, I match his pace. He turns on the lights and the whole scenery changes from scary to a comfortable one. The house is bigger than mine and the interior is of modern style. One could never tell that it’s the same haunted house.

“You like it?” I heard Sanskar’s voice and nodded in agreement, too busy in looking around.

“Good. I’ll show you the rest of the house tomorrow morning. But for now, let’s rest.” He says as he’s walking to a room.

I followed him as I am also feeling tired and sleepy. I silently admire the room while he takes his clothes from the wardrobe and went to the bathroom. This room only has a wall to wall wardrobe, a couch, a huge mirror, a king-sized bed and also, a piano. It makes me lost in thought of the pianist that played near our house. I always admired his music and wanted to meet him. But never would I’ve thought that I’d be standing in his room one day, as his wife.

“You’re still standing?” My thoughts were interrupted by Sanskar who was wearing his boxers with white tank top.

“I was looking at the piano.” I answered.

“What about it?”

“The person that played piano every night was really you?”

“Yes!” He says while opening the window of the room.

“Why here? You have a piano at the main house too.”

“Come here, Shona. What do you want to hear?” He says, looking outside.

What I want to hear….?

“Nothing.” I don’t know what to answer.

“Come here for a minute.” I slowly walk over to the window near him.

“Look!” He pointed towards the house in front.

My house!

“I played here because I wanted to reach you. For you to know that I exist, someone who is waiting for you, who seeks for your attention and affection…. Someone who loves you
and will always love you as you are.” He says, looking outside with a distant look in his eyes. While I struggle to calm my rapid heartbeats.

“I am not good with words. So, let me say it straight to the point. Don’t ever hide things from me. You are the only family I have. Others are just my friends, comrades and colleagues. But you are different from them. A lot special than them. So, if there’s any problem, don’t hide it. Especially if it’s any bad dish you make.” He smiles.

“Shona, I lost my family when I was fifteen. Since then, I ate outside food. Even after having a cook, it didn’t feel like home cooking. So, whenever you make something, don’t hide and let me eat it. Even if it doesn’t taste good, I would love to eat whatever you make.” He really said it straight forward in a simple, honest tone. There was no flattery at all.

I didn’t respond, just stared at him in awe. His glistering eyes from the moon light are looking straight into mine. His disheveled silky hair is covering his forehead, which he has been combing with his fingers now and then.

They look so soft…..

Suddenly, I found my hand reaching out to touch his hair and before I realize what I was doing, he gently grabs my hand.

“What’s wrong?”


“So lost in thoughts. What happened?” I was pulled to him with a light tug. His eyes were still boring into mine.

“Your hair….”

“What about it?”



“What about my hair?”

Say it…

“They look so soft.” I blurted out and bit my tongue.

“You are allowed to touch them.” He hushed, bringing his face close.



I tried to step away but he quickly scooped me up in his arms, making me gasp loudly. Carefully, he puts me down onto the bed and lay beside me. His hand slid on my waist, pulling me to him, as his head rested on my chest, and snuggle into my neck. I feel ticklish when his stubble came in contact with my skin.

I can also feel his soft hair touching my face, spreading sweet giddy sensation in me.

As much as I wanted to push him away, a part of me also wants to cling (hold on) to him. I don’t know what the unknown feeling is.

My eyes were already feeling heavy from sleepiness and I didn’t find any strength to fight this inner battle about this strange feeling anymore, so I submitted and allow my fingers to make their way to his hair and enjoy this unknown feeling. My finger were in his hair, brushing the softly and don’t know when sleep took over me..

precap: don’t know

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SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 35


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 35

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