true love wins over every hatred (episode 7)

hi guys, its virja. n i m really sorry that i didnt upload my ff lately. i know the regular readers n the silent readers must be waiting but i m in college in US n we have final exams going on over here. so i didnt get time. n the sad news is that i might not be able to upload my ff regularly since i still have many exams to take, but i’ll try my level best to post it regularly if i get time. thank you so much for liking my ff n sorry for not uploading it regularly. now enough of me n i’ll start with the episode 7. plzz comment abt how was today’s episode.

Recap – to make khushi upset n take revenge from her asr plans to tell everybody abt her bday

Before asr can say anything someone shouts – stop it!! N all look towards the door. From there slowly enters raman n says no once can party without me so i gate crashed ur party he says funnily n everyone laughs
Khushi runs towards raman n hugs him n starts crying. Raman realizes it n says – heyy di, come on y r u crying?? U know i don’t like it when u cry n cups her face
K – raman that… that… asr… he flirted with me today n i slapped him. N u know he reminded me of something
R – ok okk di, don’t cry, i’ll see him comeone wipe ur tears everyone’s looking at us… n to make her laugh he says – by the way gabru were u crying becuz he flirted with u or cuz u slapped him?
K – raman… u once more tell me gabru n i’ll kill u…
R – ok ok di, but first let em meet everyone n so he goes towards lavanya n syas – heyy di, how r u n hugs her
L – i m fine raman but khushi’s ok right?? She asks him in his ears
R – yes di, shes fine just a little sad since asr reminded her of him
L – i know what happened, but ur here so no worrys
N they break the hug. So akash says, bhai even i m here
R- i know even ur here. Come here n they both have a brotherly hug. Suddenly aman comes from behind n says- bhai idea for this party was wonderful!!
R – offc it would be. Its the raman gupta’s idea, so it would be great!! N they have a hug. Raman again says – by the way where’s asr. Aman says – there n points towards him so raman goes
R- heyy brother!! How r u??
Asr – ohh wow!! Dad has even called u? I m fine how abt u?? Everything fine??
R – ofc. Everything’s great. We r meeting after a long time. But u havent changed a bit
Asr- offc. I don’t need to change, but how did dad know u?? I mean i have never told him abt u then??nys forget that but how do u know that khushi?? She’s such an egooistic girl. But u came on wrong timing, if u havent came , then by now she would have left the party
R – wait… don’t tell me she doesnt know the asr (he giggles)
Asr- offc. She doesnt. I mean i hate her from the bottom of my heart
R – ok ok relax bhai… btw what were u saying something like she would have left the party
Asr – ya its just that seh slapped me in the morning n later abhi told me that its her birthday today but seh doesnt want anyone to know nor she wants to celebrate so to take revenge from her i decided to annouce her bday but u came at the wrong time
Raman was shocked to hear his confession but managed to say – brother, khushi is my sister n thats y i m here. He said smilingly
Asr – a little shocked – tell me ur lying he said funnily
R – smiled a little – nop, i m saying the truth
Asr murmured – beta tu toh gaya, kisne kaha tha zyada bol en ke liye (asr now ur gone, who told u to say everything)
R – giggles – did u say something arnav??
Asr- nope, i didnt u go on n enjoy the party i’ll come in 2 mins
R – ok n he goes to meet other people. Suddenly he spots abhi standing with a girl n thinks to tease him so he goes to him n says – heyy abhi!!! How r u??
Abhi turns n they hug n abhi says – heyy man, i m perfect… but u u got no time for ur friends n family, ur always busy, btw when did u come
R – just came from US n directly to the party… btw way who is this haan? U got my bhabhi for me so early? He says pointing towards the girl (raman couldnt see her face as she was talking to other guests there)
Abhi – oh come on yaar, but u know she doesnt want to become your babhi she actually wants to be my bhabhi… (smiles)
R – confused – do u even know what ur talking about dude??
Before abhi can say anything the girl turns n raman gets surprised seeing her. The girl is non other than Ishita. She looks at raman n makes a sad face n leavs to talk with someone else.
Abhi – bhai, relax… she’ll understand…. Don’t worry ok??
Raman – yes abhi… i know someday she’ll underestand me n come back to her love?? But for right now y don’t we enjoy the party?
Abhi – offc, lets go n talk meet asr he would be really happy to see u…
R – u really think i didnt meet him?? He’s just fantastic!! U know what happened n so raman tells abhi everything n they have a heartly laugh…
Abhi – dude, u rock!! But before abhi could say anything raj comes in the center n calls everyone.
Raj – hello everyone n i thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming here. Today is a really special day for a really special girl. N that girl is the very sweet, charming and caring Khushi Gupta. She is a girl i adore. Since the day i met her, i always think i had a daughter like her, who would take ccare of every little thing very perfectly and never do anything that would hurt anyone. I don’t know her much, but i have never seen such a girl in my life. This party is for her too. I don’t know y she didnt want the party but i wanted to give one so i did. N today its her BIRTHDAY!! Waiter plzz come in with that cake!! So my dear Khushi plzz coem here!!
Khushi was shocked by the announcement n felt like crying out of sadness but still she went to raj
Raj – khushi i m sorry i had to lie to u abt the party but i don’t know y everyone told me not to keep a party n i wanted to do something special for u since u r like my daughter. Plzz accept my sorry (holdds his ears)
Khushi – no uncle don’t do that. N ya i feel really special that u arranged a grand party for me. Thank you so much!! (hugs him n smiles)
The whole gupta family was shocked by her reaction but then smiled. N so they all go near khushi n wish her. Finally khushi cuts the cake n feeds everyone.
Khushi – thank you so much for making me feel special raj uncle. N thank you everyone for coming to the party. Plzz enjoy. Seeing khushi smile shashi feels glad that she didnt react much. Ont the other side asr also smiles seeing her smile n says to himself – y am i smiling if she is happy??
While everyone is enjoying Khushi silently leaves the party. Soon, everyone realize that khushi is not seen anywhere n everyone gets worried about her. They all try to call her but she doesnt pick up so abhi realizes that she remembered her past n left the party. So he rushes out to find her.

precap – a short past revealation n some funny moments between gupta family

plzz let me know ur reviews even they are bad

true love wins over every hatred (episode 7)


true love wins over every hatred (episode 7)


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