True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 43)

Akash was shocked to hear tat Rohit is Dilip’s cousin…. aftr a sec he asked her wt are u sayng???? Akshaya said yes their r cousinsss… As u knw we are all childhood frnds…. Dilip and Anjali r more close frndss thn me… Dilip mostly stay with Anjali… Appa and Amma treat him as their son bcoz they dnt hav son… One day wen we r palyng Anjali accidently dropped ink on Rohit project book.. he gt angry and locked her in room.. we dnt knw abt tat we r all searching her everywhere… Dilip accidently open the door and saw her lyng unconsiousness… doctor came and said she was in shock tats y she fainted.. when sho woke up and asked her hw u locked in tat room??? She said dnt knw!! wen i was playng it gt locked and thn i fainted…. so all tell her to take rest and moved out… bt Dilip didnt go and askes her wt hap??? Anjai said nthng!!! Dilip asked her if ur telling r wheather ill gt it knw by myself u knw abt me na??? Anjalu said abt Rohit!!! Dilip asked her y u didnt say tat?? Anjai said bcoz he threaten me nt to say to anyone… Dilip said k and leaved tat place… Aftr tat incident Dilip took more care for her… Time passes… one day Dilup parents came to Anjali’s house and asked her sis hand fr the marraige… they all agreed bcoz they are all neighbours… Bt Anjali asked her parents to say no to them.. They said its elders matter dnt involve in this…. Akshaya said we should listen to her Akash… if we listen tat day means she wont suffer nw.. sayng so she cried hard… Akash console her and asked her wat hap nxt???

Akshaya said aftrwarda Anjali became normal starts to enjy her sis marraige.. wen her sis came and marraige preparation are started… Anjali was helping her parents so i taught to be with her sis and moves towarda her room and saw her cring wen i approached her i saw Rohit who was behind her and telling smthng and she was cryng more harder…. i dnt knw wat to do!!! Wen i was abt to enter Dilip hold my hand and took me aside and said dnt shout and say anything to otherss k.. Bt i asked him y??? Dilip said jst trust me ill handle tis.. sayng so he leaved towards sia room and talked with her and made aome calls and cam out and said to me to stay with her… ill come aftrwardsss… i go inside.. she was still cryng… i hugged her and asked her wat hap??? Bt she was cryng more harder… aftr sometime she composed herself and asked me to promise me dnt say to anyone and nt to Anjali also… i jst nodded… She said pls save my sis… pls save ur sis Anjali… i cant help her… bt pls take care of her… I asked her ill take her.. nw tell me wat hap??? She said tat Rohit is behing her… he can go any extend to get her….. i was shocked and asked her wat are u sayng??? thn she said all the incidentss… which hap frm our childhood to till nw… hw Anjali was suffered… Akash asked her wat she said??? Akshaya with cryng voice said he try to molest her two times and threatened her nt tll anyone… Akash was shocked and asked her watt???? wen ??? Akshaya said tat wen she get locked herself in tat room na tat day… Dilip knws abt his brother’s character bt he didnt taught tat he can do tat to his best frnd… Ti tis time Dilip was saving her frm him… wen he locked her in room and went out aftr sometime he came and saw her unvonsiousness… he taught to misbehave with her… Dilip who saw his brother frm Window and Saw Anjai and he went inside and took her frm tat place…. Aftr talkng to Anjai he goes to his brother room and shout at him and said stay away frm her.. bt he didnt listen and once again wen we are all went out leaving her alone bcoz she had fever… so we leaved her and went fr function… Dilip went to his frnds house… Rohit once again try to moleat her bt tat time her sis came frm hostel to give her surprise and saw tis and shout at him and threatened him tat ill complaint to police.. he lived tat place.. Thn her sis console her and said ill tell to appa… Bt Anjali stop her sayng tat Dilip knws tis so u dnt say anything he ill take care of him…. At tat Dilip came and said tat Akka u dnt wry am their na ill see him u dnt wry… Like tis time passess.. Rohit goes abroad fr higher studies… so we think he is changed so wen their parents asked his hands fr Akka Dilip and Anjali dnt appose it… bt before marraige day oly we gt his intention… he made their parents to ask akka hands fr marraige… Akka was loving someone in col.. she came her to gt her parents permission bt seenga all those arrangements she accepted the reality and taught to move on.. bt Rohit came and showed some photos of her and her boyfrnd and threaten her tat ill insult her parents infrot of society… so u should run away and ill marry ur sis and ill statisfy lust…. Dilip came to knw tis so he called his frnd and her boyfrnd and make her run away and made arrangements fr them… Anjali dnt knw abt tis… she is angry tat her sis make her parents head bow down infront of society…. Rohitmade someone to say make Anjai marry him.. they all accept tis.. i was shocked…. At tat time wen they maje her get ready and abt to get her down at tat time Dilip take her inside and give her something and tiok her down.. Aftr some minss she collapsed on the ground unconsiousnes… thn doctor said she gt asthma attack i was more shocked and aske Dilip wat is tis… He said she already hav breathing prblm… she didnt hav her tablets fr three dayss.. she was sobbing continously so i made her ate tablets bt she crossed advanced stage so she wants take inhaler… Akshaya asked him nw wat to do??? Dilup said hav faith on me ill take care…… Aftrwarda u knw they make them gt engage… so Rohit leaved to abroad aftr two yrs he came back…. Dilip to moved out of city so tat he can convice his parents to stop tis marraige bt he cant bcoz his brother brain washed them and made them gt Anjali marry him any hw…. Dilip contact me one day and said me to take care of her… thn i said abt u guys and Arjun’s love so he made Anjai accept him and so tat she ccan enjy her life and make her life happy… bt only prblm is Anjali wont took any step which make her parents head down…. Tats y i and Dilip made Anjali to depend on Arjun more so she cant leave him at anycost…. sayng soo shee cried more harder and hugged hin tightly… Akash to has tears in his eyess and Hugged her more tightly and consoled her…..

When they are cryng they heared calling bell sound so both composed themselves and wipes their tears and open the door and saw Anjai and Arjun.. and asked them wat r u dng here…??? Anjai said i should tis to u Anna??? Wat r u dng in my frnds house and winks at him!!! Akash smiled and hugged her and said tat i came to see my sweet sis….. Akshaya asked him so u disnt came here to see me ??? Akash said noo!!! Akshaya asked watttt???? Arjun said ur finished nw….Nw their war begins.. botb Akash and Akshaya starts to fight… Arjun and Anjali get inside and sat on the sofa and watching their smilingly… Aftr some mins they stop their fight and saw Arjun and Anjai nt their soo they searched outside… Anjali said we are here…. They get inside amd chit chat……..



True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 43)


True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 43)


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