HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 3

HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 3

Sanskar settled on top of her.
Sanskar(whispering)- What happened now baby?
Swara just blushed. Seeing her blushing Sanskar kissed her hard. They were in the same position that they heard a knock.
Swara- Ah! Who’s this now?
Sanskar(recalling)- Ah! Ah! Oh! Aditya it must be we had an important meeting today. Its already 10. I am getting late.
He hurriedly made his steps wearing his pants & T-shirt.
Sanskar- Ana! What happened?
Ana(maid)- Sir police has come!
Sanskar- What? But why?
Ana- Sir i really dont know! Its better u come & check!!!
Sanskar- hmmmm.. i am coming tell them to wait till then i’ll get ready!
Ana nodded & left.
*****sanskar’s POV***********

I came back to the bed & saw her gazing at me. “What?? “, i asked swara who was smiling.
“Sans…..sanskarrr”, her feeble voice came.
“I am really exhausted. Could you pls led me to the washroom??”
I nodded & led her. After that I dressed up & went down.
I was shocked to see the scenario. I became pale when…..
“What took you so long Mr. Maheswari?? I have been waiting since long!!!”, came a voice.
Yes he was there with some other men, setlling himself comfortably on the sofa.
Shekhar Uncle was here! With some policemen. I was startled. Did he come to take back Shona?
No he cant do that!
“How dare you kidnap my daughter?”, shekhar uncle blurted out in anger.
“I didnt!”, I said trying to end up as soon as possible.
“Sanskar! I know that you have kidnapped her. So dont lie! Moreover i have a greater experience of life then you do. So…… it would be better you dont lie to me”, Shekhar Uncle said warning.
“Now tell where’s my daughter? Where’s Swara?”

“Uncle I…..”
I was cut off! When i heard her voice.
“Sanskar? Who’s there? Whom are you talking with?”
I closed my eyes now because i knew what was coming next. I could see Shekhar Uncle giving me death glares.
“Dad? What are you doing here? “, swara asked unknowingly.
“Swara beta! How are you? Did he do anything? Dont worry I wont leave him now! He would end up in jail! For what he did eith you!”, shekhar uncle said! While caressing her hair.
“No dad he didnt kidnap me! Infact no one did nothong! It was me who ran away wanting sometime to heal my wound. He just helped me out!”

“Is this the same swara? My daughter? She never would run away! She wasnt a coward!”
*******swara’s pov***********
How could i say dad that i wasnt a coward! I ran away to stay with this man! But wait a second i have to tell dad that i love sanskar!
“I am not a coward dad! I came here coz i love him! I love sanskar dad! Pls try & understand”, I begged.
“Swara! This is the last tym you have said such a thing! Better not to repeat it again! I dont know what! Would i do? “, saying that pulled me by my arm & led me to the car. I was begging him to let me go back to sanskar but all was in vain. I looked off to look at sanskar who was teary eyed. He was broken! But i knew he would come to rescue me! My sanskar would come! I had faith in my love.
Readers who were asking for all the parts here is the part hope u’ll will like it-

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Precap- leap of 4yrs. Swara to enter maheswari house!

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HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 3


HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 3

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