Swaragini 22nd April 2016 –

Swaragini 22nd April 2016 –

Swaragini 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

The Episode starts with keys falling in the mysore pak utensil while Parineeta is cooking it. Ragini and Swara come to Parineeta and ask her to take care, as mysore pak spills on her hand. Parineeta asks them to leave. Ragini says please let us help you. Swara says did we do any mistake. Parineeta says you both can’t make good mysore pak than me. She asks them go and do other work. She thinks she made tasty sweets and everyone will forget Swaragini’s hand made things. Mr. Charles tells Durga Prasad that he liked the contract, and says I like your confidence and says you people are genuine. Annapurna serves him tea. Sujata says I made it. Mr. Charles says it is masala tea. Sujata gets happy. Mr. Charles says he need to sign on the papers. Durga Prasad says okay. Annapurna says I will ask Parineeta to get those papers. Sujata tells that mysore pak is smelling good. Annapurna asks her to bring Charles papers. Parineeta says keys are with me. Annapurna asks her to get papers fast.

Parineeta goes to open locker. She thinks why the locker is not opening and checks the keys. She thinks locker keys is not here. Sujata says I will eat mysore pak of Utara, if she comes late. Utara meets her boyfriend and gives him gift and balloon, wishes him happy birthday. He gets happy. She kisses on his cheek and says she needs to go. Her boyfriend says I will drop you. Mr. Charles tells Durga Prasad that he needs to sign on the contract papers before catching the flight. Swara comes to Parineeta and asks to get papers. Parineeta tells that locker keys couldn’t be found. Swara says may be key have fallen in the kitchen and says lets go there and check. Sujata tells Parineeta didn’t bring papers till now. Swara and Parineeta come to Annapurna, and tells that the key is lost. Annapurna is shocked. Sujata checks the keys. Ragini asks if it was fallen in the sweets. Parineeta says she made mysore pak very carefully. Annapurna says clients need to sign on the papers, and search for the keys in the kitchen.

Later Swara calls Sanskar…Sujata falls down through the window while searching keys. Annapurna asks did you get hurt? Sujata says no. Swara messages Sanskar to bring Laksh with him. They go to dining area. Swara and Ragini tell Laksh and Ragini that locker is not opening. They are shocked. Sanskar says I will bring duplicate copy, and asks Laksh to handle Charles here. Laksh asks Sanskar to take Swara with him. Laksh asks Ragini to serves the food till then. Laksh comes to Durga Prasad and asks him to come with him. Durga Prasad asks what is the matter? Laksh says Bhabhi lost locker keys. Durga Prasad asks how? He says if we don’t get the contract papers signed by Charles then this contract will be waste.

Charles asks if there is any problem. Laksh says no problem. He says we should make him have food. Durga Prasad asks Charles to have marwadi food. Charles gets happy and sits to have food. Laksh asks him to enjoy the food and says I will just come. The ladies continue to search for the keys. Swara and Sanskar come home. Sanskar says we didn’t get the papers as we have forgotten to get duplicate papers. Parineeta says can’t they come some other day. Annapurna asks Laksh to call keys maker. Charles finishes food and tells Durga Prasad that he will go after signing papers. Ragini asks him to take tea. He refuses. Swara asks him to have mysore pak made by Parineeta. Charles says your bahus are good. Parineeta cuts mysore pak and serves to everyone. Mr. Charles eats the whole piece and starts choking. Swara says what happened? Charles takes out key from his mouth and asks if this is some sort of indian customs.

HE asks why this key was in my sweets. Parineeta says we got the keys, I will bring papers. Charles asks if this is type of indian rituals, want to feed to guest, and want them to choke. Parineeta says when I was making mysore pak, it felt in it mistakenly. Charles asks how can your family so careless. What would have happen if I had eaten it and die. Sanskar says it was just an accident. Charles says nonsense. He says this contract can’t happen and goes. Durga Prasad and his family are shocked. Parineeta asks Adarsh, and others, that they couldn’t have stop them. Adarsh asks her to stop it. Sujata scolds Parineeta and asks if you have gone mad. She says Charles insulted Durga Prasad and went. She says you can’t be good bahu, wife, bhabhi and says it is good that God haven’t given you a baby, as you are not suitable to take baby’s responsibility. Parineeta gets teary eyes and looks at Adarsh.

Adarsh tells Parineeta that he don’t agree with Sujata’s every saying, but asks her to learn manners from Ragini and swara. He takes keys from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Swaragini 22nd April 2016 –


Swaragini 22nd April 2016 –

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