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The Episode starts with Amrish smelling biryani smell and asks if she made biryani. Rajni says someone else have made it. Surili brings biryani. Amrish asks Surili if you have made biryani. Surili says ofcourse for my bahu Rajni. Sharmila says you have made for Rajni? Surili says I cooked special biryani for my hyderabadi bahu Rajni. Bubbles says I will call doctor. Surili asks why you people are behaving as if dal is black. Amrish is also shocked. Surili says I thought until when I run from the truth and can’t change it. I have decided to forward friendship hand towards Kuhu’s Cinderella chachi. She says when I have accepted Sharmila and Maggie, then why not Rajni. Amrish says Surili. Surili says Rajni is weird, oversmart, psycho etc…but…she has saved my life, brought my friends’ truth infront of me, above all Shaan loves her. I have decided to accept her from heart and mind. Sharmila gets upset. Amrish is surprised. Surili says friends and forward her hand. Rajni looks at Amrish. Amrish asks her to shake hands. Rajni shakes her hands. Surili says friends….Amrish asks her to touch her feet. Rajni touches feet and takes her blessings.

Amrish says third world war is over. Surili says we will start afresh, and asks Rajni to taste biryani first. Rajni says biryani is good, but looking like bengali biryani. Surili asks what else do you like? Rajni says 280 volts current to charge my system fully. Amrish says she is talking about the shock which you have given her. Surili says I like it and can do anything for her. She asks Rajni to sit with her. Sharmila, Bubbles and Aishwarya cry in the room. Aishwarya says Rajni will kick everyone of us out. Sharmila thinks she will go to her new house which her husband have brought. Shaguta comes there and asks what the hell. She asks why they are upset and laughs. Bubbles tells her that Surili made food for Rajni. Shaguta asks since when you know mom? Sharmila says I will tell and tries to count. Shaguta says mom will never accept Rajni. Sharmila says what is her actual plan. Shaguta says we will know soon. Surili makes kheer for Rajni and thinks she will die after eating this. She adds poison in it. Rajni hears her.

Kuhu cuts her birthday cake and makes Rajni eat first. Amrish says good. She then makes Maggie and others have cake. Maggie scolds her. Surili asks Aishwarya to bring special sweets for Rajni which she made for her. Amrish says Rajni’s destiny have blossomed. Surili says she is so cute. Aishwarya brings kheer. Surili asks Rajni to eat it first. Rajni thanks her. She says I will die after eating it, and says mummy ji have added poison in it. Everyone is shocked. Surili starts crying and says do you think that I am TV serials saas. Shaan asks Rajni to eat it and apologize to Surili. Amrish asks Rajni. Rajni says she has seen with her eyes and heard her. Shaan says I will eat it. Surili stops him and says she will eat it. Aishwarya asks her not to eat it.

Surili asks her to go. Shaan says I have full faith on you, and you don’t need to prove it. Surili says Rajni thought that I have added poison. Shaan says Rajni can’t die and asks her why is she lying? Rajni says I can’t lie as I don’t have this feature. Surili says I will eat it now. Gyan and Dhyan insist to eat it. Surili don’t let them eat it, and says she will give agni pariksha. Rajni says okay, agni pariksha. Surili eats it. Everyone is shocked. Surili makes faces and says it is tasty. She thanks Rajni for accusing her. Shaguta says your blood is not supporting you. Shaan says no saas will kill bahu publicly. Shaan asks Rajni to apologize to mom. Rajni apologizes to her and thanks her for not killing her. Shaan asks her to go to room right now, and says it is a program fault. Surili cries and says my destiny is bad about bahus. She says I have eaten kheer, and everyone to have food. She asks them to go. Shaguta asks Surili if she has added anything infront of Rajni. Surili says yes, and says it was diet sugar. Shaan tells Rajni that she can’t be adarsh bahu as she is a robot.

Rajni says I checked in my data. Shaan says you have insulted mom infront of everyone. Rajni says I was warning everyone. Shaan says if anything would have happened to mom then. Rajni says I don’t understand. She says I have defects even now, and says you married me to rectify my defects. She apologizes to him. Surili comes there and says can I come inside. She asks them to come and have food. Shaan asks Rajni to be in the room until he comes back. He goes. Surili thinks they will be separated now.

Shaan goes to meet Mehta. He meets Dev outside the house. Dev asks why did he get angry on Rajni, and says he is her chief programmer. Shaan says you are cheap programmer and asks him to handle Rajni else he will dismantle him instead of Rajni. He goes. Dev comes to Rajni and asks her not to repeat today scene. Rajni says saas behaves like this, according to the data which you fed in me. Dev asks how will you react if Police arrests Shaan. Rajni cries and asks Police to leave her Shaan. Dev asks her to observe normal people. Dev asks her to follow and behave like Surili. Rajni nods her head. Surili is having stomach pain and says I am not feeling well. Sharmila says if it had any poison. Surili looks at Aishwarya. Aishwarya says I did a mistake and gave jamal gutta bottle instead of diet sugar. Everyone is shocked. Surili says I have just a small quantity. Surili feels pain in her stomach. Maggie says as you sow, so you reap. Surili asks Aishwarya to feed leftover kheer to Maggie. Maggie asks her not to do this. Surili goes to washroom.

Rajni comes to her room. She looks at Surili’s body language, and thinks Dev asked me to behave like her. Surili asks why are you staring at me. Rajni acts like Surili. Surili asks what are you doing? Rajni says I am observing you, and have to behave like you. Surili asks why you are copying me. Rajni asks same question. Surili says there is an emergency and I have to go. Surili says oh god. Rajni repeats her words. Surili says you are doing this to take revenge from me, and accepts her mistake. She asks Rajni to let her go. Dev hears them. Surili goes to washroom. Dev asks what are you doing? Dev asks her to end observe program and activate adarsh bahu program. Rajni says okay. Dev asks her not to tell anything to Shaan.

Rajni comes to inhouse temple. Amrish asks what happened? Rajni says I hurt my husband and saas. Amrish says it happens with human. Rajni says I am not human. Amrish says he is proud of her and asks her to smile. Door bell rings. Rajni goes to open door. Rajni opens the door and finds Policemen standing. Amrish is doing aarti. Aishwarya says temple lamp is blown. Amrish says oil is over in that lamp. Rajni says inauspicious thing have happened and says this can’t happen. She holds constable and says this is lie. Amrish comes and asks what happened? Surili and others come out. Rajni says Shaan is in trouble. Amrish asks her not to worry. Rajni says my pareshan will come naa. Surili says Rajni. Rajni bends down on her knees and asks her not to kick her out of house. Surili asks her to get up and asks Inspector. Constable says this has happened for the first time. He says we have to search the house. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says we came to know that someone have kept 1 crore rupees in the house and tells about the theft. Surili says they are influential people in the city. Dhyan gets tensed.

Inspector asks Constable to check the house. Rajni says that money is in the house. Everyone is shocked. Rajni says money is in the house. She says she will bring the money. Dhyan says that money belonged to bank which we have earned. Amrish asks Rajni, from where did she get the money. Rajni says I have not stolen it, and says she has earned it in casino gambling. Everyone is shocked. Amrish says cards…in casino. Inspector says gambling is illegal and we have to arrest her. Amrish says 1 min. He asks who took you to Casino. Rajni recalls Dhyan asking her not to tell anyone, and tells Amrish that she can’t share this data with him. Inspector arrests Rajni. Amrish says we are respected people. Surili asks them not to take their bahu. Lady constable takes Rajni with him.

Amrish informs Shaan that Police have arrested Rajni. Shaan thinks if Police comes to know that Rajni is a robot then Mathew will kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd April 2016 –


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd April 2016 –


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