junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle chapter 2

ragini woke up and saw it was ten clock but was more shocked as her dadi did not scold her but then realization struck she is a guest in the house, but it looks good to be a guest in the house , nor dadi’s scolding or restrictions she is free but hope this freedom could have come first,then she could be normal girl like swara not innoncent or childish who do not know life and world, she could enjoyed her life ,she had friends but never was allowed for late night movies or stayouts with them, how jealous she could be of swara’s freedom when she could what she wanted.ragini denied so many friend requests from all college boys but how happy she could be if she made friends with them because of her dadi’s warning and overprotectiveness,laksh was her first friend boy whom she accepted as friend maybe because dadi will not scold her but her best friend will be always be

sanskar.ragini came out of her thoughts and got dressed her,took her study certificate to search for jobs as now she cannot except her family members to take care of her as they consider her as guest. But somewhere happy as she always wanted to be independent and not depend upon anyone, she wanted to become something always before anyone’s partner but never could speak out of not hurting her family . She came to hall,her dadi ignored her ,she did not care,ragini was moving out when she heard her father
shekhar:ragini where are going?
Ragini: to search a job for my living as i cannot except my family to take care of me as i am guest for them now, please tell me the rent of the room , i will pay.

As ragini moved away dadi screamed ”are u mad , yesterday u spoiled our repuatation now what do u want, how many boys will u trap” ragini was shocked to hear this. Ragini controlled herself and spoke ” dadi i never asked laksh and sanskar to fall in love with me, i am sacrificed enough but also blamed me only , did u papa ever thought about dreams, i wanted to enjoy my Tennage like any other girl, i wanted to enjoy my first job , i wanted to become something in my life not get married and have children but i never opposed u people as u took care of me as my mother either i blamed u for my mother’s death, but enough of sacrifice’s , i will now fulfill my dreams , please treat me as guest itself”.ragini walked away strongly,maybe the broken ragini has become strong

ragini went to temple to pray to god for new beginning of her life. As she came out of temple,she saw laksh ,just wanted to ignore him but he blocked her way, laksh was smiling .
Laksh:hi ragini, how are u actually wanted to apologize to u for yesterday, i should propose to u in romatic manner right, anyway let us become friends first then will give a try to a our relationship.what say, laksh extended his hand. Ragini stood froze.
Ragini(in mind):laksh has gone mad , yesterday ‘s speech did not reach his brain,till he thinks i will love him.
Laksh:ragini u are looking beautiful today in this dress.
Ragini(in mind):flirting is healthy for health but does not mean flirt everywhere,i doubt laksh does know anything except flirting, how girls get attracted to him , why the hell i got attracted to him, maybe i was blind , i was blind in attraction, i wasted my 5 bottle for him and other 5 for sanskar,god made for each other bhais,only two unique pieces in world, but god why this unique pieces in life only.
Laksh:ragini i know i am handsome but do not stare like that.
Ragini : handsome and u nice joke and anyway this dress wore by me already when u was busy with swara. Anyway laksh till time is there can convince swara , do not waste time here.
Laksh:if being with u is waste of time, i love this waste of time.
Ragini(in mind): when u take things for granted , u never value them, now u understood my value laksh, it is late.

Ragini was leaving when laksh holded her hand tightly because he knew she will struggle to free it and kissed her hand and ran away before ragini react but not before whispering ” u are mine ragini only mine” leaving ragini shocked and someone angry who was watching this, it was sanskar who knew ragini will be here.

Sanskar : angrily lucky u will pay for kissing my ragini’s hand,but ur idea is not so bad,friendship to love but i am ur master,lucky never forget it,ragini will do friendship only with me, u just watch laksh. Sanskar took his phone and gave to his driver and asked him to tell something.

Ragini was walking about laksh’s stupidly but it brought smile,ragini’s phone rang it was sanskar’s number , she thought why sanskar is calling her when she asked him not to try to do , then she thought when small brother why will big brother listen, she took her phone and attended the call ,shouted ” sanskar what the hell cannot u understand by sweet language”, sanskar kept the phone in loud speaker and thought ” never” and signalled the driver to speak , the driver spoke ” mam sanskar sir as met with accident and as in hospital , i asked sir not to drive while driving, he did not listen, sir has only ur number

in his personal phone others are professional contancts” ragini’s world froze hearing about sanskar’s accident , she screamed at driver ” ur sir is stupid , idiot ,cannot take care of himself, u could have phoned me that time, now after accident u phoned him,as boss is his employee, tell me the hospital, so that i can give brain to ur brainless boss”sanskar was smiling thinking ” not only brain ragini u should give more things to me”, sanskar asked driver to reply ” city hospital” and driver said the same, then sanskar gave extra money to his driver and drove to city hospital but before listening to driver’s request to not ask him to phone ragini if he meet in accident really. Poor driver had got scolding without any mistake. Sanskar meet his close friend in hospital and asked him to give him fake report and treatment to him,first his friend refused but after knowing the reason , he agreed to help him and put bandage to sanskar for no injury, he smiling said ” now u came to know sanskar how humans get illogical in love, u used to call my crazy things which i used to get my love as stupidity , but know what stupidity is this?, anyway will love to meet that girl who made my friend stupid” and left. Sanskar was just waiting for ragini.

Credit to: taani

junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle chapter 2


junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle chapter 2


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