Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2016 –

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2016 –

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya challenging Puru. Puru asks inspector to kill Sandhya. Inspector says no, I can’t shoot her, she is mad and it will be case on me. Puru says you can’t do this. Sandhya says I m mad and I won’t be punished if I shoot anyone in my madness. Puru asks everyone to shoot Sandhya. Inspector says I can’t shoot her. Puru says she is not mad, I proved her mad to make Arzoo change her statement. He orders them to shoot Sandhya and takes the gun. He says Sandhya is lucky to be alive till now, if Arzoo heard me, you both would have been off my way, maybe her hands got shaken, but my hands got shake. Sandhya walks to him. Puru warns that he will shoot. The gun has no bullets. He throws the gun and worries. She picks that gun and loads bullets in it. Puru says stop her, she will shoot me. He panics.

Puru asks her to get away. He handcuffs Sandhya to the chair and asks what did you say, you will kill me, shoot me now, you troubled me a lot, this is your end. He scolds the police staff and says no one helped me, let commissioner come, I will ruin you all, I will get you all suspended. He sits laughing. Inspector puts petrol on him. Puru asks why are you putting petrol on me and shouts. He asks are you mad, and raises hand. Sandhya gets up and stops Puru from slapping inspector. She tells the punishment for slapping an inspector. He says I handcuffed you, how did you get free. She says police handcuffs are honest, it knows who are innocent and who are culprits.

Puru calls all of them mad. He tries to run and falls down seeing Arzoo at the door. Arzoo asks won’t you welcome me, and gets a matchstick. Puru asks Arzoo to stop. Inspector says Arzoo is terrorist, she can do anything. Puru says no, she is not terrorist, Gul made Lakshagrah, Sandhya stop Arzoo, she will burn me alive. The police men join hands and surround Puru. Sandhya asks Arzoo to burn the matchstick. Puru asks someone to stop them. Commissioner comes and stops them. Puru smiles…..

Commissioner asks whats happening. Puru says suspend all of them, Sandhya was shooting me. Commissioner says no one will shoot Puru, no one will shoot his betrayer with our service gun, kill him badly, write in report that we got his dead body in jungle, we will then shut his case after few months. Puru gets shocked. Commissioner asks did you think we are puppets. Puru asks will you kill minister. Commissioner scolds him. He asks them to kill Puru. Puru says we will talk with peace, I will give you money, I did mistake, forgive me. Arzoo lights matchstick. Puru stops them and says I accept all my crimes, Sandhya is not mad, Arzoo is not any terrorist. Sandhya asks him to say since beginning, if he lies, then Arzoo will light fire. Puru says I will say everything, my business is to help people like Gul.

Puru says I provide any help instead money, I helped Gul in making Lakshagrah, I wanted Arzoo to be tagged terrorist as it was good for me, Sandhya then gave statement in media that Arzoo is not terrorist, I felt he risk and changed Arzoo’s written statement, my men tried to kill Arzoo, but Sandhya got Arzoo from hospital and tried to take her to committee, but my men made Arzoo reach back hospital, Sandhya was framed, I declared Sandhya is mad, I asked Arzoo to kill Sandhya, but Sandhya ruined my plan, Gul is in Pushkar, I have hidden him at my place. Arzoo says you don’t have any right to live, if I kill you and people call me terrorist, I won’t regret. Sandhya says no, that would be easy punishment, he would get punishment and serve jail term, the live cameras was shown all his crime acceptance to the public, its live telecast on all news channels, now he won’t be able to show his face.

Sandhya tells about their unity and all police force together says Jai hind.

Update Credit to: Amena

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2016 –


Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2016 –

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