Kalash 22nd April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Lady thanks Ambe Maa, Pundit says to her that we should take her to hospital, lady says you are right, we have to take her to doctor.
Ravi is finding Devika, he sits down and says call me once Devika, i cant live without you, we came here to get blessed from Mata Rani, i didnt know that Mata Rani will snatch Devika from me, how will i live without her? if anything happens to my Devika then i will die too, please Mata Rani give my Devika back to me. A Man comes to him and asks what happened? Ravi says my wife fell from cliff, i am finding her but she is not seen anywhere, man says no one can be saved after falling from that cliff, Ravi says i know she is alive, she cant die, she used to have faith in Mata Rani, Mata Rani have saved her from all odds, we are here so nothing can happen to her, i have faith on Mata Rani, Man says if she fell in water then should search near river, maybe you will find her alive or dead.. Ravi says she is alive, he goes to search her.
Lady puts unconscious Devika in car, Pundit says to lady that Ambe Maa has given this girl to you, you have to protect her now, lady says she is blessing for me, my daughter was taken by Ambe Maa and she gave me another daughter, she is my daughter now, i have to protect her, she has my motherly love, dont worry, Pundit says may Ambe Maa bless you and your daughter, lady sits in car and hugs Devika, she says nothing will happen to you, she finds locket in Devika’s hand, it has Devika written on it, lady says her name is Devika, it means she is Devi’s child, its true she is blessing from Devi for me, nothing will happen to her. Driver starts car but sees road blocked by stones, lady says to driver that we have to reach hospital soon, do something, time is important for my daughter, driver turns car and goes from otherside.
Manju, Saket and Nivi comes to man, they ask about Ravi, man says he has gone to riverside, maybe girl fell in river so he has gone to search her, Manju goes to riverside.
Rekha asks Pallavi to call Devika, Pallavi says there is no network, Rekha says i will die if i dont talk to her, please call someone.
Monty asks Sakshi to control herself, maybe Devika is alive, nothing will happen, he gets Pallavi’s call, he says what will i tell her? Rekha aunty must be with her, we should not tell them about Devika rightnow, maybe she is alive, Ravi has gone to search her, maybe he will find her, we should not your family, tell her that everything is fine. Sakshi takes call, Pallavi asks where are you? Rekha takes call and asks about Devika, Sakshi says all are fine, dont worry, Rekha asks if she is lying? i am getting signal from mata Rani, tell me where is Devika? Sakshi cries, monty takes call, Rekha asks where did Sakshi go? Monty says Sakshi has gone to find Devika, i will make you talk to Devika later, dont worry, he ends call, Rekha is tensed.
Car is on road, driver says i dont know way here, lady says we dont have much time, we have to take her to doctor. Ravi is walking on road, he recalls how he said to Devika that something wrong is going to happen, Devika says Ambe Maa wont let anything bad happen to us, we have faith in her, Ravi says i am sorry, Devika says why are you saying this? because you think that i am ill and i should not go on yatra but i feel everything will be fine after this Yatra, please let me go, till you are with me, everything will remain fine, we will start afresh after coming from yatra, she hugs him, flashback ends, Ravi recalls how Devika said that she wont leave him easily, we have given promises for 7births, Ravi says we have married for 2times so we will be together for 14births, Devika says even i get lost, i will keep an eye on you while hiding from you, flashback ends. Ravi says where are you Devika? you said you will keep an eye on me. Lady’s car comes infront of Ravi, driver says to lady that i will ask this man about way, lady is hugging Devika and asks him to go and ask man(Ravi).

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Kalash 22nd April 2016 –


Kalash 22nd April 2016 –


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