Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 25)

Hey guyz … Sorry for the late update … There was a technical problem again ???? … And thanks for reaching me to 200+ comments .. And now holidays started ???…. Roma, janvi , Keira , Yamuna r u reading my ff … I think so …… Enjoy the episode guyz … And there is a twist in the precap ….. Ok guyz enjoy the episode ……..

Scene 1:
Aahil’s office and sanam’s college gate …..

Aahil’s office …

Ayaz and Aahil are confused when Rehan disconnected the call ….

Ayaz : now what happened to Rehan ??? Why did he suddenly disconnect the call??

Aahil : yeah …. I hope everything is fine there …..

Ayaz : I wish the same …..

And suddenly he says …

Ayaz : oops !!!!!

Aahil : what happened ?????

Ayaz : actually I forgot to leave sanam and Nazia in college …. I think they would have reached there ….

Aahil : of course they would have reached and completed the exam becoz now the time is 6:30pm and the exam is @ 5 …. Now they would have completed the exam too ……. And it’s time to pick up …. Let’s go …

Ayaz : fine …..

Aahil and Ayaz leaves ….

College gate..

Sanam and Nazia are waiting for aimaan impatiently ….

Sanam : (fed up) yaar where did aimaan go ????

Nazia : (looks @ her) sanam when did u start using Aahil bhai’s dialouge ???

Sanam : (looks @ Nazia puzzled) what ???

Nazia : he sometimes uses the word “yaar” while he’s talking …

Sanam : wh wh what !!!! (Thinks) when did I start using this bewakoof partner’s dialouge ???? (Junoon plays) and she starts thinking about Aahil and stands freezingly ….

Nazia : sanam …….

Sanam : (comes to consciousness ) y.. Yeah … Every guyz use this word … What’s there in it ??

Nazia : uff leave it ……u better call aimaan … If we use public transport bhaijaan will scold us ….

Sanam gets tensed when Nazia says this …

Sanam : oh god …. Nazia actually as Aahil was not available … Shazia used public transport to go to the college ….

Nazia : (shocked) what !!!!!! Sanam … It’s better to disclose this matter here …. And by the way did u call aimaan ????

Sanam : yeah … But I’ve try again …. (Thinks) I hope partner would have been here …….

Aahil comes there in call and he’s about to call sanam ….

At that time aimaan comes there and Aahil is disappointed (sad Junoon plays)

Aimaan : hey sanam , Nazia sorry guyz … Actually commissioner called me and I was on duty …..

Sanam : thank god …. (She hugs aimaan and aimaan too does )

Aahil is frustrated while Ayaz consoles him …… Both Aahil and Ayaz are still in car ….

Aimaan : sanam … Again … Can u just wait for 10mins …. Just a small work …

Sanam : fine …

Nazia : but come soon ….

Aimaan : fine …

Aimaan leaves ……

Meanwhile the 2 goons hired by Samiya eyes sanam and Nazia ….

Goon 1 : Samiya madam told to tease only one girl … But both are hot re…

Goon 2 : will better enjoy by teasing both …..

Samiya comes there and sees Both laughing ……

Samiya : oh … U useless guyz … Now that aimaan also is not there …. Now it’s the time to take advantage …. Now go …..

Both the goons go and Samiya smirks ……

Scene 2:
France …

Seher is shocked by rehan’s confession ….. Elizabeth and Samar are standing near the door and both are listening to their conversation …….

Rehan : I love u seher !!!!! I love u damn !!!!! I love u …. (Ishq dua ishq khuda plays)

Seher is dumbstruck ….. Elizabeth comes in …. Rehan comes near seher …

Seher : (in anger) don’t come near me Rehan !!!! I didn’t expect this from u ..

Rehan : (lovely voice yet full of pain ) seher ….

Seher : don’t talk …. I thought u as one of my best friend …. But ..

Rehan : why not seher ??? Why can’t we take this friendship to a relationship ??? (Holds her close ) why not ????

Seher : (pushes him) no Rehan …… I can’t … I thought u r my best friend but … Today …. U spoilt my mood …. Go now …

She leaves …. Rehan feels bad … Elisabeth goes near him and says …

Elizabeth : Rehan …

Rehan : (is about to breakdown) Elizabeth plz leave me alone …..

He goes to the lawn and cries (sad ishq dua ishq khuda plays)

Elizabeth goes to seher’s room …. And Samar is still standing out …

Samar : (thinks) oh no …. Bichara Rehan ……. Don’t know what will happen next …. I’ve better help him …. For that I’ve do anything …. Come on Samar let’s get into the mission ….. And I won’t tell this to Rehan ….. I’ve get both seher and Rehan close (He smiles)

Seher’s room …

Seher is crying in her room …. Elizabeth enters the room …

Elizabeth : seher ….. Why did u …

Seher : Elizabeth plz … I don’t want to say anything now …

Elizabeth : why did u do this … Now he’s heartbroken …

Seher : Elizabeth …. U won’t understand … He’s my friend … How could I ???

Elizabeth : why not ???

Seher : just leave it ……

Elisabeth leaves …… She goes to Samar ..

Elisabeth : Samar … Same there … She is also crying … What about that guy ??

Samar : oh u mean Rehan ….. He’s heartbroken …..

Elizabeth : if both of them are like this ….. They won’t be winning the competition becoz of their emotions …. They won’t be able to concendrate and focus on the competition …. We have to do something ….

Samar : yes u r right … (Thinks for a while) IDEA!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth : (hesitating tone ) what ????

Samar : why can’t we get them close by making them jealous ????

Elizabeth : say clearly Samar ….

Samar : u make seher jealous … And I’ve make Rehan …..

Elizabeth : WHAT!!!!!

Samar : hey try to understand the situation ….. And by the way we are expert in uniting love birds then why can’t we do this ???

Elizabeth : but Samar ….

Samar : plz agree …..

Elizabeth : ok ….. But … U have to go and boost him (Rehan) up … But don’t say the plan ….

Samar : oh … Elisabeth … I’m not a fool to say the plan (funny tune plays) .. Ok I’ve go and manage the situation …… Now u go …

Elisabeth : fine …..

Elisabeth leaves ….. Samar goes to Rehan ….

Samar : Rehan … Now u have to listen to me…

Rehan : plz ….

Samar : I thought u will do many attempts to impress ur lady love … But ur crying like a kid (laughs)

Rehan : THIS IS NOT FUNNY !!!!!!

Samar : hey hey relax …. I’m just saying u to put this incident out of ur mind and concendrate on to things ….. One to win this competition with your lady love … And to win seher’s heart …. And tonight we have to start preparing for the competition too … So get ready dost !!! (Pats him) (He smiles and goes)

Samar goes ….

Rehan : (sees Samar going and thinks) yes … Samar is right …. I won’t let my love go like this … I want to succeed … I want to win her heart … So I’ve try my best to win seher’s heart and we both will this competition … (He smiles a bit)

Scene 3:
Aahil’s residence

Tanveer is waiting impatiently for someone …

Tanveer : (thinks) thank god … Finally a lawyer is gonna come here now and Aahil’s property will become mine (billo Rani plays)

Shazia comes home late and tanveer sees her ……

Tanveer : shazia …. Why r u late ??????

Shazia : (tensed) ammi … Actually …… We had some extra classes in the college … That’s the reason …..

Tanveer : ok ……

The lawyer comes there …. He’s none other than sarfaraz ….

Sarfaraz : assalamwalekum begum sahiba ….

Tanveer sees him and gets happy …. Shazia is shocked seeing him ….

Shazia : sarfaraz …

Tanveer : u know him Shazia ????

Sarfaraz : of course … I’m Aahil’s friend and I met Shazia in …

Shazia signals him not to tell that but sarfaraz starts giving lecture..

Sarfaraz : Shazia … See .. As per law ..We should not hide anything from our parents ….. (Funny tune plays)

Shazia : (fed up but doesn’t show it )

Tanveer : (laughs) beta … How’s this related to law ???? And Shazia … What r u hiding from me ?????

Shazia : ammi actually … As Bhai was in office .. I used public transport …

Tanveer : Shazia … I told u not to use … If u want to use plz inform us and than u do whatever u want …. And now u go to ur room

Shazia : fine ….

Shazia leaves to her room …….

Sarfaraz : and aunty why did u call me here ????

Tanveer : actually beta … I want u to transfer this property into my name which is Aahil’s name … Did u bring the files ….

Sarfaraz : wait aunty (reads the file and says ) … Aunty …

Tanveer : what happened ??? Is there any problem??

Sarfaraz : the property is in ur name only aunty …..

Tanveer is dumbstruck and shocked like anything

Sarfaraz : aunty … The property was transferred to ur name on 23rd February 2016 ….

Tanveer : (shocked) ok beta … I may leave now …

Sarfaraz : fine …..

He leaves ……..

Tanveer in hall starts crying …

Tanveer : that means …. Aahil transferred all the property into my name the moment I’m released from the jail !!!!! (remembers he moments with Aahil cries) I have poisoned my mind like anything …. I even tried to kill my own son for a property …. I’m sorry Aahil ….

She hears a female voice from behind … It’s Dilshad , Ayan , humeira ….

Dilshad : vah tanveer …. U r already a bad creature … And now ….

Tanveer is shocked to see that Dilshad , Ayan , humeira came back from Lucknow ….

Tanveer : Dilshad Khala ….

Ayan : stop it …. U r no.1 ghatiya aurat (ugly minded lady) …

Tanveer : (cries) stop calling me a ugly minded lady …. Now I realised I did wrong with Aahil …

Humeira : oh really ???? And when will U realise that u did a wrong thing with Asad and zoya ????

Tanveer : (frustrated) it’s now way related to this !!!!

Ayan : of course it’s related to this matter Tanveer !!!! If u had really loved Asad …. U would have not made his life horrible ….

Tanveer : stop it Ayan !!! I haven’t loved Asad !!!! He was just my madness !!!! And I’ve separate all the lovebirds …..

Dilshad : tanveer … U said that u realised ur mistake that u did wrong with ur dear son …. And what if ur son falls in love ???

Tanveer : (laughs) Aahil ??? In love ????? It’s like a flower blossoming in a dry ground .. Bilkul namunkin (it’s impossible)…..

Humeira : u will definitely come to know tanveer …. And ammi why r u wasting time by saying this to this lady ??? She won’t understand ….

Tanveer gives angry look …..

Shazia comes there and takes all 3 inside …….

Tanveer is frustrated and goes to her room …..

Scene 4:

Seher , Samar , Elizabeth and some Indian supporters and helpers (maximum 5 supporters) assemble in the big hall …….

Seher : finally everyone arrived ….

Samar : but seher … Rehan has not arrived yet ……..

Seher is fed up ….. Elizabeth signals Samar not to upset seher but Samar says that he will manage …….

Samar : actually … He was heartbroken becoz of that incident ….. So he might have went out it seems ….. Or might be roaming in this hotel …

Seher : (shocked) what !!! (Silently to herself ) useless fellow ……. (Says to Samar) now how could we find him in this big hotel !!!!! Where is he ?????? If he had went out … How will we find him in this big city ???

They here a voice from the balcony …… A guy (Rehan)is standing in the balcony ……. He’s saying a shayari ….

Rehan : (loud voice) (all look up listening to his voice)

na sheher dhekho na biyaaban dhekho ….
Na sheher dhekho na biyaaban dhekho…..
Khuda ka ek naam -o- nishan dhekho ….
Bas ankh uthao aur Rehan Ho dhekho ….

Rehan comes down and seher is fed up ….

People who r present there : (compliments his poetry) wah wah !!!!

Rehan : thank u ….

Seher : (angry tone) u r 3 mins late …… I’m gonna punish u ….

Rehan : (laughs ) oh really … Fine ….. What’s the punishment …..

Seher : u have to compose a English poetry on ur own … That too 4 paras …. In 5 mins …. Challenge ???

Rehan : challenge accepted ….. (Quarrel tune plays)

Seher is very angry and goes …

Rehan : (thinks) omg!!!! Poetry in 5mins … That too 4 paras !!!!!

Scene 5:
College gate ….

The 2 goons go near sanam and Nazia and falls on them …. Samiya sees all this ..

Sanam : oh excuse me …. We are just standing here …

Nazia : why r u wantedly coming and falling on us ……

Goon 1keeps hand on sanam’s shoulder and the another holds nazia’s hand and misbehaves with her ……

Just then a person holds the goons neck who’s misbehaving with sanam and the other gives a nice punch in the another goons face …. The guyz are none other than Aahil and Ayaz …..

Aahil like mad starts hitting the goons …

Aahil : (holds the collar of the goons shirt and shouts) what did u do !!!! How dare u touch her !!!!!!!!

Aahil starts hitting and Samiya is fed up ….. Ayaz asks Nazia to go and sit inside the car .. Samiya watches their conversation ….

Ayaz : (he too holds the collar of another goon) Nazia … U go and sit inside the car ….

Nazia : Ayaz ……

Ayaz : (shouts) Nazia !!! I said go and sit inside the car (he eyes her)

Nazia eyes him sadly and goes and sit inside the car (sad khuda jaane plays )

She goes and sit inside the car and thinks…..

Nazia : (thinks) why am I feeling bad if he scolds me …. Why am I … Just leave it … I hope both Ayaz and Bhai are safe ….

Samiya : (thinks) my god !!!! Ayaz scolded Nazia … That means … He doesn’t love her ….. Now becoz of me sanam , Aahil and my jaanu Ayaz is also suffering …. I have to apologise … No Samiya .. Or else .. If Ayaz comes to know that I sent the goons … Ayaz will hate me … I won’t let this happen … I’ve disclose this and I’ve befriend Nazia too …..

She leaves …..

Aahil keeps on hitting both the goons … Aimaan comes there and shocked to see Aahil hitting the goons

Aimaan : (to Ayaz ) he wh what’s happening !!!!!!!!

Ayaz : both the goons tried to misbehave with sanam …

Sanam : (tensed) aimaan plz stop Aahil …

Aimaan : fine …

Aimaan tries to stop Aahil but Aahil pushes him and start hitting the goons again …..

Aimaan : he’s mad !!!! He pushed me too …..

Sanam cries and hugs aimaan … Aahil sees this and is in rage and he is still hitting the goons …..

Sanam goes there and stops him …

Sanam : Aahil …

Aahil doesn’t listen to her …..

Sanam : (holds him and shouts) Aahil !!!! Listen to me ….

Aahil is in rage and is about to cry

Sanam : (to Aahil) why r u doing like this ???? R u mad ??????

Aahil : yes !!! I’m !!! (Sad Junoon plays)

Sanam : it’s just an Eve teasing case !!!!! Why r u doing like this and for what r u doing like this ….. Now tell me !!!!

Aahil : (doesn’t respond anything )

Sanam : (shouts ) why r u doing this ???? Now tell me Aahil !!!! Why r u not saying !!!!!!

Aahil : ( is about to cry holds her tightly) can’t u understand my feelings if I’m not saying ….. Sanam why can’t u just understand ????? Why can’t u !!!!!!! (Dramatic Junoon plays)

Sanam’s hands are paining …..

Aahil : u won’t understand this feeling sanam … U won’t ever … (Sad Junoon plays)

He starts going but sanam stops him ….

Sanam : (stops him) stop partner !!!!! I want the answer !!!! Why did u do this ???

Aahil : (cries and shouts) why do u want the answer when u don’t care about my feelings !!!!! (Cries stammers) wh why !!!!!

Sanam is shocked by his reply ……

Aahil leaves from there …. While he’s going his watch falls down …… Sanam picks it up and eyes it ….

The screen freezes of sanam’s face ….

Precap : Dilshad is planning to take sanam and seher back to home …… Sanam is tensed … Aahil too ….. Ayaz falls for Nazia ……. Aimaan and Aahil come face to face and challenges each other that who will win sanam’s love …… Samiya learns that Ayaz is in love with someone .. But she doesn’t know that Ayaz loves Nazia …. So Samiya takes help from Nazia to find out with whom Ayaz is in love with ….. Ayaz gets tensed ….. Ayaz gets call from his boss ….. His boss says that he arrived in India before 2 days and as he spotted Nazia and Ayaz to gether in the holi colour shop … His boss thinks that Nazia is Ayaz would be wife ???? Ayaz is shocked …….. Shazia is fed up with sarfaraz behaviour … Sarfaraz falls for shazia ….

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Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 25)


Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 25)


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