DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 7

Thank u for all your well wishes and by the way in m not making any efforts in typing as jotshna is free now a days so I just speak and also if I will got so many well wishes than I feel my bones will recover soon so now not wasting time we come back to our plot
So our episode starts here
R ‘’ I said to u that I change in the speed of bullet train but I didn’t know u take this long time to get ready u took 20 mins my god were u stitching your clothes ‘’
A ‘’ very funny so now u …..’’
A boy of age around 9 came running with a drawing copy ‘’ aunty these are my drawings ‘’ and gives the drawing book
And radhika fully ignores arjun she sits on chair ‘’ ok so u draw so well and ( she turns her face towards arjun ) by the way mr. mehra u can sit after all this is your house .
A ‘’ garv what are you doing here go and play your video games don’t disturb her she came here to work ‘’
The boy gets sad and collects his book radhika notices his disapproval and stops him and murmurs in his ears ‘’ this khadoos will go after half an hour by that time you make some more new paintings ok and then we will talk chalo now u go I will compete my work ‘’
G ’’ ok arjun I m going u do your work ‘’ and he goes inside
A ‘’ by the way he is my ….’’
R ‘’ he is your nephew I know ‘’
A how do u know ‘’
R ‘’ he told me ‘’
A ‘’ you ( he was very amazed that garv does not like to talk much ) lets come back to work ‘’
And radhika again starts explaining him different ideas , he tries very much but could not take off his eyes and after 25 mins finally he finalize one of them
R ‘’ by the way mr. mehera nice choice ‘’
A ‘’ so now we should decide the payment ‘’
R ‘’ so this includes the payment of ……..’’
A ‘’ tell me the total right away ‘’
R ‘’ ok 5 lakhs advance and 23 lakhs after the work ‘’
A ‘’ fine so let us leave ‘’
R ‘’ no I will not actually I need to complete some of the cabin’s designe s can I do it here if u allow ‘’
A ‘’ ok if u need anything ask nancy she is the governess of our house ‘’
R ‘’ ok I will leave soon ‘’
A ‘’ no problem ‘’
Once arjun leaves she talks with garv ( now 1 thing I shuld clarify u that radhika didn’t knew arjun and garv b4 but as she loves kids and can make them her friends quickly ) so it seems like garv got som companion to talk after a long time and after an hour she leaves him promising to meet him soon so the day passes and it is Sunday today she will go with arjun to finalize material as her pa is off duty for a week so she has double work its evening and she will leave in arjun’s car at 4 she asked him to come early but he never listens anyone they finalise all the designs but it is 8 : 45 and the both gets into car and again bad luck traffic jam now our lioness is very furious on arjun
A ‘’ I told u that we should go early becoz of u I canceled my Sunday plan and now all thanx to u that I will get late for the party also now u know what first I hav to pick my dress from boutique and then do u know the venue is also out of city u spoiled my Sunday ….’’and arjun places his hand on her mouth
A ‘’ be quite let me think ‘’
R ‘’ wow spoiled my day and now u will think ‘’
A ‘’where is the boutique ‘’
R ‘’ why ‘’
A ‘’ I will drop u to the venue ‘’
R ‘’really !!!!!! oh u r so nice ok then we need to take a u turn ‘’
Arjun’s pov why the hell I said that and what a kind of lady she is just a sec b4 she was cursing me and now praising girls are really impossible
So the reach the boutique and ask him to sit as she turns the man is bringing some dresses and collides with radhika, she loose her balance and falls on arjun who is standing behind they both are lying on floor and radhika is above they stares in B.G.
Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………
Khwaaishon Pe Likhi
radhika gets up and extends her hand to help arjun
Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan
Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan
he takes her hand he gets up and they have an eyelock
Daastaan Ek Nayi
Khwaabon Pe Saji
Bekaid Manmarziyaan

Radhika excuses and goes inside to change she comes exactly after 10 mins wearing a navy blue gown which has pearls
She is looking very beautiful like a fairy from heaven arjun is staring her even without blinkinghe moves towards her and unpins her hair bun
A ‘’ perfect ‘’
R ‘’ lets go now ok ‘’
Now they both are going in the car and radhika is felling very weird becoz she does not like silence so she started
R ‘’ mr. mehra your nephew is very cute and friendly ‘’
A ‘’ hmn ‘’
R ‘’ why do u speak so less ‘’
A ‘’ none of your business ‘’
R ‘’ ya I know but being a frnd I asked u ‘’
A ‘’ frnd when we became frnd ‘’
R ‘’ ok if u don’t want than its ok u know I cannot force…..’’
The car stop they get out to check the tier it is punctured
A ‘’ oh shit ! now what we will do ‘’
R ‘’what means change the tier ‘’
A ‘’ no way I never do these sorts of work ‘’
R ‘’oh my god u don’t know how to change a tier ‘’
A ‘’ I do know ( he speaks slowly ) but I will not do that ‘’
R ‘’ok then I will do this ‘’
A ‘’ do u know how to do it ‘’
R ‘’ of course I do ‘’
She takes out tier and tools from car and sits down ( omg her poor dress )
Suddenly a jeep stops next to them and around 5 – 6 drunk man r sitting in it now they starts speaking
‘’ oh poor darling do u want a lift see your boy frnd has a car which is not more than garbage come to us we will take u to heaven ‘’
Arjun is getting angry and clutches his wrist on other hand radhika ignores them and continues working .
They again starts ‘’ oh darling weare asking u to leave him with this khatarra ( waste ) not from your shadi ka mandap ‘’ and laughs arjun was alredy very angry but his anger rises more when they spoke the last line . one of the man gets down from jeep and walks towards radhika
‘’ oh jaan at least face 2wards us ‘’ and is about to keep his hand on her shoulder but arjun clutches it and punches him hard now all other goons also gets down radhika stands and holds his hand
R ‘’arjun plez listen to me last time let us run from here ‘’
But arjun 2day is in full action cum anger mood so he moves in front of radhika and fights with goons on other hand radhika gets her phone from car and dials som1 but one of the goon snathes her phone and throws it away arjun fights with all 5 goons 4 long time but finally they overpowers himand 4 of them holds him and one clutches radika’s wrist and drags her 2wards jeep but som1 holds his hand its none other than neil ‘’ how dare u touch her ‘’ and slaps him hard he picks a alcohol bottle and bangs on the goons head he winches in pain so 2 goons leaves arjun and comes towars neil .now both arjun and neil fights with goons and they run but neil catch holds one of them who was holding radhikas hand and beats him again ‘’ how dare u toch her ‘’ nowth goon rus away but somehow neils hand get hurt
Now just 3 of them are standing radhika on one side and both of them on other side radhika comes running towards arjun but crosses him and goes to neil and hugs him he too hugs her back to this arjun feels awkward actually we know he is jealous

PRECAP : finally jiya enters aswell as som1 from dark past meets radhika

Hope u liked it
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez guys do do comment
And thanx a lot for your support

DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 7


DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 7


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